15 Different Types of Industry Sections and Related Careers

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 7 September 2022

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An industry type is a group of businesses that produce or sell the same primary product or offer similar services. There is a wide range of different sectors, each containing a variety of potential employment opportunities. Learning about diverse types of industry sectors and the typical positions available can help you decide which industry you may want to work in. In this article, we discuss types of industries and list some of the typical jobs in each group.

15 types of industry and related careers

The various types of industry that currently exist are more diverse than those that operated 20 years ago. As technology advances, new industry types develop, creating new career opportunities to add to the existing job market. Here are some current industries and examples of jobs that you can consider in each group:

1. Accommodation and food services

The accommodation and food services industry provides travellers and guests with short-term lodging and places to buy food, such as hotels, guest houses, motels or campgrounds. Serviced accommodation aims to meet a guest's needs for the duration of their stay by providing cleaning services, meal options and laundry services. Non-serviced accommodations typically offer safe, clean accommodation, with facilities for guests to cater for themselves. Food services provide a variety of restaurant categories such as buffet, casual dining, fast food, pubs or fine dining, each offering a distinct style of cuisine.

Careers in accommodation and food services include:

  • event manager

  • executive chef

  • hotel general manager

  • housekeeping room attendant

  • restaurant manager

  • sommelier

  • tour guide

  • travel agent


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2. Agriculture

Agriculture entails cultivating crops and livestock to provide food and clothing. Other sections of agriculture include forestry, which produces wood used for construction and paper products. Other products may include wool, leather and cotton.

Careers in agriculture may include:

  • agricultural product picker and packer

  • animal nutritionist

  • farm manager

  • hydrogeologist

  • sustainability consultant

  • veterinary surgeon

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3. Arts, culture, entertainment and design

This industry includes a wide range of individuals and organisations producing creative and artistic works for social and commercial purposes. Businesses in this industry include movie and video production, museums, art galleries and performing arts platforms. The entertainment industry can boost international tourism for cultural products and events. Creative skills can benefit other industries, such as marketing and advertising.

Careers in arts, culture, entertainment and design include:

  • actor

  • artist

  • camera operator

  • composer

  • dancer

  • entertainer

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4. Construction

The construction industry builds, maintains and repairs structures. Companies may specialise in construction for residential, business or community purposes. Constructions industries fall into four main categories:

  • Building construction: includes steel, structural, mechanical and civil engineering contractors in residential and non-residential sectors

  • Roads and civil construction: includes the construction, maintenance and repair of runways, tunnels, bridges, drainage and roads

  • Built environment: includes architects, construction managers, engineers, landscape architects, land surveyors, property valuers and quantity surveyors

  • Materials manufacturing: includes all materials related to building such as cement products, ceramic products, roof trusses, sanitary ware, tiles and wooden fixtures

Careers in construction include:

  • bulk earthworks

  • carpenter

  • civil engineer

  • concreter

  • construction manager

  • crane operator

  • masonry

  • plumber

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5. Education and training

The education industry is a collection of businesses and organisations that provide services and products to meet the educational needs of society. Institutions can be public or privately owned. The four main categories of education are:

  • Schooling service providers: offering elementary and secondary education, special education and education management organisation

  • Tertiary education service providers: offering higher education, vocational training, learning centres, tutoring and assessment services

  • Education services and products: covering the manufacture and supply of educational products and published resources

  • Educational support services: providing educational information, education investment services and technology services

Careers in education include:

  • curriculum developer

  • education consultant

  • school teacher

  • school principal

  • university lecturer

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6. Fashion

The fashion industry includes clothing design, manufacturing, retail and supply chain management. As an industry, fashion provides opportunities for smaller businesses and large corporations. Retailing clothing no longer relies on presence in a physical store but can operate successfully via the internet through a company website or social media presence.

