8 Jobs for Teenagers (With Duties and Salaries)

Updated 21 February 2023

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If your teenager is interested in earning spending money and gaining work experience, it may be an excellent idea to help them find a part-time job outside of school hours. There are plenty of opportunities for teens to contribute to the community while learning valuable skills. In this article, we explore eight top jobs for teens, provide tips on finding work and list the benefits of work at this age.

Jobs for teenagers

There are several different jobs that teenagers may find in their local area. Employees at this age are likely to be paid an hourly wage which may vary between roles and locations. Here are eight of the best jobs for teens:

1. Flyer distribution

Primary duties: Letterbox distribution jobs like flyer delivery might be an option for teenagers. It offers young people the opportunity to stay active, work outdoors and earn some money. The primary duty of a flyer distributor is collecting flyers, catalogues or any other print media from a distribution centre and delivering them to the correct addresses in a local area. It may involve grouping the flyers together in order to be delivered more efficiently. These jobs commonly involve early starts or weekend shifts and salaries can vary. In this role, teens can learn how to navigate an area efficiently.

2. Babysitting

National average salary:$33.32 per hour

Primary duties: Babysitters supervise young children while the parents or guardians are away. Babysitters may play with the children, help them with their homework and feed them. They may also ensure the children go to bed at a certain time. Babysitters can develop interpersonal skills by communicating with children of a lower age. Sticking to a schedule can also help teens learn efficient time management skills.

3. Petsitting

National average salary:$25.34 per hour

Primary duties: Pet sitters are typically responsible for supervising pets while their owners are away. This could be for one or two evenings a week or for an extended period of time if the owners are on holiday. Pet sitters may feed animals such as cats, dogs, or fish. They may also ensure the pets take any necessary medication. Also, pet sitters may walk pets or allow them outside to exercise. In this role, teens can learn to follow guidelines to keep pets safe and healthy. This can help them develop skills such as attention to detail and responsibility.

4. Dog walking

National average salary:$24.83 per hour

Primary duties: Dog walking commonly requires taking pet dogs on regular walks when the owners are busy or on holiday. Dog walking can be an active and outdoor role. It often requires the dog walker to take pet dogs to local parks, beaches or designated dog walking areas where dogs can exercise. Dog walkers may dress the animal in the correct walking gear such as a harness and lead.

5. Car washing

National average salary:$24.33 per hour

Primary duties: Car washing requires teens to clean cars and other motor vehicles to an agreed standard. Car washers are responsible for using cleaning equipment such as buckets, sponges or pressure washers to ensure the outside of a vehicle is clean and free of any dirt or mud. Car washers may also shine or wax cars once cleaned. In this role, car cleaners may clean the inside of a vehicle too. They may use a vacuum cleaner to clear up dirt and cleaning spray to wipe down the inside of windows.

6. Gardening

National average salary:$28.13 per hour

Primary duties: Gardeners are commonly responsible for carrying out maintenance and gardening work in outdoor areas. Gardeners may mow lawns or water plants. Often, neighbours, family or friends hire teenagers to provide these services. Children can gain gardening experience and agricultural knowledge by pruning plants, planting seeds and applying weed killer. Garden work can help teens build resilience by working outside in any weather.

7. Cleaning

National average salary:$27.14 per hour

Primary duties: Cleaners are responsible for wiping down surfaces, vacuuming floors and general tidying duties. Cleaners might clean kitchens or living spaces in a house, using basic cleaning equipment, including vacuum cleaners and mops. A teenager’s family or friends in need of light cleaning around their home or business may hire them to provide this service. In this role, children can develop strong attention to detail.

8. Sports coaching

National average salary:$30.81 per hour

Primary duties: Sports coaching commonly requires using active skills to teach younger children how to play sports such as football, cricket or tennis. Sports coaches may help supervise younger groups of children playing sports such as soccer or rugby. They may lead warm-up routines, explain the rules of the sport or assist with one-on-one coaching. Sports coaches may also work for schools or community sports teams to assist with refereeing or umpiring games in the evening or on weekends. Sports coaching may help teens gain leadership experience while also earning sports or refereeing qualifications.

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Tips to help you find jobs for teenagers

Finding jobs for teenagers may involve networking within the local community, asking family and friends if they need help or encouraging your teen to start their own business. Here are a few of the best ways to help you find a job for you or your teenager:

  • Ask your network: Consider asking your friends and family if they have any leads for a teen. Also, you may ask if they have spare work around the house or at their business, such as a cleaning role.

  • Search online: Consider using a site, such as Indeed's job search database, to help you find potential leads in your local area.

  • Post online: You may also post in local community groups on social media asking if there are any available jobs for teens.

  • Create your own role: If you're searching for a role for a teenager, consider offering them a job working for you, carrying out household or garden work, for example.

  • Start your own business: Children may also start running their own small businesses, providing useful services in the community such as car washing or mowing lawns.

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Benefits of working as a teen

Finding work as a teenager can be challenging, but it can be a rewarding experience. Teens who work for others or successfully start their own small businesses learn to take on responsibility at an early age. They might also develop business and communication skills that may help them as they grow. Here are some benefits of finding a job as a teenager:

  • They can earn their own money for saving or spending.

  • They may feel empowered by contributing to their household or local community.

  • They can learn how to handle responsibilities and keep to deadlines.

  • They may have the chance to learn valuable customer service, interpersonal and communication skills.

  • They can gain exposure to a wider variety of people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

  • They may have the opportunity to gain confidence and independence.

  • They can add their experience to a resume to help them earn another role.

  • They can develop a professional network, which can help them find positions later.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.


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