15 Active Jobs (Plus Benefits of Being Active at Work)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 7 September 2022

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If you like to stay active, you can consider pursuing a career that allows you to be on your feet and to keep moving during your shifts. There can be a wide range of active careers available in many industries. Knowing what physical jobs are available and the type of duties they involve can help you choose the right job for you. In this article, we list 15 physically active jobs and share the benefits of pursuing one.

15 active jobs

Below, you can find a list of 15 active jobs to consider:

1. Choreographer

National average salary: $52,820 per year

Primary duties: Choreographers create and plan dance routines for performances. These routines usually form part of live shows, TV productions or films. This role can be very active, as choreographers spend a lot of time in studios rehearsing dance routines, trialling new dance moves and teaching routines to other dancers.

2. Massage therapist

National average salary: $55,288 per year

Primary duties: Massage therapists provide massage therapy to clients to assist in the maintenance or rehabilitation of physical function or to improve their wellbeing. They do this by using their physical strength to manipulate muscles and other soft tissues across the body. Massage therapists also advise clients to assist them in managing or improving their soft tissue conditions.

3. Farmer

National average salary: $59,827 per year

Primary duties: Farmers work on the land to cultivate food, animals and raw materials. They handle heavy machinery, perform maintenance on the farm and oversee other farm employees, ensuring operations run smoothly. They also handle and load livestock to prepare them for showing, slaughter or sale. Farmers spend a lot of their time planting and maintaining crops. Farming can be a physically demanding job as it often requires manual pruning, fertilising and harvesting.

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4. Tree trimmer

National average salary: $59,979 per year

Primary duties: Professional tree trimmers prune, trim and remove excess branches from trees. They do this to improve aesthetics or to make an area safer if the tree is causing a threat. To undertake their job, tree trimmers operate a variety of machines, including chainsaws and stump chippers. Tree trimmers have very active roles as they climb a lot of trees using hooks, belts and ladders to allow them to access their work site safely. They also undertake a lot of manual lifting when carrying fallen branches and tree stumps away from the site.

5. Childcare educator

National average salary: $60,664 per year

Primary duties: Childcare educators provide quality care and support to young children. They create, supervise and engage in a range of learning activities for the children to experience and record any educational milestones the children may reach. Throughout their day, educators interact with all children in their care, provide emotional support and comfort to them and nurture their confidence. Childcare educators also clean and maintain a safe environment for children and their families who attend the educational facility. People in these roles take part in a lot of physical activity by participating in activities and carrying young children.
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6. Trolley assistant

National average salary: $62,089 per year

Primary duties: Trolley collectors usually collect trolleys from car parks and other communal areas and return them to the store ready for other customers to use. They also provide quality customer service by repairing and maintaining trolleys to ensure they're fit for purpose. People in these roles usually collect trolleys by hand or with the use of a small tractor or car to tow the trolleys back to their designated bay.

7. Warehouse coordinator

National average salary: $62,766 per year

Primary duties: A warehouse coordinator oversees the daily operations of a warehouse. Their prime responsibility is to monitor and manage the warehouse inventory to ensure it maintains sufficient stock. People in these positions usually spend a lot of their shift walking around the warehouse organising stock, assigning delivery stations and maintaining inventory records. They also help with unloading deliveries and packing orders ready for shipment.

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8. Personal trainer

National average salary: $65,130 per year

Primary duties: Personal trainers are fitness training experts who work closely with their clients to help them reach their exercise and wellness goals. They conduct health assessments to determine their clients' bodily strengths and weaknesses, create exercise plans and provide nutrition advice. Their role often requires them to demonstrate exercises to ensure their clients know how to undertake them safely. People in these positions can expect to conduct exercise classes inside gymnasiums and outdoors with both individual clients and small groups.

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9. Landscaper

National average salary: $67,034 per year

Primary duties: The role of a landscaper involves designing and constructing gardens and landscapes for residential and commercial properties. They remain active while maintaining lawns, trimming plants and hedges and treating gardens to prevent the growth of weeds. Landscapers may also construct recreational features, including water fountains or children's climbing frames.

10. Waitperson

National average salary: $68,538 per year

Primary duties: The duties of a waitperson include taking orders, welcoming and seating guests and communicating with the kitchen to produce food orders and ensure customers receive them on time and to a quality standard. Waiters and waitresses communicate with customers to take food and drink orders and to make their restaurant experience more enjoyable. People doing this job often spend a lot of time on their feet while they move between customer groups to deliver food, remove empty dishes and upsell special menu items or desserts.

11. Police officer

National average salary: $70,528 per year

Primary duties: The duties of a police officer include enforcing laws, investigating crimes, maintaining public order, patrolling public areas and events and arresting suspected offenders. They can often conduct a variety of tasks and may also work out of multiple locations depending on what community safety concerns they encounter. Aside from the physical aspects of this role, police officers also undertake administrative duties, including giving evidence in court, attending hearings and submitting paperwork to support the jobs they attend.
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12. Mechanic

National average salary: $71,547 per year

Primary duties: A mechanic repairs and services vehicles and their parts for customers. They run diagnostic testing to inspect engines, transmissions and machines to ensure they meet safety standards. Mechanics also test drive vehicles to ensure they operate correctly. People in these roles spend a lot of time moving around the workshop to service various vehicles and meet with customers to discuss potential vehicle repairs and faults.


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13. Carpenter

National average salary: $77,322 per year

Primary duties: Carpenters are responsible for the repair and construction of wooden structures, including building frameworks, stairways, doors, kitchen cupboards and partitions. They spend a lot of their time driving between clients to provide quotes on potential jobs and attending job sites to undertake their work. A carpenter typically completes a lot of heavy lifting to carry materials and tools to and from their job sites and to hold structures in place while building them.

14. Physiotherapist

National average salary: $85,424 per year

Primary duties: The role of a physiotherapist involves assisting patients in the diagnosis and management of a broad range of health conditions. These conditions may affect nerves, the cardiovascular system or other parts of the body. Physiotherapists are usually physically fit as they often prescribe and demonstrate mobility exercises for patients. This may require the therapist to complete the exercises themselves or manoeuvre patients to assist them in completing the exercises effectively. When providing consultations to their patients, physiotherapists spend a lot of time on their feet to allow them to assess their conditions correctly.

15. Chiropractor

National average salary: $86,127 per year

Primary duties: Chiropractors provide care for patients, assisting with pain management and lifestyle improvement. They use their hands to treat the spine to examine and treat health conditions relating to the musculoskeletal system. These health professionals stay active by applying massage techniques, adjustments and manipulation to treat their patients while also providing them with diet and exercise advice.

What are the benefits of active jobs?

There can be many benefits to undertaking physically demanding jobs. You can find a list of some of them below:

  • Better health: Remaining active is essential to help maintain good cardiovascular health and stay in an optimal weight range. By finding a job that involves a lot of physical activity, you can increase your chances of living a healthy lifestyle and having better health overall.

  • More variety: Physically demanding jobs are a great way to add variety to your workday. These jobs generally involve meeting different clients or changing job locations throughout your shift, so it can be a good way to try new things and experience new environments.

  • More job satisfaction: Being physically active can be a great way to increase endorphins and make yourself feel happier. By undertaking a role that requires a lot of physical activity, you may feel happier and more satisfied in your job.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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