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15 Future Jobs for You

January 26, 2021

Advances in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionise workplaces. It continues to open up new job opportunities and even evolve some existing ones. Consequently, a person looking forward to a solid career can consider a job that's immune to, or benefits from, these advancements and promises growth and security. In this article, we highlight some jobs with long-term prospects, as well as their average annual earnings and job responsibilities, so that you can plan your career accordingly.

Future jobs

Here is a list of future jobs you might find suitable:

National Average Salary: $54,000 per year

Primary Duties: Biometric technicians help law enforcement and investigative agencies solve crimes. These specialists use biometric technologies such as fingerprint, face recognition and DNA to identify criminals, reconstruct crime scenes and interpret crimes. Also, biometric technicians sometimes testify in a court of law, providing detailed evidence.

Nowadays, these technicians' work is connected with smartphone technologies and security solutions. So, with crime investigation turning to smart solutions for solving criminal cases, biometric technicians are likely to find more opportunities in the future.

National Average Salary: $53,000 per year

Primary Duties: Flight instructors teach students how to fly an aircraft. They use textbooks, simulators and even live training sessions to demonstrate how to lift off and land a plane safely. These instructors also develop course materials for classes, conduct training sessions and continually review students' progress.

National Average Salary: $67,000 per year

Primary Duties: A dental hygienist works under a licensed dental practitioner and is responsible for maintaining patients' oral hygiene. Other duties include conducting routine check-ups, screening patients, removing plaque, polishing teeth, taking X-rays and educating patients on proper brushing techniques. Employers might also request a dental hygienist complete some administrative tasks.

National Average Salary: $82,000 per year

Primary Duties: Market research analysts use tools like surveys and interviews to research user preferences and market trends. In addition, they collect data, interpret them and present research reports based on these data. A market research analyst should monitor the frequent changes occurring in the marketing research field, including newer techniques and tools for data collection.

National Average Salary: $97,781 per year

Primary Duties: A personal financial advisor analyses a client's financial data and employs sensible strategies to help them achieve their financial objectives. Other tasks a personal financial advisor does for their customers include procuring loans, retirement planning, credit management and debt liquidation plans, among others. The job requires in-depth knowledge of finance and expertise in the changing laws and rules.

National Average Salary: $98,000 per year

Primary Duties: A forensic scientist collects and analyses crime-related evidence. They also perform handwriting analysis and diffused bomb testing as well as biometric tests like fingerprint analysis. Additionally, a forensic scientist must be up to date with the technological changes and other advancements in forensics so that they can devise a more effective way of gathering crime-related evidence.

National Average Salary: $85,000 per year

Primary Duties: Most designers work as a part of a team that develops games for computers, consoles and mobile devices. Their major responsibilities include character designing, developing levels and animation. A computer game designer should be creative and have a working knowledge of a variety of programming languages. Further, they are encouraged to be innovative and proactive so that they can make new and trendy games.

National Average Salary: $90,000 per year

Primary Duties: A mental health technician coordinates and supervises patient care services in hospitals and public health centres. Other duties include ensuring the general wellbeing of the patients as well as complying with healthcare laws and regulations. They might also be called upon to develop healthcare programs and undertake some administrative tasks.

Technicians who show excellent teamwork and interpersonal skills tend to be more successful in this job. Also, the ability to earn a patient's trust and confidence is key to a mental health technician's overall performance.

National Average Salary: $94,000 per year

Primary Duties: They are responsible for establishing eco-friendly practices, preparing sustainable procurement plans and managing waste stream. Their duties also include monitoring the consumption and distribution of natural resources, obtaining funds for environment-friendly projects and creating awareness on various environmental issues. Sometimes employers ask environmental managers to enforce compliance measures and carry out administrative assignments as required.

National Average Salary: $92,000 per year

Primary Duties: Biomedical engineers design a variety of health-improving products like artificial body parts and diagnostic machines. They are also in charge of installing biomedical equipment, training the technicians in the correct usage of equipment and testing new medical remedies. Also, engineers in this field integrate biological and technological knowledge to solve medical problems.

National Average Salary: $65,000 per year

Primary Duties: Computer systems analysts research and incorporate emerging technologies in setting up an organisation's IT system. Furthermore, they are in charge of obtaining and testing new technology, installing new systems, adding new functions to an existing system and outlining the cost-benefit of setting up computing infrastructure.

National Average Salary: $52,000 per year

Primary Duties: A physical therapist assesses a patient's health, diagnoses movement dysfunction and develops a treatment plan according to the findings. Also, they help patients attain better physical movements through therapeutic exercises, massages and stimulations. Additionally, physical therapists guide patients in using wheelchairs and walkers, often offering support and training. Sometimes they provide in-home treatment options for some patients.

National Average Salary: $121,000 per year

Primary Duties: Providing clinical care to patients, ranging from patient assessment and management to maintaining and restoring health. Besides, a physician is expected to research an unfamiliar condition, interact with other health professionals, comply with weekend and on-call rosters and participate in quality assurance and improvement program, among others.

National Average Salary: $93,000 per year

Primary Duties: An app developer defines application features, collaborate with the IT team and write the source code for the app. A thorough knowledge about app development and operation is desirable. Given the convenience and usability of apps, app developers are likely to enjoy huge demand in the future too.

National Average Salary: $98,000 per year

Primary Duties: A robotics engineer designs and tests robots. They are also responsible for making sure that the robots being built are safe and economical. Also, they are in charge of implementing robotic systems on assembly lines and designing an adaptive environment for the new robotic technologies installed.

National Average Salary: $103,300 per year

Primary Duties: A data scientist implements artificial intelligence models, improves existing predictive models, investigates potential applications of predictive models, and monitors the accuracy of these models. They also assess and document the digital service needs and capabilities of the organisation. Data scientists work as a part of a team of consultants, contractors, or associations to deliver the best solutions.

National Average Salary: $120,475 per year

Primary Duties: Actuaries work with accountants and underwriters to determine insurance rates based on various risks and their financial outcomes. These professionals use statistics to assess the probability of risks and the financial consequences associated with those risks. Also, an actuary uses actuarial analytics to provide key insights and to bridge the gap between technology and strategy. Nowadays, actuaries use advanced technologies and accurate data to generate high-value insights to aid key decision-making.

Impact of advancing technology on traditional jobs

Apart from these, technological advancements are taking place in traditional fields such as education, health care and marketing.

For instance, teaching has partly moved online over the past few years. Online courses and academies allow students to overcome the geographical barriers so they can find a program that appeals to them as remote learners. Likewise, technological advancement continues to occur in the medical field. For example, 3D printing is now used to provide advanced treatment options like creating organoids and custom-made prosthetics. In the marketing field, companies can use artificial intelligence to create smart marketing solutions, research and analysis.

Regardless of the field you choose, the key to building a successful career is preparation and willingness to adapt to changes.


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