How to Write a Strong Letter of Resignation as a Teacher

Updated 24 February 2023

Letters of resignation are typically formal documents that express a desire to end employment. Teachers usually address this letter to the head of the school and the administrative team. If you're leaving a teaching role, learning how to write a resignation letter can help you resign productively and positively. In this article, we discuss what to include in a teacher's letter of resignation, show you how to write one, provide some useful tips and give you a template and example.

What to include in a letter of resignation as a teacher

A letter of resignation as a teacher is an official document that states your desire to end your employment. Here are some of the things you might include in a letter:

Your desire to leave

The most important part of your letter is generally your desire to leave. You can write this in the first paragraph and may wish to ensure that you're firm in your language. For example, you might say, I am leaving the school, instead of, I have been thinking about leaving the school.

A reason for leaving

If you want to mention your reason for leaving, you can include it after your desire to leave. This is optional, but it might help you maintain a positive relationship with your manager. You can say you're leaving for personal reasons and provide no further explanation if you decide. Keeping it brief and vague in the letter also means you can expand on your reasons for an exit interview or face-to-face discussion if you desire.

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Your projected leaving date

You can also include the date that you wish to leave the school. When deciding on this date, you can consider your notice period and suggest a date either at the end or after this period. If this date is close to the end of the school year, you may wish to work until then.

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Information about your classes

You can include some information about your classes and the material they're learning. This may be useful if you're leaving in the middle of the school year. You may wish to keep this information brief in the letter itself, but you may state that you plan to create some guidelines for other teachers.

Details for the parents and students

When writing your resignation letter, you can also create a letter for the parents and students. Depending on your relationship with your students and their parents, this may be more informal. You can reminisce about some happy memories that you have with your students. Typically, you don't submit this with the resignation letter, but you may mention in your letter that you plan to provide this extra document.

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How to write a letter of resignation for teachers

Here are some steps for writing a letter of resignation for a teacher:

1. Determine who you're writing to

First, you can find out who you're writing to. This typically varies from school to school, but it may be a member of the administration team or the head of the school. In smaller schools, the head may read all resignation letters, but the administration team may deal with them in larger schools. The information about whom to speak to might be in your employee handbook or any other material that you received when you started.

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2. Find out what your notice period is

Once you have worked out to whom to address your letter, you may wish to calculate your notice period. This can vary across the country, but is usually at least four weeks and typically longer if you have been with the school for over two years. Your exact notice period may be in your employee handbook.

3. Contact your new employer for the start date

If you're moving to a new employer, you may wish to confirm your notice period with them and stress that any start dates are provisional until you receive confirmation from your current employer. You may consider the date that your new employer might like you to start when you're calculating your projected leaving date. For example, if you're moving schools and your new school does not want you to begin until the start of term three in July, you may offer to work for your current employer until the end of term two.

4. Decide on your projected leaving date at your old job

Using your notice period, calculate your projected leaving date. This may be after your notice period has run out, especially if it's toward the end of the school year. For example, if you decide to leave at the end of October and have a four-week notice period, you may stay until December when the school breaks up. This may make the transition easier for the school and your students.

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5. Take notes on what you want to say

Before writing your letter, it might help to make some notes about everything you want to say. This can also help you keep the resignation letter short and direct. If you have a long explanation about why you're leaving or anything else you want to discuss, you may wish to arrange a face-to-face meeting. You can use your notes as a plan while you write your resignation letter.

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6. Write the letter

You may wish to write your letter of resignation in a word processing document so you can make edits. If you find it difficult, try writing a rough draft and asking somebody to read it for you. If you aren't in a rush to start your notice period, you may also try writing it over a few days and reading it through yourself to ensure it sounds right.

7. Give it to the relevant person

Depending on your situation, you may wish to explain that you're leaving with your letter. You can find some time to speak to the relevant person and explain that you're leaving, giving them the letter. You may also ensure that you or another person delivers it safely to their office and wait for them to approach you with the next steps. It may be best to deliver the letter personally and ensure that you receive a response in the following few days, so you know it reached the right person.

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Tips for writing a teacher resignation letter

Here are some tips for writing a letter of resignation:

  • Keep it positive: Try to write with a positive tone throughout, mentioning that you're thankful for your time at your current job. This can help you maintain a professional and positive relationship with your previous employer.

  • Offer to help with the transition period: If you wish, you may offer to help with the recruitment and training process for your replacement until your resignation date.

  • Stay professional: Even if you have a casual working relationship with the head of school, it's typically best to keep the letter of resignation professional. Your school may use the letter as an official document to mark the end of your employment.

  • Only include the details you wish to: If you don't want to tell your head of school exactly why you're leaving, there is usually no obligation to. You may cite personal reasons or something similar.

  • Allude to previous conversations: If you have already discussed leaving, you may include a phrase like further to our conversation on Monday.

Teacher's letter of resignation template

Here is a template for writing a teacher's letter of resignation:

[Your contact details]


Dear [Name of relevant person/ people],

I am writing to tell you that I wish to resign from my post of [job title] at [school name] because [reason for leaving]. My final working day will be [last day].

I have enjoyed my time at [school name] and [details about positive experiences in your job].

If there is anything I can do to help with the transition period, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you,


Teacher letter of resignation example

You can use this teacher's letter of resignation example for inspiration to write your own:

673 Adelaide Road
Mount Gambier
South Australia 5290


Dear Mrs. Bennett,

I am writing to tell you that I wish to resign from my post as mathematics teacher at Mount Gambier High School at the end of this school year because I am moving to Perth with my family. My final working day will be 17th December 2021.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my two years at Mount Gambier High School and have made huge professional advances during this time. I especially enjoyed leading the drama club for the last two years.

If there is anything I can do to help with the transition period, please do not hesitate to ask.

Many thanks for all of the opportunities at Mount Gambier High School.

Yours sincerely,

Lydia Thorpe


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