Careers in fashion include:

  • accessory designer

  • fashion designer

  • fashion wholesaler

  • footwear design jobs

  • textile designer

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7. Financial and insurance

Financial and insurance industries manage various aspects of money, including banking, asset management, personal finances, public finance, corporate finance and investing. Some employees may work in businesses and use their skills to help the organisation reach its financial goals. Others may work in banks and help customers with their banking needs and money management.

Careers in finance and insurance include:

  • certified public accountant (CPA)

  • financial analyst

  • financial planner

  • investment banker

  • private equity associate

8. Fitness and sport

The fitness and sports industry provides opportunities for employment that involve motivating and training clients to develop their physical and mental capacity. Technology has influenced the industry, making new training and fitness assessment equipment more accessible. Group fitness has evolved, with many instructors embracing the skills needed to teach their classes to an online audience. The fitness and sports industry can be rewarding as physical and mental training offer many tangible benefits for clients.

Careers in fitness and sport include:

  • fitness gym manager

  • group fitness instructor

  • gymnastics coach

  • personal trainer

  • sports coaching

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9 Healthcare and social assistance

The healthcare sector is broad and provides medical services related to people's health and well-being. Medical professionals collaborate directly with patients to diagnose, manage and treat illnesses and injuries within the sector. Other areas include companies that develop and manufacture medical drugs and equipment. The healthcare industry includes medical insurance companies, ambulance services and optometry.

Careers in healthcare and social assistance include:

  • ambulance services

  • dermatologist

  • general physician

  • medical insurance

  • medical receptionist

  • nursing

  • optometrist

  • prosthetist

  • radiographer

  • residential care worker

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10. Marketing and advertising

The marketing and advertising industries focus on promoting products to audiences through paid and organic channels. Employees understand the psychology behind creating promotional materials that appeal to buyers and know how to reach targeted audiences for each product or service they promote. They use various media and print outlets to distribute information about products they promote. Careers in marketing and advertising include:

  • copywriter

  • graphic designer

  • marketing director

  • SEO specialist

  • social media manager

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11. Mining

The mining industry extracts geological materials and precious minerals from underneath the ground. The materials undergo processes to convert them to a mineralised form, which companies then typically sell. Mines provide raw materials, metals and minerals that benefit the economy.

Careers in mining include:

  • mining geologist

  • health and safety coordinator

  • mining engineer

  • underground miner

  • underground truck operator

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12. Hairdressing and beauty services

The hairdressing and beauty industry provides personal service to clients in cosmetics and relaxation. Beauty therapy and hairdressing are occupations that suit those who enjoy working with people. Hairdressers cut, colour and style hair, while beauty therapists may perform facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, hair removal and other body treatments.

Careers in hairdressing and beauty services include:

  • beauty therapist

  • hairdressing

  • massage therapist

  • nail technician

  • spa receptionist

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13. Retail trade

Retail trade typically involves the sale of goods or products to the consumer. Retail trade links manufacturers or wholesalers and the customers who want to buy the product. A retailer usually sells products in smaller quantities for personal use, not for business use or resale. Retailing covers all forms of personal selling and can take place via email, over the phone or door to door.

Careers in retail include:

  • buyer

  • checkout operator

  • customer services

  • sales associate

  • visual merchandiser

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14. Security

The security industry includes security products and services. Security products cover hardware such as CCTV systems, alarms and software to ensure online security. Security services typically involve guards or officers who protect groups of people to varying degrees.

Careers in security include:

  • bodyguard/crowd controller

  • cyber security engineer

  • k9 security

  • roster officer

  • security guard

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15. Wholesale trade

Wholesale trade provides reasonably priced goods in bulk to retail outlets that apply a markup before selling directly to the public. Wholesalers typically don't sell to the public, though some may have small direct outlets. Speciality wholesalers typically stock items relating to a specific industry and are highly knowledgeable regarding product lines.

Careers in wholesale trade include:

  • bulk haulage

  • buyer

  • operations manager

  • wholesale account manager

  • packer

  • warehouse assistant

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