Best 6-Month Online Certificate Courses (With Benefits)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 29 March 2022

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People often choose to pursue alternative courses to traditional undergraduate and postgraduate studies, some of which are entirely online. Online certificates are excellent options for candidates who wish to earn a formal education from home while working or balancing their personal lives. Learning what the best online certificates are and why candidates gain them can help you make better career decisions and achieve the relevant qualifications for your career. In this article, we explore the best six-month online certificate courses and explain why candidates pursue them.

What are the best 6-month online certificate courses?

When exploring the best 6-month online certificates, it's important to first define what online certificate courses are. Online certificate courses are alternatives to traditional undergraduate degrees that provide an introduction to the topic, including vital career lessons. They offer candidates the opportunity to learn via online lectures and seminars. Students may also complete assignments and submit them over virtual platforms. These certificates can be popular with students who have finished high school and either don't wish to pursue a traditional three- to four-year university course, but still want to gain some qualifications. Many local universities offer these courses.

Institutions that offer these certificates typically focus on providing candidates with an introduction to important topics to help them gain a more comprehensive understanding of why the subject or career is important to society. This can then help candidates gain a starting role in their career or prepare them for further study after they complete their certification. Online courses allow students to further their education with the convenience of learning from home. Here are some of the best six-month online certification courses you may pursue:

Undergraduate Certificate in Counselling and Mental Health

Students who take this course can expect an introduction to working with patients to help mitigate the impacts of mental health illness. Although this program does not carry accreditation, it's a good gateway certification for candidates wanting to work within the public health sector, and it can help candidates integrate into a fully accredited course that enables them to work with the public. This certificate offers candidates the background to working in environments like group or individual therapy or crisis management.

Programs such as this also focus on the impact of mental illness on society, which can provide you with social sciences knowledge that can be transferable across many industries.

Undergraduate Certificate in Aged Care Support

Aged care is a popular industry in Australia, with significant projected job growth in the next decade. Candidates rarely require formal qualifications to work in aged care, but may benefit from crucial background knowledge about how to provide necessary care to the elderly. A six-month certificate is an excellent opportunity for candidates to understand how to cater to types of living conditions and assisted mobility, as these are critical for aged care patients. This certificate may also help students pursue a health science degree, which may lead to more senior roles.

Undergraduate Certificate in Information and Communications Technology

IT and communications employees often help companies with their business development strategies. With this certification, candidates may learn vital skills such as programming, using databases and design with development. Employers value candidates with expertise in these areas, as they help ensure that a business has viable data strategies and appropriately designed platforms. This certificate is also a good gateway to further study in subjects like computer science, marketing and communications.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Early Childhood Studies

Gaining a more comprehensive understanding of early childhood can be a gateway to further psychology and education studies. This certificate provides candidates with a background to influences on childhood development and how culture and education define childhood. This can help candidates develop their critical thinking skills, which is an important skill for further employment. Certificates in early childhood studies may help candidates gain jobs, such as nursery nurse, childcare assistant and teachers, after further study and accreditation.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Business Management

Business management is a desirable certificate for some employers, as it demonstrates knowledge about critical business topics like strategic development, financial planning and people management. Understanding how to manage these areas can help you gain more senior positions in a business and help you progress in your career. This certificate also promotes vital business skills like project management, team leading, communication and entrepreneurship. This certificate may serve as a gateway qualification to many degrees like business, economics or marketing.

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Undergraduate Certificate in Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Behaviour

Cyber security is an expansive industry and many employers may appreciate candidates who can share critical advice on how to secure personal information. This course may help you gain a more comprehensive understanding of general information technology and help you understand the impact of cyber crime on wider society. Certificates in subjects such as this can also help you develop an understanding of coding and software development. This certificate is a good gateway qualification for a diploma or bachelor degree in criminology or computer science.

Undergraduate Certificate in Environmental Sustainability

As businesses seek to reduce their environmental impact, they may appreciate candidates with a qualification and comprehensive understanding of environmentalism and commercial impacts on the environment. Candidates who choose to study environmental sustainability can help businesses develop more eco-friendly ways of operating by consulting on better transport and trading methods. This certificate focuses on biodiversity, environmental solutions and commercial impact on eco-systems. This certificate may encourage candidates to pursue further study in environmental science, geography or geoscience.

Undergraduate Certificate in Public Health Support

This certificate can help candidates understand the importance of public health, pharmaceuticals and the impacts of disease. This course also helps candidates understand the business side of healthcare and may help them gain entry to a career, such as medical sales or business health promotion. A certificate in public health support can also be a good gateway qualification into a bachelor's program, such as pharmacology, health sciences, nursing and biochemistry. Candidates may integrate well in careers such as aged care with this certification.

Undergraduate Certificate in Health Services Management

Candidates who choose to pursue a certificate in health services management gain a better understanding of business health and safety, and operational subjects like people management, financial planning and business culture. Employers typically desire candidates with experience in these subjects, as they may be valuable in business development. Candidates may also develop skills that can help them progress into senior management positions, like culture and diversity awareness, people management and company-wide health and safety. This certification may also be a good gateway certification into a health sciences bachelor's degree.

Benefits of choosing an online course

There are several benefits to choosing an online six-month course as an alternative to a traditional bachelor's degree. Here are some benefits of taking an online course to further your career:

  • Flexibility: As a fully online course, institutions may record learning materials for students to use. A flexible schedule may be more desirable for candidates who work part-time or support families while studying.

  • Financial support: Short courses are relatively less expensive than a traditional three-year undergraduate degree. If a student completes their course in full-time study, as part of their working program or while still in high school, they can receive financial support during their study.

  • May help transition into higher education: If students wish to pursue higher education after their certification, studying at this level first may help them transition to the next level. A more successful transition into higher education can lead to better results when graduating, which may offer more career opportunities.

  • Working focused: Six-month intensive courses usually focus more on work expectations and duties, which can be beneficial to a candidate's individual career progression. Focusing on working environments and expectations can help candidates successfully integrate into the working environment and yield better results in the workplace.

  • Shorter graduation time: While traditional bachelor's degrees offer a more comprehensive understanding of the candidate's chosen subject, they can take a minimum of three years to complete, which can also be more expensive. By graduating earlier, a candidate can begin benefiting from their investment in time and money and build more industry experience.

  • Desired by employers: Certification gained early in a candidate's career demonstrates tenacity and drive to succeed within an industry. Employers may find this a desirable quality and shortlist the candidate.

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