12 Careers in Management (With Primary Duties and Salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 7 November 2022

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Many individuals decide on a career path based on the management opportunities it may present. Depending on your qualifications, you can secure a job as a manager in a variety of fields, such as real estate, finances, marketing, sales, construction, education and accounting. Understanding the different careers that you can achieve can help you select a career or role that suits your interests and skills. In this article, we list 12 careers in management to consider, including the national average salary and primary duties for each one.

12 careers in management

If you're exploring potential career paths or have experience in your field and are interested in pursuing a leadership role, here are 12 careers in management that may help you reach your professional goals:

1. Restaurant manager

National average salary: $67,635 per year

Primary duties: A restaurant manager works in the food and beverage industry and is responsible for overseeing the operations of a dining establishment. Their primary duties may vary by role, as restaurant managers can work in the kitchen or the dining room. Some of their common tasks often include training and supervising staff, managing budgets, planning menus, complying with health and safety legislation, marketing the restaurant, ordering supplies and managing finances. Restaurant managers may work in many types of restaurants, including fast food, casual or fine dining facilities.

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2. Administration manager

National average salary: $82,977 per year

Primary duties: An administration manager works in a business support role and is responsible for supervising the administrative operations of a business. Their primary duties might include supervising administrative staff, reporting to a general manager, performing miscellaneous or urgent duties when needed, recruiting and training employees and developing information systems. They may also have clerical duties, such as completing data entry, maintaining the office inventory and responding to calls and emails. Administration managers may work in many industries, such as manufacturing, technology, healthcare, education or finance.

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3. Social media manager

National average salary: $85,082 per year

Primary duties: A social media manager works in marketing and is responsible for managing the social media accounts of their employers or clients. The primary duties of a social media manager typically include developing social media campaigns based on the employer's or client's needs, interacting with customers and clients, creating, curating and managing published content and cultivating leads and sales. A social media manager might perform research to determine trending topics they can include in campaigns and supervise social media marketing associates to ensure they reach their target markets.

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4. Sales manager

National average salary: $103,937 per year

Primary duties: A sales manager builds and maintains relationships with clients and customers by offering a company's products or services. The typical duties of a sales manager include creating and meeting sales goals, overseeing the sales team, hiring and training salespeople, organising products, managing customer relations and setting sales targets. Sales managers can work in a business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) role, depending on their position and industry. B2B sales managers provide products or services to other companies, while B2C sales managers sell to consumers.

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5. Marketing manager

National average salary: $106,429 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager oversees a marketing team and its campaigns. The duties of a marketing manager may include implementing and maintaining marketing activities, managing the marketing department, hiring associates, planning the marketing budget, developing promotional campaigns, preparing and delivering marketing material, working with design agencies, assisting with product launches, maintaining effective communication between departments and analysing strategic partnerships. Marketing managers may handle marketing concerns for their employer or work at an agency where they serve many clients.

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6. Operations manager

National average salary: $109,813 per year

Primary duties: An operations manager oversees the daily operations of a company and ensures its efficiency. The duties of an operations manager vary depending on where they work, but they can include managing employees, maximising productivity, increasing profits by streamlining processes, creating budgets and business forecasts, analysing financial data and controlling costs. They can work in many industries, including production, retail, hospitality and construction.

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7. Management consultant

National average salary: $112,892 per year

Primary duties: A management consultant works in business development and is responsible for helping organisations identify inefficiencies within management processes and develop solutions. Their primary duties may include meeting with clients to discuss their current operations, collecting data to determine areas in which the company may benefit from improvement, developing strategies for resolving issues, presenting their findings to management teams and guiding managers in adapting to changes. Management consultants can work in many areas of business, including finance, HR and marketing.

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8. HR manager

National average salary: $118,683 per year

Primary duties: A human resources (HR) manager is responsible for overseeing a company's recruitment and employment operations. They work in organisations in many industries and are essential to maintaining and implementing a company's employment policies. The duties of an HR manager usually include recruiting, staffing, identifying employment needs, managing the HR department, developing policies, managing performance, developing and training employees and communicating with employees. They may also handle concerns regarding an employee's rights in the workplace and escalate them legally if necessary.

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9. IT manager

National average salary: $124,872 per year

Primary duties: An IT manager works in information technology and oversees a company's computer systems. The primary duties of an IT manager continue to change as technology advances, and they often include managing complex networks using cloud technology. Some of their other primary duties often include establishing, monitoring and maintaining networks, installing and troubleshooting software, creating IT policies based on best practices and training people within an organisation to use computer systems securely and efficiently. IT managers may manage internal networks for their employers or provide services to multiple business clients.

10. Project manager

National average salary: $128,798 per year

Primary duties: A project manager coordinates every aspect of a company's projects. They can work in many industries, including finance, technology, construction and healthcare. The typical duties of a project manager often include resource planning, team organisation, time management control, schedule maintenance, customer relations, cost estimations, budget development, progress monitoring, managing reports and managing project risk. A project manager typically oversees the teams responsible for completing projects and may assist with their duties as needed.

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11. Chief executive officer

National average salary: $129,550 per year

Primary duties: A chief executive officer (CEO) works at an executive level and manages the entire operations of an organisation. The highest-ranking member of an organisation, a CEO may be a company owner, or they may have started in a management role and received a promotion. Their primary duties may include establishing the structure of an organisation, developing operational strategies, creating agendas, delegating responsibilities and communicating with the board of directors and other interested parties. CEOs typically work in large companies and organisations with many employees and departments.

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12. General manager

National average salary: $132,382 per year

Primary duties: A general manager is the top-level manager of an organisation and oversees its business strategy. Their primary duties can include managing daily business operations, developing growth strategies, hiring employees, training staff, analysing accounting data, implementing growth strategies, improving revenue and generating reports. General managers often collaborate with other managers to identify potential areas of improvement and create plans for making business operations more efficient.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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