Mobile App Developer Skills (With Importance and Examples)

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Updated 18 October 2022

Published 2 May 2022

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Mobile application developers require special skills to perform their tasks efficiently. It's important for people hoping to start a career in this field to learn the essential skills. Understanding the importance of this concept can help you learn and improve these skills if you're looking for a job as a mobile app developer. In this article, we explain the meaning of mobile app developer skills, highlight key examples of skills mobile app developers use, show ways to improve these skills and examine the importance of these skills.

What are mobile app developer skills?

Mobile app developer skills are technical proficiencies and abilities that developers use to create applications for mobile devices, develop standard security measures for these applications and maintain their competitive advantage in the technical field. These skills are technical, but there are also some hard and soft skills that mobile developers require to be efficient. They improve these skills by enrolling in education programs or gaining experience from development teams.

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Examples of mobile app development skills

Here are some essential skills that can help you become a successful mobile application developer:

Computer proficiency

Mobile application developers write their codes and develop their applications using computer software. To operate the computer software, they need substantial knowledge of computers and how the software development tools work. Some mobile developers improve their computer proficiency by diversifying into developing software for computers and other programs.

Analytical skills

Mobile app developers often channel their analytical skills when creating mobile applications for their clients. They critically analyse their client's needs to create a suitable application. They also consider what various users expect from a particular application and how they use their mobile devices.

Programming language skills

Mobile app developers are proficient in programming languages, especially mobile application languages like JavaScript, C# and C++. A candidate for a mobile application developer position is viable for the position when they have significant knowledge of the relevant programming languages. You can gain this skill by enrolling in education programs or empowerment workshops. You can be flexible in your learning.

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User experience and user interface design skills

User interface (UI) design skills are necessary for mobile application developers to create simple, functional and beautiful applications. User experience (UX) skills can help developers analyse and control how the application responds to users. This skill can help ensure that the application that mobile developers create records success in terms of public acceptance. Developers with UI or UX skills tend to focus on the software's interface and functionality to ensure that the software is compatible with mobile devices and avoid every problem that users may encounter.

Back-end programming

Mobile application developers are adept in back-end computing. This knowledge helps them identify and fix software issues before the app goes public. Some back-end concepts useful to mobile app developers include:

  • Database management: Database management is the action that developers take to store, record, manipulate and retrieve the data they enter on the software application. A good understanding of this concept helps mobile app developers create applications that can store users' data security.

  • Security: Experts often say the concept of security relates to database management. Mobile application developers that understand this concept prioritise creating a solid feature that addresses possible security challenges.

  • Framework: A framework is a programming concept that provides stored components or solutions to make development easier. Mobile application developers that understand how to maintain a back-end framework can effectively create functional software applications for mobile devices.

  • Hardware interaction: This sort of interaction is how the software and hardware respond or interact. This concept helps mobile application developers to resolve software or system issues.

Product management skills

A product manager is a leader of a development team. They usually exhibit proper business and development skills when supervising a specific project. As a mobile app developer, you require this skill to collaborate with other professionals to create a software application. With practical management skills, you can oversee the software development to ensure that the software meets the client's expectations, provide periodic project updates to the clients and work with stakeholders to ensure that projects that you execute match the company's objectives.

Internet of things (IoT) skills

Internet of things is a system of connected hardware with unique identifiers and the ability to share data without human help. Mobile application developers have this skill, ranging from the common knowledge of connecting multiple devices to the expert knowledge of how applications connect to the internet. This skill helps them develop complex apps and software for businesses, like enterprise apps. Sometimes, mobile application developers require substantial knowledge of certain development concepts and cybersecurity skills.

Agile development skills

Agile development skills are the ability to focus on essential tasks and avoid distractions. Mobile app developers exhibit this vital skill by focusing on increasing speed and efficiency when developing software applications. They also divide a project into smaller sections, which allow them to prioritise tasks and manage the process effectively. Agile development skills also help mobile app developers to save time and money for projects efficiently.

Cross-platform development skills

Cross-platform mobile development is the development of software applications that can work perfectly on operating systems of multiple mobile devices. Mobile application developers use frameworks that support cross-platform development because of increased platforms. When you have this skill, you can design and create applications with similar functionality across different platforms, which gives you a competitive advantage in the field.

Communication skills

Effective communication skills are very vital for every mobile application developer. Mobile application developers require this skill to express themselves verbally and in writing to grasp what their clients expect from the software application. With this skill, they can ask their clients about any matter where they seek clarification. Also, they can adequately explain to team members what kind of application they're developing and duly assign tasks.

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How to improve mobile app developing skills

To establish a competitive advantage for yourself as a mobile application developer, you can improve your skills by following these steps:

1. Search for learning opportunities

If you want to improve your skills, you can enrol in educational programs or other training programs where you can learn new technical concepts. A mobile application developer's career comes with various opportunities to learn new things because it's essential to be updated as technology changes frequently. Take advantage of these opportunities to improve your skills and to remain competitive in the industry.

2. Network with other professionals in the field

Networking in any industry is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with colleagues and improve your skills. You can create a profile on career websites or join online groups where you can connect with local and international professionals in your field. You can also meet professionals when you attend professional events like seminars, workshops, programming boot camps or other gatherings. Ensure that you follow industry news and endeavour to stay updated on upcoming events. They can share important career advice that can help improve your skills and advance your career.

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3. Get new professional certificates

When you enrol in educational programs to further your career in mobile application development, you gain professional credentials and certificates after successfully completing the program. Credentials like a programming language certificate can help you maintain your competitive advantage in the industry. These degree programs can also increase your expertise and your general skill diversity. Having a solid list of certifications can help you secure a high-paying job in top technology companies.

Responsibilities of mobile app developers in a company

A mobile application developer can work as a member of a team in a company. Here are a few responsibilities of mobile app developers in a company:

  • using their programming and design skills to develop new applications for mobile devices

  • collaborating with other professionals from different departments to execute a project or build a product

  • using their knowledge of cyber security to build features to prevent cyber threats and data breaches

  • improving software responsiveness and creating better interfaces for software applications

  • testing and evaluating newly developed software applications

  • identifying areas for change in software applications for mobile devices and making the necessary adjustments

  • conducting quality assurance procedures after the completion of projects

Importance of mobile app developer skills

Here are some benefits that you can get when you possess some of the mobile application developer skills:

  • They can help you gain a profound knowledge of how you can work with programming tools around the workplace.

  • They help you become a better team player when you work with other professionals in the company.

  • They can help you as a mobile app developer to schedule your task so that you can deliver promptly.

  • They help to portray clients' ideas through the software application creatively.

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