12 Administration Job Titles (With Salaries and Duties)

Updated 26 December 2022

Careers in administration may be excellent opportunities for people who enjoy working with their colleagues and overseeing daily operations. Each administration job comes with unique, company-specific responsibilities that may make your job interesting. Learning more about the different job titles in this career field and their primary duties can help you find the right role for your interests. In this article, we explore the different administration job titles and discuss the responsibilities and salaries for each role.

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What are administration job titles?

Administration job titles refer to the specific position name you have within a company. Administration is a broad term that entails different roles, responsibilities and salaries. As an administrator, you may work with employees, organise data and perform other responsibilities to help streamline the daily operations of a company. You can work in a variety of different roles and may have different levels of experience.

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12 administration careers

Here are some of the well-known administration job titles you may consider:

1. Customer service representative

National average salary: $56,588 per year

Primary duties: A customer service representative speaks with customers on behalf of the company they work for. They work either in-store or in a call centre. Depending on customer preference, they're usually flexible with their communication style to converse with customers on the phone, email or in person. Representatives make purchases, change customers' accounts, suggest products and address client complaints.

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2. Scheduler

National average salary: $98,278 per year

Primary duties: A scheduler works at a medical facility to coordinate appointments for the patients and employees. They organise daily schedules, set appointments, determine appointment lengths and greet patients. Schedulers often work at a desk with a telephone to remind patients of their appointments.

3. Accounts payable clerk

National average salary: $63,813 per year

Primary duties: Accounts payable clerks usually require a high school diploma to conduct and verify daily transactions. They obtain and process invoices received from customers and prepare paychecks for the staff members. This job type includes tasks like bookkeeping, auditing checks and accounting.

4. CAD technician

National average salary: $78,723 per year

Primary duties: A computer-aided design (CAD) technician is an administrative professional in a software or tech company. This person masters the CAD software to produce technical drawings for products used in the engineering and construction industries. They also draft blueprints for buildings and architects. It may be beneficial to have excellent communication skills to consult with clients regarding their designs and blueprints.

5. Office manager

National average salary: $75,513 per year

Primary duties: An office manager runs the day-to-day tasks of the office. They usually oversee the best ways to hire new employees, resolve employees' conflicts, manage budgets and constantly optimise procedures to boost productivity. Some office managers also supervise the support staff and organise booking and database tasks.

6. Executive assistant

National average salary: $78,656 per year

Primary duties: Executive assistants are mainly responsible for setting up an executive's schedule, conducting research on various competitive industries, preparing documents, supporting customers and answering phone calls. As they have a higher responsibility, managers often invite executive assistants to their meetings to understand the company changes and use the updated procedures to carry out their regular practices.

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7. Insurance agent

National average salary: $64,085 per year

Primary duties: An insurance agent stays aware of the latest insurance policies and frequently optimises their insurance plan to keep the company secure. They solve claims, minimise friction and call customers to educate them on the policies they offer. They usually work for an insurance company or refer clients to independent brokers.

8. Account manager

National average salary: $83,895 per year

Primary duties: Account managers are administrators clients interact with. They represent the business and oversee routine tasks like addressing customers' concerns, creating customer budgets and setting deadlines to complete work efficiently. They're also responsible for maintaining clients' accounts and updating them on any changes or actions to secure long-term clients.

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9. Receptionist

National average salary: $53,481 per year

Primary duties: Receptionists are often the first person people see when they visit a company. They greet customers, answer questions and make travel arrangements for their team members. These professionals represent the company positively and keep informed of daily deliverables, meetings, updates and interviews the company is currently organising. This may help you guide the customers properly.

10. Data-entry clerk

National average salary: 40.24 per hour

Primary duties: A data-entry clerk manually adds data from physical files to the computer system. They usually have access to the company's archives and essential documents to help them sort and enter information accurately. Therefore, it can be helpful if you have fast typing skills and have knowledge of keyboard shortcuts to help speed up the data entry process.

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11. Legal secretaries

National average salary: $73,697 per year

Primary tasks: Legal secretaries have excellent knowledge of the legal procedures, business industries and legal terminology to ensure the company's operations adhere to the country's legal requirements. Therefore, they prepare documents, proofread, research and schedule meetings and appointments for the company. Legal secretaries also advise the legal way of approaching a new project and settling lawsuit matters.

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12. Facilities manager

National average salary: $121,662 per year

Primary tasks: Facilities manager oversee the infrastructural requirements of the company. They're responsible for constantly optimising the layout and physical needs of their employees and providing a safe and efficient place for work. Facility managers also manage parking requirements to help improve efficiency while keeping costs low.

Entry-level administrator job responsibilities

As an administrator, your responsibilities depend on the level of your job. Most entry-level administrators organise files, forward staff emails to the respective manager or administrator and keep the daily office operations as smooth as possible. As an entry-level administrator, here are some of the duties and responsibilities you can expect to perform:

  • organising shared workspaces

  • preparing and researching data

  • managing office communication channels like phone, email and online chatbots

  • collaborating with team members from various departments

  • scheduling and setting reminders

  • tracking, managing and ordering office supplies

  • keeping the filing system in order

  • maintaining a contact list and conducting calls if necessary

  • providing support to managers, supervisors and directors

  • handing incoming and outgoing letters, invoices and packing

  • helping to plan events and other initiatives

  • maintaining good relationships with people in the same industry to help build credibility

Mid-level administrative job responsibilities

Mid-level administrators usually do fewer but more specialised and high proficiency tasks throughout the day. They have enough experience to assist people at a higher hierarchy level and take part in improving mission-driven company projects. They're often up to date with the latest policies and ensure the rest of the staff members adhere to the newest company rules and regulations.

As a mid-level administrator, you can expect some of the following duties and responsibilities:

  • handing payroll to new and existing employees

  • implementing crucial safety procedures and running regular drills

  • keeping books and records

  • organising meetings and distributing the post-meeting paperwork

  • directly helping executives

  • scheduling and handling calenders

  • onboarding and offboarding employees

  • carrying out invoice process

  • resolving employee and sometimes customer conflicts

  • running office projects like designing a new office layout for increased efficiency

  • negotiating contracts with employees

  • making travel arrangements

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High-level administrative job responsibilities

High-level administrators focus on their areas of expertise to solve more specific issues. Instead of carrying out minor administrative tasks, they are more involved in working on business processes. This means this is often behind significant business improvement and delegating tasks to other team members. Most junior level staff members also treat high-level administrators as a substitute for senior executives. Therefore, you usually get to see high-level administrators present in most meetings and company business trips. Here are some of the high-level administrative responsibilities you can expect to fulfil:

  • creating new business development opportunities

  • managing department heads and senior-level team members

  • suggesting policies and initiatives to executives

  • providing human resources (HR) responsibilities like hiring and retention

  • determining different ways of streamlining daily procedures

  • facilities the resources, team members and documentation needed for key office projects

  • managing and building the support staff

  • maintaining the company's vision and relationships

  • taking care of more complex issues to help senior executives

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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