Are Salesforce Certifications Worth It? (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 25 July 2022

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Salesforce is a leading product in many industries and has created many employee jobs. For example, job titles like Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer are two common positions that companies may create for success. If pursuing a career in this field interests you, learning about Salesforce certifications and their benefits can help you decide if earning one may help with your career advancement. In this article, we define what Salesforce is, explain what Salesforce certifications are, discuss the factors to consider when choosing one, answer ‘Are Salesforce certifications worth it?' and list and describe 14 certifications.

Are Salesforce certifications worth it?

To answer the question ‘Are Salesforce certifications worth it?', it's helpful to know that in most cases, Salesforce professionals might consider these certifications because they can help them advance their career. If this field interests you, a certification can boost your resume and show hiring managers that you have knowledge in this area. Salesforce certificates also show your credibility when it comes to assigning projects in the workplace. These certifications can help you reach new levels within your job, as many organisations require these credentials for upper-level positions.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an organisation that offers cloud-based software to help companies unite various departments within their business, including their sales, marketing, service and IT departments. The goal of Salesforce products is to provide teams with a single view of customer information to support customer and employee relationship growth. Salesforce provides its services through a scalable customer relationship management (CRM) platform known as Customer 360.

Salesforce products that companies can choose from include:

  • Salesforce automation software

  • Marketing Cloud

  • Commerce Cloud 360

  • Tableau

  • MuleSoft

What are Salesforce certifications?

Salesforce certifications are credentials earned through a series of exams that measure a person's knowledge of Salesforce. There are several products within Salesforce, and some certifications focus on specific products rather than Salesforce as a whole. There are several prerequisites a person can obtain to prove their depth of knowledge of Salesforce or its products and advance to further certifications. Trailhead offers most of these certifications and provides several courses, classes and workshops to help students prepare for the multiple-choice exams.

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Factors to consider when choosing a Salesforce certification

There are key considerations to remember when deciding to pursue a Salesforce certification. These considerations include the following:

  • Time: It takes time and dedication to pursue this type of certification and may require you to manage both work and training. Consider whether you have time for the courses and how you could manage them alongside your current duties.

  • Money: Salesforce certifications typically cost around $200 for one examination. If you don't pass, you can retake the exam after paying the full price.

  • Maintenance: Salesforce certifications and courses involve the constantly changing knowledge of the industry. Most certifications require holders to take maintenance exams up to three times a year depending on when Salesforce releases new products.

  • Choosing certifications: Currently, there are 23 Salesforce certifications available, and it's important to choose the most relevant to your present position or to the next position you seek. Consider certifications that can help to build your expertise and strengthen your skill set.

14 Salesforce certifications to advance your career

The following is a list of Salesforce certifications to consider if you want to advance your career in this field:

1. Administrator certification

Trailhead created the Administrator certification for those who need a broad understanding of how to customise Salesforce, manage users and configure the platform. Topics covered include configuration and set-up, Salesforce platform basics, user management and identity basics. The program comes with several projects that candidates can participate in to ensure they understand the course.

2. CPQ Specialist

Trailhead also offers the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Specialist certification, which requires candidates to have knowledge of how to implement the Salesforce CPQ solution. Subjects covered throughout the training include the CPQ platform, Salesforce CPQ features, CPQ object relationships and mapping custom fields between objects. Trailhead offers this program throughout the year, and you can take the test onsite or online.

3. Platform App Builder

Another Salesforce certification that Trailhead offers is the Platform App Builder. Candidates require experience in the design, building and implementation of custom applications using the declarative customisation features in Salesforce. Candidates can learn at a convenient time as the program is completely online. The course covers topics including Lightning Experience customisation, service cloud for Lightning Experience, AppExchange solutions and data security.

4. Marketing Cloud Administrator

Trailhead provides the Marketing Cloud Administrator certification for individuals who have a working knowledge of end-user features and configuration options found in the Marketing Cloud. Key objectives of the course include how to set up Marketing Cloud, how to manage subscriber data and how to manage channels, in addition to teaching students advanced digital marketing techniques and knowledge. Candidates can take the Marketing Cloud certification exam to receive their credentials.

