10 Adventurous Jobs (With Duties, Salaries and Skills)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 18 April 2022

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Adventurous careers are exciting opportunities that allow people to work in fields they're passionate about. Pursuing an adventurous job may give you an opportunity to work outdoors, specialise in areas you're interested in or use your creativity in an exciting way. Learning more about adventurous careers may help you find the right job to match your passion and interests. In this article, we explore adventurous jobs, their salaries, and the duties and skills required for these jobs.

What are adventurous jobs?

Adventurous jobs offer you a chance to work as you enjoy and explore your passion. In these roles, you can develop specialised skills and gain experience in unique fields. These roles often involve outdoor work or frequent travel opportunities.

10 adventurous careers

Here is a list of 10 adventurous careers you may consider:

1. Marine biologist

National average salary: $59,977 per year

Primary duties: A marine biologist is a scientist who specialises in studying life in the sea or ocean, including plants, micro-organisms and animals. These specialists often work in the sea to collect samples, take notes on what they observe and analyse them for scientific research. Marine biologists also study any changes in marine life to understand how they can help wildlife living in the ocean and improve the health of the environment. These environmentalists focus on preserving marine life.

2. Filmmaker

National average pay: $79,500 per year

Primary duties: A filmmaker produces or directs films by organising the production team and actors. This production process requires them to spend most of their time shooting scenes, taking photographs and turning them into well-organised films. Filmmakers also travel to various locations and interview different people to understand their cultures, to ensure they represent them correctly in their films. They also interact closely with other groups, such as producers, designers, casting directors and film editors.

3. Sailor

National average salary: $76,939 per year

Primary duties: Sailors maintain equipment on boats and ships ranging from small craft to large vessels and assist with sea travel expeditions. They also handle mooring lines and can be responsible for helping with the ship's fuelling. There are different specialisations for this profession that may require specific training and qualifications. For instance, a sailor can become a deckhand, boat captain or engineer.

Some sailors work as naval sailors. They may perform technical, combat and administrative roles in the operation of the Royal Australian Navy. They support operations and organisational structures of the navy during both peacetime and combat activities.

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4. Travel content writer

National average salary: $66,415 per year

Primary duties: A content writer often works for magazines or publications. They may also work as a freelancer. Travel writers may spend a lot of time travelling and writing about their destinations. They write content about different cultures, places and beliefs. They may travel to visit and learn about different cultures to represent them correctly in their publications. They're also responsible for researching and providing accurate information about their travel, such as the time it takes to visit these locations and the budget they used.

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5. Diver

National average salary: $90,562 per year

Primary duties: Divers work under the sea surface and may use hand tools, cutting and welding equipment and hydraulic or air-powered equipment for mechanical, inspection, repair and construction tasks. It's also their role to maintain equipment, such as their oxygen tanks, stay in contact and keep themselves safe. A scuba diver instructor teaches people to dive and keeps learner divers safe. Divers may also perform other underwater duties, such as surveys, searches, blasting and the collection of scientific samples. They may operate underwater equipment, including video and television cameras.

6. Tour guide

National average salary: $60,058 per year

Primary duties: Tour guides lead groups of visitors around new places. They're familiar with their assigned areas and enjoy showing other people around tourist sites. Tour guides may assist visitors by handling their injuries and ensuring their safety. They're also responsible for checking the weather to ensure safe and uninterrupted visitors' experiences. Sometimes, tour guides act as drivers, interpreters and translators for their visitors. They also act as the link between visitors and their company.

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7. Athletics coach

National average salary: $79,775 per year

Primary duties: An athletics coach trains athletes for a specific sport. They may train teams to bring them to the highest level, nationally or internationally. They may also train individual athletes for peak performance and represent them in planning events and meetings. They ensure the athlete learns, practises and masters the technical and tactical skills of the sport. Athletics coaches develop training programs, identify their teams' strengths and weaknesses and monitor performances. Athletics coaches also undertake administrative tasks. They train and work outdoors and often travel to accompany their teams to practices or competitions.

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8. Ski instructor

National average salary: $56,167 per year

Primary duties: Ski instructors train people or help them improve their skiing skills. Ski or snowboard instructors help learners understand the essential skiing techniques, guide them to become confident and introduce them to skiing challenges, along with how to manage them. Ski instructors are also responsible for keeping their learners safe during the exercise. Becoming a ski instructor allows professionals to work outdoors and interact with new people.

9. English as a second language teacher

National average salary: $80,681 per year

Primary duties: A teacher of English as a Second Language (ESL) teaches English to students whose first language is not English. ESL teachers may teach any age group and can work in any country as well as teach via online learning. An ESL teacher assesses the language needs of their students and applies relevant techniques to ensure learners understand the English language. They may also interact with their students, evaluate performance and design lessons. Teaching English to students with other first languages can be an adventure, as it allows these teachers to interact with and learn from different cultures.

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10. Adventure guide

National average salary: $52,369 per year

Primary duties: An adventure guide is a tour guide who leads groups of tourists during specialised activities. Adventure guides typically have expert-level experience in whatever activity they lead. An adventure guide might help tourists on excursions, skydiving, zip-lining, scuba diving, shark diving and more to ensure the satisfaction and safety of guests. They're also responsible for keeping their visitors safe during these activities.

Skills required for adventurous jobs

The following are some skills you may develop to help you succeed in an adventurous role:


Many adventurous careers require people to communicate both verbally and non-verbally. For example, a tour guide, instructor or coach may look for any non-verbal cues that visitors may use to express their emotions or desires. Also, a diver or sailor may communicate with their team members to ensure safety. You may improve your communication skills by practising regularly, interacting with different people. You may also take a course in communication.


Social skills are important because many adventurous jobs require you to interact with other people. These skills allow you to create a friendly atmosphere where visitors or clients can ask questions and interact freely with you. Possessing exemplary social skills, such as being friendly, outgoing and respectful, may make you more approachable. If you're leading an adventure tour or group, this can help you create a positive experience for customers.


Creativity means thinking about a task, a challenge or a solution from different perspectives and performing tasks in unconventional ways. Creative skills allow you to solve challenges such as upcoming weather changes, visitor illness and injuries during your outdoor activities. Creativity may also allow you to devise more interesting ways to do your job. For example, a tour guide might use creativity to think of a new topic to discuss on the tour.


Many adventure jobs require individuals to teach or lead a particular group of people, requiring exceptional leadership ability. This may include active listening skills, patience, ability to teach, integrity and dependability. Leadership skills can also build your confidence, which may help you perform your work better.

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To adapt to different weather and travel conditions, adventurous professionals require adaptive skills. These skills also allow them to change and thrive in different environments, as required by the nature of adventurous careers. Adaptive skills also play a part in the confidence and quality of work these professionals deliver.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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