18 Types of Business Careers (With Professional Fields)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 21 August 2022

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Whether you're a recent university graduate or a professional with years of experience looking for a fresh path, a business career may be for you. With sufficient training and experience, business professionals can work in a variety of fields, including accounting, marketing, finance and management. There are plenty of business careers to choose from, and many have excellent job prospects, so it's important to understand your choices. In this article, we outline 18 different career paths in business to help you find one that suits you and your goals.

What are business careers?

Business careers are jobs you can obtain after completing a business degree. These careers span many industries, as business professionals are in demand across a variety of organisations. Depending on your specialisation, your career options can be nearly limitless because you're not just confined to the business sector. Corporations, universities and non-profits alike seek business professionals to serve in an assortment of roles.

Business professionals can focus their careers on a wide range of specialisations depending on their interests, such as marketing, accounting and finance. Each specialisation allows you to choose from a variety of jobs, giving you the freedom to find a career that's best suited to your particular skills and lifestyle. A business degree can help qualify you to work within most of these specialised fields. As part of a business degree, you're likely to learn the requisite critical thinking and analytical skills to succeed in any career. You may also have the opportunity to concentrate on particular specialisations.

18 career paths in business

Here are 18 different business career paths to consider, along with lists of specific jobs for each path:

1. Advertising and marketing

Advertising and marketing professionals create campaigns to promote products or services for different organisations. Many jobs in this field focus on building relationships with customers and effectively creating a brand that attracts loyalty. Jobs in this field include:

  • Marketing specialist

  • Account executive

  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist

  • Copywriter

  • Public relations (PR) manager

  • Media researcher

  • Promotions manager

2. Economics

Those who have careers in economics use quantitative and theoretical methodologies to analyse business events and guide informed decisions. Many jobs in the economics field require the ability to perform analytics and understand mathematics. Jobs in this field include:

  • Economist

  • Statistician

  • Actuary

  • Data analyst

  • Financial planner

  • Researcher

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3. Finance

Finance careers involve managing money and paying special attention to investments, assets and liabilities. Many finance professionals work in the commercial banking sector, like the stock market. Jobs in this field include:

  • Investment analyst

  • Financial risk analyst

  • Stockbroker

  • Portfolio manager

  • Risk manager

  • Investment banker

4. Human resources (HR)

A career in HR involves coordinating the relationship between employees and organisations. Many HR jobs involve people management and understanding the function of recruitment, compensation, benefits and employee improvement processes. Jobs in this field include:

  • Compensation and benefits manager

  • Recruitment and placement specialist

  • HR analyst

  • HR manager

  • Recruiter

5. Accounting

Careers in accounting entail working with financial compliance standards to create reports, such as financial statements and manage budgets by analysing finances. Those who work in the accounting field can specialise in tax preparation or corporate accounting. Jobs in this field include:

  • Corporate accountant

  • Bookkeeper

  • Budget analyst

  • Tax examiner

  • Cost estimator

  • Auditor

  • Accounts payable specialist

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6. Hospitality

Careers in hospitality focus on the business aspect of travel and tourism. These careers centre around curating satisfying client experiences and ensuring smooth business operations while maintaining company standards. Jobs in this field include:

  • Hotel manager

  • Resort manager

  • Guest relations manager

  • Director of housekeeping

  • Travel agent

  • Accommodation manager

  • Membership liaison

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7. Entertainment

Business entertainment careers, like those in hospitality, revolve around arranging guest experiences. Those who work in entertainment are often responsible for planning and executing events, such as musical concerts and festivals or creating innovative guest experiences in businesses like restaurants. Jobs in this field include:

  • Event planner

  • Restaurateur

  • Sports agent

  • Festival director

  • Booking agent

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8. Administration

Administration careers include both office and non-office roles. These jobs generally involve helping businesses run smoothly by coordinating clerical tasks, such as managing finances, communicating with clients and employees and organising files and records. Jobs in this field include:

  • Executive assistant

  • Office manager

  • Receptionist

  • Office coordinator

  • Records clerk

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9. Nonprofit and government organisations

You can also find careers in nonprofit and government sectors of the business world. Many of these organisations operate like commercial business entities but focus on serving the greater good of society rather than generating revenue through profit. Donations from foundations, corporations or private donors usually support nonprofit organisations. Taxpayers' money funds government agencies. Jobs in this field include:

  • Treasurer

  • Fundraising manager

  • Outreach associate

  • Donor specialist

  • Operations manager

  • Campaign manager

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10. Project management

Those in project management careers manage the work of teams to ensure projects run smoothly and efficiently. These professionals develop plans, assess progress and ensure that their teams meet business objectives at every stage of a project. Jobs in this field include:

  • Project manager (PM)

  • Supply chain specialist

  • Business development representative

  • Marketing representative

11. Technology and IT service management

Technology and IT service management careers involve managing technology or information systems for businesses. These professionals oversee computers, software and networks to keep businesses running effectively. Many jobs in the information technology field require specialised computer skills. Jobs in this field include:

  • Help desk specialist

  • Network administrator

  • Web designer

  • Front-end developer

  • Back-end developer

  • Full-stack developer

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12. Sales

Sales careers involve selling products and services, whether direct to consumers or to other businesses. Those in sales careers can often achieve higher salaries than those in other business professions, and require a natural aptitude for persuasion. Jobs in this field include:

  • Account manager

  • Sales representative

  • Sales consultant

  • Sales engineer

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13. Training and development

Training and development professionals often coach and guide employees, providing them with training in skills to perform their jobs, as well as for further development in their roles within the organisation. These professionals may also be responsible for creating new training materials, ensuring that employees are well instructed and designing certification courses. Having extensive knowledge of the business industry and the ability to relate theories and practices from different industries is very useful for training and development specialists. Jobs in this field include:

  • Job coaching specialist

  • Job analysis specialist

  • Training manager

  • Employee mentor

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14. Insurance

Insurance professionals help businesses purchase insurance coverage to prevent financial loss. These professionals often work with financial analysts to determine how much coverage companies could purchase based on their risk profile and type of business. Jobs in this field include:

  • Corporate underwriter

  • Insurance agent

  • Insurance broker

15. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship careers involve the creation and growth of businesses. These professionals may also be responsible for marketing their business, hiring employees and maintaining financial records. Business owners are especially involved in the day-to-day management of their company and in maintaining relationships with clients. Jobs in this field include:

  • Business owner

  • Entrepreneur

  • Sales manager

  • Chief operating officer (COO)

  • Chief financial officer (CFO)

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16. Education

Education careers involve training, guiding and supervising business students in educational settings. These professionals may also design training materials, develop curriculum or oversee the daily activities of business students. Jobs in this field include:

  • University professor

  • Early childhood teacher

  • Kindergarten teacher

  • Academic adviser

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17. Sustainability

Sustainability careers involve working with businesses to protect the environment and the planet's resources. This may be done by working with manufacturers, distributors and communities to reduce the use of resources or encouraging consumers to care about the environment. Jobs in this field include:

  • Bioethics manager

  • Sustainability director

  • Environmental consultant

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18. Development and change management

Development and change management professionals help to improve productivity, efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction by enhancing processes within a business or organisation. These professionals are also responsible for creating strategies that help communities or countries develop sustainably. Many jobs in this field require candidates to complete graduate-level coursework. Jobs in this field include:

  • Project management professional

  • Agile project manager

  • Empowerment coach

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