5. Administrator & App Builder

Simplilearn offers the Administrator & App Builder certification, which provides participants with hands-on experience in managing and developing applications that Salesforce uses. Topics include how to configure Salesforce to analyse, collect and retrieve customer data and how to create applications using Salesforce Lightning. The course contains both projects and modules to help participants gain knowledge in this area.

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6. Salesforce Platform Developer

iCert Global provides the Salesforce Platform Developer certification, which teaches students the concepts and components of application development and how to customise applications using Visualforce and Apex. The program includes accredited courseware, interactive training, hands-on projects and simulated tests. iCert Global recommends this certification for application builders, system administrators, IT managers, technical architects and other IT professionals who work with Salesforce.

7. B2B Solution Architect

Trailhead also offers the Business-to-Business (B2B) Solution Architect certification for professionals who deliver and design multi-cloud B2B products using the Salesforce platform. An Application Architect certification is a requirement before students can take the B2B Solution Architect certification exam. The program covers topics including managing partner relationships with the sales cloud, the partner relationship management program in Salesforce, innovation customer discovery and customer-centric discovery for Salesforce partners.

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8. Marketing Cloud Consultant

Trailhead created the Marketing Cloud Consultant certification for those who can implement Salesforce Marketing Cloud tools effectively and develop solutions that they can use in both strategic and tactical email campaigns. A prerequisite for this program is the Marketing Cloud Administrator certification. This course covers concepts including discovery and architecture, Marketing Cloud account optimisation, distributed marketing features, email deliverability concepts and Marketing Cloud programmatic languages.

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9. Strategy Designer

Trailhead's Salesforce Strategy Designer certification is for individuals who have knowledge of using design methods to create enticing experience strategies and drive business outcomes with the Salesforce platform. This course covers topics including journey mapping, sustainable design, design strategy and why it's needed and the Jobs to Be Done framework for designers. Students can take this course at any time, and all content is available online.

10. Experience Cloud Consultant

Trailhead's Experience Cloud Consultant certification is for candidates who can use the Salesforce Experience Cloud site applications to consult in a customer-facing role. An Administrator certification is a requirement before students can be eligible for this program. Topics include UX personas for Salesforce, Experience Cloud basics, search basics for Experience Builder sites and configuring features with guided set-up.

11. OmniStudio Consultant

Trailhead's OmniStudio Consultant certification is for those who have experience consulting on how to create cloud applications using OmniStudio tools in a customer-facing role. This program explores such concepts as OmniStudio architecture, OmniScripts, OmniStudio integration procedures, calculation procedures and OmniStudio DataRaptors. Trailhead offers this program throughout the year, allowing students to choose a time that works best for them.

12. Industries CPQ Developer

Trailhead created the Industries CPQ Developer certification for those who have experience using the Salesforce Communications, Media and Energy & Utilities Clouds to develop, configure and price quote applications. There are two classes and workshops you can take to prepare for the exam, which include the Build CPQ Solutions Industry class and the Design and Build a Working Industries CPQ Solutions class. You can schedule for your exam at a test centre or online.

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13. Pardot Consultant

Trailhead offers the Pardot Consultant certification for candidates who can design and implement solutions with the use of Pardot's marketing-automation abilities. A prerequisite to this certification is the Pardot Specialist certification. The certification exam consists of eight sections, which include:

  • evaluation

  • account configuration

  • automating business processes

  • email marketing

  • lead management

  • personalising the prospect experience

  • reporting, metrics and analytics

  • Salesforce engagement

14. Platform App Builder

Trailhead also provides the Platform App Builder certification for candidates with experience designing, creating and using custom applications made with the declarative customisation features of the Salesforce Platform. This course explores such topics as Lightning Experience customisation, service cloud for Lightning Experience, AppExchange solutions, identity basics and reports and dashboards for Lightning Experience. There are also several classes you can take to prepare for the exam, including the Declarative Development for Platform App Builders class and the Trailhead Virtual Bootcamp for Platform App Builder class.

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