8 Careers For Ambiverts: With Description and Salaries

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 19 April 2022

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Possessing both introverted and extroverted qualities can offer several lucrative career options for ambivert candidates. Those who thrive on social interaction whilst valuing time alone can benefit from flexible careers that balance working with people but also offer time alone to rebuild their energy and reflect on their work. Understanding the types of careers available for ambiverts can help you make more informed career choices and consider a wide range of industries. In this article, we discuss what ambiverts are and explain the eight best career options for ambiverts.

What are careers for ambiverts?

When discussing careers for ambiverts, it's important to first define what an ambivert is. An ambivert is a personality that combines the qualities of an introvert and an extrovert. An introvert refers to a personality type that prefers to spend their time focusing on reflecting inward instead of towards other people. These personalities spend more time alone and gather their energy from personal quality time.

Extroverts are typically socially confident and like to reflect outwards by incorporating other people into their thought processes and actions, meaning that extroverts gain more of their energy from spending time with others than just themselves. Ambivert careers refer to roles that combine duties suited to both extroverted and introverted individuals. This can come in the form of customer-facing duties whilst offering isolated tasks where the candidate can reflect on their work by producing reports on customer engagement, for example.

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Ambivert qualities

When working, ambiverts can display several behaviours that exhibit both an extroverted and introverted personality type. For example, an ambivert may switch between being highly outgoing by contributing to meetings with many ideas or getting involved with team-based duties, whilst also seeking time to work independently on personal projects or administrative tasks. This behaviour can depend on the candidate's mood or events in the workplace.

8 ambivert careers

Here are eight career options that may be suitable for ambivert personality types:

1. Sales executive

National average salary: $78,063 per year

Primary duties: Sales executives take responsibility for bringing more customers into a business by engaging with clients and selling them a product or service. They can work as part of a wider sales team to meet monthly or annual targets that help businesses meet their growth targets. These professionals contact people by phone, email or through virtual channels to find out how their product performs with customers. They also formulate sales strategies to reach wider markets or find solutions to any obstacles they face, then try to bring in more customers.

This career is a good option for ambivert individuals as it offers the chance to work as part of a large sales team and with customers, whilst also involving tasks such as general administration, market research and report writing. These tasks generally require independent working conditions and provide opportunities to self-reflect and re-energise.

2. Public relations manager

National average salary: $96,500 per year

Primary duties: Public relations managers (PR) take primary responsibility for constructing and implementing a company's public relations strategy for most industry sectors. This involves working with the media to determine ways managers can profile the company in the most positive way possible. These professionals prepare press releases, organise meetings with media representatives, work one-to-one with their clients to establish their media representation goals and make long-term media strategies. PR managers are also responsible for pitching media releases that advertise new products, services or key accomplishments for a business.

Becoming a PR manager is a good career option for ambiverts, as it provides a good balance between public interaction and personal reflection. Tasks such as strategy planning, writing press releases, answering emails and organising events with suppliers and venues are tasks that don't typically require much social interaction. This means that ambiverts have the opportunity to split their time between people-oriented activity and independent working.

3. Paralegal

National average salary: $74,680 per year

Primary duties: Paralegals work in partnership with lawyers to prepare legal documents, conduct legal research into relevant materials surrounding a current case and perform administrative duties on behalf of a lawyer. Paralegals can also help interview witnesses or important parties and attend court hearings and trials to help a lawyer win their case. These professionals also help draft important legal documents such as contracts to ensure that all clauses are lawful and fair to the client or business partner. They can split their time between working with large groups of legal representatives whilst conducting independent tasks.

This is a suitable career option for ambiverts as it offers the chance to play a fundamental role in fast-paced and large cases that involve many parties such as lawyers, judges, law enforcement and clients. This career also gives candidates the chance to work independently on compiling reports or working in research libraries that offer secluded and quiet working conditions.

4. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $52,204 per year

Primary duties: Virtual assistants (VAs) work with clients from a remote position and offer administrative help such as organising meetings, taking phone calls, preparing monthly reports and engaging with employees on a manager's behalf. These professionals also perform vital tasks such as ordering supplies for their client's business, making travel arrangements for business trips and managing email accounts to ensure that their client can focus on the general operations of the business. Virtual assistants can work from a home office with occasional trips to their workplace, meaning they can benefit from a good work-life balance by enjoying the comforts of their own private space.

Ambiverts can benefit from a career as a virtual assistant by working with their managers but conducting mostly independent tasks and working in a comfortable environment. Extroverted tasks include attending meetings with their manager to discuss duties and goals and answering emails on behalf of their manager. Introverted tasks include general administration and compiling their reports.

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5. Recruiter

National average salary: $83,664 per year

Primary duties: Recruiters work on behalf of a hiring manager and find qualified people to fill roles for their clients. They do this by reading through resumes and applications and conducting preliminary informal interviews with prospective candidates. Recruiters play a large role in preparing a candidate for later stage interviews to ensure they can answer questions in a professional and well-constructed manner. These professionals typically earn a commission if they successfully find a candidate for a specific role.

This is a viable career option for ambiverts, as it combines social elements, such as working with prospective candidates over the phone or on virtual meeting platforms, while offering tasks such as reading resumes and applications and conducting administrative duties which are primarily independent.

6. Teacher

National average salary: $90,744 per year

Primary duties: Teachers take primary responsibility for teaching a classroom of students about a specific or group of subjects. They can teach a varying range of year groups to help prepare students for key assessments, like national tests to earn qualifications such as high school certificates. Teachers also work on a one-to-one basis to provide more specialised support to students who may require more teaching than others. These professionals prepare lesson plans, grade homework, meet with parents and provide feedback to help their students' progress.

This is a good career option for ambivert personalities as it provides candidates with a lot of social interaction and independent working. This can come in the form of public speaking in lessons and meeting with colleagues and parents, whilst also offering quieter activities like marking student work or preparing lesson plans.

7. Detective

National average salary: $101,033 per year

Primary duties: Detectives are important figures in law enforcement and help solve crimes where police have failed to identify the assailant. They're typically plain-clothed officers who work on serious crimes such as theft or murder. These professionals work by gathering evidence from crime scenes and interviewing key witnesses to determine the likely motivation and person responsible for a crime. They can work with other police officers and departments such as forensics to help build their case.

Becoming a detective can be a good opportunity for ambiverts, as it combines interactivity with other law enforcement professionals and the independence of working to figure out the case in private. Detectives also fill out reports following a case which is typically an independent task.

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8. Marketing manager

National average salary: $101,813 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers work with the wider marketing department to ensure that a company's marketing and advertising campaigns yield the desired results. They conduct thorough market research to inform new product and services campaigns based on consumer trends and customer feedback. These professionals also oversee the general hiring and training of new marketing personnel whilst managing other staff by delegating workloads and organising regular meetings and performance reviews. Marketing managers play an instrumental role in establishing a company's unique brand identity by designing specific brand strategies.

This career combines both group working and independent tasks, which is a good option for ambiverts. This is because marketing managers play a big role in a team environment but work on personal tasks such as administration and preparing reports.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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