13 of the Easiest Jobs You Can Get (With Primary Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 7 November 2022

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Whether you're seeking full-time employment or a casual side job to supplement your income, there can be many kinds of jobs to consider, some easier to do than others. What makes a job easy might be its duties, responsibilities or even its environment, but this can be very subjective, as your skills, attributes and prior experiences can significantly affect your ability to perform in a role. Reviewing a list of jobs that might be easy to do can give you a place to start when searching for an undemanding role. In this article, we share a list of potentially easy jobs, along with their national average salaries and primary duties.

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13 of the easiest jobs

It's important to consider your skill set, personality and goals when thinking about the easiest jobs for you to do. Below, you can explore a list of roles that might be easy:

1. Library assistant

National average salary: $48,375 per year
Primary duties: A library assistant works alongside one or more librarians to ensure the smooth running of a library by conducting administrative and organisational tasks. These tasks might include organising and re-shelving returned books or other library resources, assigning library cards to new library visitors, cataloguing and maintaining library materials and assisting with the planning of library events. A library assistant might also show people around the library facilities and teach them how to find and use various resources.

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2. Dog walker

National average salary: $52,314 per year
Primary duties: A dog walker usually works for themselves or a dog walking agency, assisting people by walking their dogs when they're away, busy or otherwise unable to do so. The primary duties of this role usually involve walking dogs in suitable locations, supervising their interactions with other dogs, for example, in dog parks, and reinforcing basic behavioural elements like sitting and staying. Occasionally, a dog walker may feed the dogs they walk if their owners are away. Managing dog walking appointments and creating, issuing and following up on invoices are also duties that form part of this job.

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3. Checkout operator

National average salary: $54,855 per year
Primary duties: A checkout operator typically works in a retail store processing customers' payments for various goods or services. Their primary duties usually include scanning goods like grocery items, communicating total amounts to customers, receiving their payments and issuing receipts. A checkout operator might also weigh certain items to determine their price, operate a range of computer and point of sale (POS) systems and conduct end-of-day cash-balancing and reporting. Providing excellent customer service is usually also part of working at a checkout counter.

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4. Ride operator

National average salary: $55,888 per year
Primary duties: A ride operator usually works at showgrounds or theme parks, ensuring the safety of ride-goers. Their key duties often involve collecting ride tickets and ensuring passengers are secure before operating the ride. A ride operator might conduct routine checks of the ride and the area surrounding it to ensure it can run safely. Depending on the ride they operate, they might also provide narration for the passengers on board.

5. Hotel cleaner

National average salary: $57,737 per year
Primary duties: A hotel cleaner usually works in the hospitality industry for a business that provides lodging, for example, a hotel, resort or motel or other accommodation. Their primary responsibility is to keep guest rooms clean during and in between guest stays. During their shift at work, a hotel cleaner is likely to vacuum and mop floors, dust and wipe down surfaces, empty bins and disinfect bathrooms. They're also likely to change bed linen and provide fresh towels and restock complimentary items, like soap, water and tea and coffee.

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6. Lifeguard

National average salary: $59,289 per year
Primary duties: A lifeguard typically works on a beach or poolside at a recreational facility or leisure centre to ensure the safety of swimmers. Their key duty is usually patrolling the beach or pool to make sure swimmers adhere to safety guidelines. Lifeguards who work on beaches might spend time on the lookout for potential hazards to beachgoers or swimmers, such as dangerous swell conditions or sharks. If a swimmer or beachgoer is in distress, it's typically a lifeguard who's first on the scene to offer first-aid or other required assistance.

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7. Customer service officer

National average salary: $59,608 per year Primary duties: A customer service officer can work in many industries, either in an office environment or from home. Their key responsibility is to support customers with their enquiries or concerns. A customer service officer's duties often include answering customer phone calls, emails and online chat messages, creating and maintaining a high level of rapport with all customers and staying up-to-date on the business's products or services.


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8. Babysitter

National average salary: $64,733 per year
Primary duties: A babysitter or a nanny typically works for themselves or on a part-time or full-time basis for a child-minding agency, caring for children of all ages. A babysitter's key responsibility is supervising children in the absence of their guardians. They might babysit children from their own home or from customers' homes. A babysitter's typical duties involve feeding and bathing children, helping them with their homework, playing games or doing activities with them to keep them entertained and ensuring they go to bed at a reasonable time. Occasionally, a babysitter might transport children to and from school or extracurricular activities.

9. Appointment coordinator

National average salary: $66,406 per year Primary duties: An appointment coordinator typically works for companies in a corporate office setting or from home. They ensure smooth diary management by arranging meetings, events and travel in a well-coordinated way and keeping key collaborators appropriately informed of their agendas. An appointment coordinator might also work in healthcare, setting patient appointments and helping healthcare professionals manage their schedules. It's typical for those in this role to perform other administrative duties too, such as answering phones, responding to emails and maintaining various filing systems or records.

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10. Pet sitter

National average salary: $66,492 per year
Primary duties: Pet sitters typically work for themselves or pet-sitting agencies, taking care of people's pets while they're away from home. They might take care of pets in their own home or in the pet owners' homes. Their typical duties involve feeding pets, exercising pets and playing with them. A pet sitter may also administer pet medication, clean out litter boxes or enclosures and perform pet grooming, such as washing, brushing and nail clipping. When taking care of a pet, a pet sitter may keep the pet owners regularly updated and inform them promptly of any pet illness or injury.

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11. Brand Ambassador

National average salary: $66,781 per year
Primary duties: A brand ambassador is an official representative of a brand who promotes a brand or its products and services. There's usually a requirement for them to establish and maintain their own image in alignment with the values and beliefs of their employer. This can involve maintaining a consistent presence across a range of social media channels, writing or producing video content surrounding the brand, product or service and attending brand and industry events, such as product launches and fundraisers.

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12. Data entry clerk

National average salary: $76,117 per year
Primary duties: A data entry clerk typically works in administration, ensuring a business's databases are current and accurate. As part of their role, they might collect and enter information into various databases, review and update records as required, regularly back up databases for security, and file and organise documentation. Sometimes a data entry clerk may also process invoices and review and process purchase orders or return orders.

13. Delivery driver

National average salary: $90,986 per year
Primary duties: A delivery driver's primary duties are to load, transport, unload and deliver goods to their recipients safely and on time. What they deliver can depend on where they work. For example, a restaurant delivery driver may deliver meals to homes and a postal service delivery driver may deliver a range of goods to businesses or individuals. Other duties a delivery driver may conduct are reviewing orders to ensure they're correct and complete, collecting signatures from recipients upon delivery and adhering to specified delivery routes and timetables. Sometimes, delivery drivers may also receive and process customer payments on delivery.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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