Service Businesses Definition (With 22 Service Examples)

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Published 23 August 2022

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The service industry is essential because it provides services to customers that may help make their life easier. In service businesses, a customer's wants and needs usually take top priority, and it's a business's responsibility to meet those requirements. Learning about the definition of service businesses may help you understand the importance of customer service when growing your own business. In this article, we discuss the service businesses definition and provide a list of 22 service-based businesses.

Understanding the service businesses definition

The service business's definition simply means companies that perform tasks or provide services that benefit the customer. These tasks may include maintenance, cleaning, hospitality, travelling, transportation or consulting. Depending on the services they offer, these businesses may consult with their clients in person or online before taking on a job.

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22 examples of service-based businesses

The goal of a service-based business is to provide a professional and satisfactory customer service experience so that these customers continue to use the service. Here's a list of 22 service-based businesses:

1. Housekeeping

Housekeepers provide a service to their customers by keeping their homes and offices clean and tidy. They typically ask their customers which duties they require. These may include vacuuming, managing waste removal, dusting, mopping and ironing.

2. Maintenance

Maintenance services provide specialised repair duties for their clients. Many maintenance businesses offer their services 24 hours daily to reduce customers' waiting time. Some maintenance services include fixing and maintaining electrical equipment, air conditioning units, heaters, washing machines and kitchen appliances.

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3. Business consultant

Business consultants offer their clients professional advice in finance, law and accounting. They help business owners grow their organisations by building a business strategy and implementing business plans. They also help develop a company's management skills.

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4. Personal trainer

Personal trainers may help individuals reach their fitness goals. They either work in gyms or go to clients' homes. They usually perform tasks such as demonstrating exercises, teaching clients about nutrition, providing fitness resources and overseeing clients' progress.

5. Financial advisor

Clients often consult with financial advisors to find out how to better manage their finances. It's a financial advisor's role to help them examine their financial goals and help them with their debt management, investments and retirement plans. Financial advisors tailor every client's financial plans depending on their individual needs.

6. Tutor

As a tutor, you may help several customers improve their skills in maths, English, science or any other subject. Tutors help students excel at school or university. Their guidance and support often leads students to continue employing them.

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7. Mobile car mechanic

As a mobile car mechanic, extensive knowledge of car repair techniques and quick service may help you increase the number of customers. Such professionals may make a client's life a little easier by bringing their service straight to where a customer requires it. Good car mechanics can usually solve problems quickly.

8. Event planner

Individuals who love to plan and organise may become event planners. They relieve a client's stress by taking on the responsibility of planning their events. Whether it's a birthday or a wedding, event planners help clients enjoy the celebrations while they take care of all the tasks required for a successful event, such as booking a venue, hiring entertainment, managing catering and sending invites.

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9. Transportation

Transportation companies offer services that move people or goods. These services can include bussing, flying or riding on a train. When transporting passengers, transportation services often aim to make them as comfortable as possible. For example, if an individual is boarding a long flight, airlines try to accommodate passengers with food, beverages and blankets to help them feel relaxed.

10. Car wash

Car washes give the customer the choice of their preferred wash. Some include standard procedures, while others may add detailing or waxing. Some car washes offer a mobile service where they come to the client and wash their vehicle wherever they are.

11. Landscaper

Landscapers usually offer lawn-mowing services to their customers. They also grow plants, pull weeds and trim hedges. Landscapers usually ensure a customer's front and backyards look presentable.

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12. Pool care

Pool servicing involves the routine cleaning and maintenance of a customer's pool. This may include testing chemical levels, cleaning out debris, changing filters and ensuring the water is safe to swim in. They may make repairs to pool equipment, such as fixing the filtration system or repairing a leak.

13. Childcare

Childcare provides education and supervision for babies and children. This helps offer parents peace of mind that their children are safe and occupied while the parents are at work. Schools, day-care facilities and day camps provide childcare services. Their focus is to teach children, oversee activities and games and monitor the youngsters' learning progress.

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14. Massage therapy

Massage businesses may offer clients relaxing treatments, such as neck, back, and body massages, facials and acupuncture in a massage parlour, or they may go to the customer. Some massage providers bring a portable massage table to a client's home or workplace. These professionals may advertise their service at the local fitness club, spa or physician's office.

15. Mobile pet grooming

Mobile pet groomers offer pet grooming services, like hair cutting, nail trimming and teeth cleaning at a client's doorstep. Customers typically appreciate the convenience of not having to go to the grooming salon. All pet groomers require to offer this service is a van, some grooming tools and adequate experience.

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16. Babysitting

A babysitter whom a client can trust may be a great service to help keep children happy and comfortable. Children often prefer to remain at home rather than travel to a childcare facility during the absence of their parents or guardians. Providing professional babysitting services may encourage clients to continue using this service.

17. Tax form preparer

Individuals frequently require tax preparers. When the end of the financial year nears, customers' requirements for a tax preparer increase. Both businesses and individuals usually prepare tax forms. Having a tax form preparer who understands the latest tax regulations may help a client tremendously.

18. Catering

A catering business may service weddings, birthday parties or other events and gatherings. If the food is satisfactory and the service is professional, clients may work with the business again in the future.

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19. Packing and unpacking

If a client is relocating, there are professional packing and unpacking services that may offer their help. The company usually includes specialists in the trade. Their knowledge of problem-free and time-saving packing may help a client's move seem less stressful.

20. Handyperson

A handyperson offers repair services. Whether it's a clogged bathroom, broken closet drawers, damaged window locks or leaky pipes, a handyperson can fix almost anything that's broken. These professionals offer their services to homes, properties or businesses.

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21. House painter

House painters communicate with customers to determine how they prefer the interior or exterior of their house painted, including discussing design details, such as colour and texture. Then, they prepare for painting by applying primer and covering nearby furnishing with protective sheets before they mix and apply paint to the walls and surfaces. Often, they begin by painting a small portion of a surface to see if the colour and texture are to the customer's satisfaction.

22. Airlines

Airlines provide air transportation services to paying clients. Both passengers and freight may use these air transportation services. Although jet aircraft most frequently provide this service, some airlines may also use helicopters. Customers' ability to book seats on flights and travel to various locations around the world makes the airline sector a vital component of the broader travel industry.

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