15 Different Easy High-Paid Jobs (With Duties and Salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 12 October 2022

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High-paying jobs can be challenging or involve stressful situations. Some jobs offering high salaries are relatively easy though. Understanding which easy jobs command high salaries can help you pursue a lucrative career that suits your preferences. In this article, we list a selection of high-paying easy jobs, with their primary duties and salaries.

15 easy high-paid jobs

Definitions of easy high-paid jobs vary, as people have different aptitudes, tolerances to pressure and financial goals. Easy jobs are usually defined as enjoyable jobs with few physical or emotional demands. Many of these jobs also have low educational requirements, although some require advanced degrees or training. High-paid jobs listed in this article are jobs earning at least $65,000 a year. This salary is above the national median salary of $62,868 per year. Here are 15 easy high-paid jobs:

1. Personal trainer

National average salary: $67,217 per year

Primary duties: A personal trainer helps clients achieve their fitness goals. They create fitness plans that consider their client's goals and fitness levels and lead them in exercises during each training session. During training sessions, personal trainers motivate their clients and correct their form so they achieve better results. Personal trainers may work with clients one-on-one or lead small group training sessions. Gyms employ some personal trainers while others prefer working independently or on a freelance basis.

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2. Park ranger

National average salary: $67,335 per year

Primary duties: A park ranger manages an outdoor area, such as a national park or nature reserve. They patrol the area and ensure visitors adhere to usage guidelines. They also lead guided tours and educate guests about the area, its history and its natural features. Some park rangers also monitor the area's wildlife and file reports on the local population. They may review development proposals and help authorities decide the most appropriate way to use and preserve the area.

3. House painter

National average salary: $69,315 per year

Primary duties: A house painter paints the exteriors and interiors of residential dwellings. A house painter may paint a new house or paint an occupied dwelling to give it a new look or restore the paint job. They prepare surfaces for painting, through sanding and priming, then apply paint in smooth, even coats for a professional result.

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4. Garbage collector

National average salary: $73,045 per year

Primary duties: A garbage collector operates a garbage truck that stores the rubbish from local neighbourhoods. A garbage collector may use the truck to collect rubbish from bins containing household waste, goods for recycling or green waste. They then place the empty bins back on the footpath. Garbage collectors may also load a garbage truck with hard rubbish sitting on the footpath for collection.

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5. Fitness instructor

National average salary: $80,981 per year

Primary duties: A fitness instructor leads fitness classes at gyms and community centres. Fitness instructors usually specialise in particular types of exercises, such as aerobics, circuit training or yoga. They encourage the members of their class to keep moving and help individual participants improve their form.

6. Truck driver

National average salary: $81,752 per year

Primary duties: A truck driver operates a truck to transport goods and materials from one destination to another. Truck drivers load goods securely onto their trucks and inspect their vehicles before setting off on their journeys. Businesses expect truck drivers to plan efficient routes and drive safely. They may also perform administrative tasks, such as checking items against their inventory lists, collecting payments from customers and recording their kilometres travelled and any damage to the truck or goods.

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7. Social media manager

National average salary: $83,986 per year

Primary duties: A social media manager manages social media profiles for the business or its clients. They develop clear social media strategies and make posts that engage followers while promoting businesses and their products. They also answer and moderate comments on the business's platforms. An effective social media manager can grow a business's followers and engagement levels and increase its conversions.

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8. Librarian

National average salary: $84,414 per year

Primary duties: A librarian helps people using a library and organises its resources. Librarians may help people locate books they're interested in, reserve books awaiting return and use the internet. They also check out physical library resources, such as books and CDs, for library users and put returned resources back on the library shelves. They may also coordinate library programs, such as story time, and special events, such as author talks.

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9. Dispatcher

National average salary: $86,560 per year

Primary duties: A dispatcher receives calls from members of the public and dispatches the services they need. For example, a dispatcher working at a taxi company may send a taxi to collect someone requiring a lift home from a party. A dispatcher working for emergency services may send an ambulance to the site of a car crash. Dispatchers collect relevant, accurate information from callers, such as their location and requirements, so that the organisation can serve them well. Dispatchers working for emergency services also stay on the line with callers and guide them through the best course of action until help arrives.

10. Electrician

National average salary: $88,143 per year

Primary duties: An electrician works on electrical systems in residential homes or businesses. Electricians may install electrical systems, perform routine electrical system maintenance, diagnose electrical faults or repair electrical systems. They may also remove potential electrical hazards to make buildings or structures safer. While this is highly skilled work, electricians learn on the job through an apprenticeship rather than completing a degree. Being an electrician is also less physically demanding than most trades.


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11. Virtual assistant

National average salary: $88,718 per year

Primary duties: A virtual assistant provides remote administrative help to a business owner or entrepreneur. Virtual assistants work from home or remote working offices, performing required administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, creating and proofreading documents and managing emails and phone calls. Many virtual assistants help multiple clients at once to increase their earnings. Virtual assistants who perform specialist duties, such as bookkeeping, graphic design and social media management, can also increase their salaries.

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12. Safety specialist

National average salary: $99,281 per year

Primary duties: A safety specialist assesses the safety of businesses and develops plans to help them and their employees improve their safety. Safety specialists may also help businesses implement the safety plans they develop. They may conduct routine site inspections and investigate safety incidents to determine whether a business followed safety procedures or it could improve its protocols.

13. Senior care worker

National average salary: $99,925 per year

Primary duties: A senior care worker supports elderly people by tending to their physical and emotional needs. Depending on the limitations of the person in care, a senior care worker may help them eat, bathe, use the toilet, and get dressed. Senior care workers also keep seniors company. They may perform basic chores, such as preparing meals, making beds and tidying their rooms. Senior care workers may provide care in aged care facilities or private homes.

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14. Medical sales executive

National average salary: $105,271 per year

Primary duties: A medical sales executive promotes medical products, such as medications and medical aids, to doctors, pharmacists and the managers of hospitals and clinics. They identify the needs of leads and try to persuade them their products best meet those needs. They also close sales and provide after-sale service. Successful medical sales executives exceed sales targets and develop strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients.

15. Optometrist

National average salary: $123,248 per year
Primary duties: An optometrist helps patients see better. They diagnose sight issues and determine the best corrective treatment. Optometrists create prescriptions for patients and may also encourage patients to do exercises to strengthen their eyes.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location. Please note that none of the companies, institutions or organisations mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

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