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25 Best Jobs for Mature Aged Workers

January 27, 2021

Whether you're looking for a part-time or a full-time job to earn extra money, meet new people, help others or explore a career you have always dreamed about but never had the opportunity to try out before, there are a lot of great opportunities available for mature aged workers. Knowing your options can help you find the job that is best for you. In this article, we'll discuss the best jobs for mature aged workers.

25 best jobs for mature aged workers

National Average Salary: $109,907 per year

Primary duties: A senior consultant oversees large scope components of a variety of client engagements, including the management of small to medium-sized consulting teams and oversight of deliverables. They lead a team that works on a particular client project with a focus on effective response to the needs of the client. They also manage relationships between all invested parties, including sub-contractors, clients and team members.

National Average Salary: $57,839 per year

Primary duties: Customer service representatives answer customer queries about the company's services or products. They also help resolve any customer complaints and assist customers with any cancellation, refunds or new order requests.

National Average Salary: $26.02 per hour

Primary duties: A Retail sales assistant helps customers make purchases by demonstrating, describing and recommending products. They also use cash registers to record transactions, which may involve using credit card machines, calculators and barcode scanners. When they are not assisting customers, retail sales assistants may take product inventory, stock shelves and arrange product displays.

National Average Salary: $83,949 per year

Primary duties: English teachers instruct students in English literature and language. They may encourage learning the English language in an engaging and fun environment, depending on the age of the students. They teach both native and non-native speakers of English.

National Average Salary: $81,912 per year

Primary duties: Career counsellors take people's skills, interests, personality, work history and education level into account and recommend careers that match their abilities and background. Their primary goal is to match individuals with careers that will give them the greatest balance of job satisfaction and financial payoff. In addition to helping individuals who are just entering the job market, the career counsellor helps people who are unhappy with their career choices, lost their jobs or experiencing other kinds of job stress.

National Average Salary: $188,777 per year

Primary duties: A real estate agent helps clients find, buy, sell and rent real estate at the best price. Their services cover properties such as residential, commercial, land, apartments and condominiums. They show properties to potential buyers and oversee open houses. They coordinate between buyers and sellers, providing guidance and assistance to them. They also negotiate for the right price under the best terms and propose solutions that suit them.

National Average Salary: $116,804 per year

Primary duties: A human resource (HR) manager ensures employees get the proper benefits and compensation, directs the maintenance of employee records, oversees workplace safety and manages overall employee evaluation, recruitment and labour relations. They also create, implement and manage training procedures or programmes. An HR manager must be updated with laws that govern employee rights, such as those related to sexual harassment and equal opportunity employment.

National Average Salary: $83,942 per year

Primary duties: Translators convert written words from one language (source language) to another language (target language), which is usually their native language. Many translators specialise in a combination of source and target languages, such as 'English to Chines', or 'German to English'. In addition, they often specialise in a certain topic, such as technology, medicine, law, finance or literature.

National Average Salary: $92.67 per hour

Primary duties: A subject matter expert (SME) provides the expertise and knowledge in a particular subject for a project. They check the accuracy of the content. When a company or organisation needs to develop training materials, SMEs are an important part of the team.

National Average Salary: $76,713 per year

Primary duties: A web content writer creates content, such as articles and blog posts, specifically for online consumption. They are typically freelancers and may work for a number of clients. Most content writers hold bachelor's degrees in communications, English or journalism, and they have to be familiar with writing for the web and traditional publications.

National Average Salary: $92,717 per year

Primary duties: A mediator tries to resolve disputes between parties before they end up in court. Mediators relieve overtaxed court systems, prevent costly trial expenditures and keep disputing parties amenable. They might work with corporations, governmental entities, families or individuals. For instance, they might serve as liaisons between workers and businesses.

National Average Salary: $58,472 per year

Primary duties: A virtual assistant performs a wide range of supportive and administrative tasks from a remote location. Their duties vary depending on the industry and specific position but can include overseeing accounts payable and receivable, coordinating meeting and travel arrangements and managing calendars for clients. Virtual assistants can also work as customer support representatives by processing orders via chat, email or telephone or responding to customer enquiries. Also, they may coordinate marketing efforts by updating or developing blogs or websites, writing and publishing press releases and overseeing social media accounts.

National Average Salary: $27.49 per hour

Primary duties: Tour guides escort individuals or groups through an area of interest, giving information along a planned route. They sometimes guide tourists through a structured exploration of a region or building. Other tour guides might operate a boat or a bus, delivering information while escorting tourists from one place to another.

National Average Salary: $27.80 per hour

Primary duties: A courier is responsible for transporting materials and information for schools, medical facilities, corporations, law firms and others. Many couriers work within a limited area with which they're very familiar. Couriers usually provide their own mode of transportation, whether that be bicycle, moped or car. In some cases, the company that employs the courier will supply the vehicle, especially if what is needed is a truck or a larger delivery van.

National Average Salary: $67,995 per year

Primary duties: Event planners are highly organised, multi-tasking professionals who arrange ceremonies, festivals, conventions, corporate meetings and similar types of events. Event planners arrange transportation and accommodations for event participants, establish locations and choose event dates. Other duties of events planners include decorating and arranging catering services, drafting contracts and making sure that the costs of events remain within structured budgets.

National Average Salary: $68,385 per year

Primary duties: An administrative assistant, similar to a receptionist and secretary, provides office support to managers, executives and other professionals. They may work in a range of settings, such as private corporations, schools, government offices, law firms, distribution centres and so on.

National Average Salary: $62,492 per year

Primary duties: A bookkeeper records financial transactions, such as costs, expenses and revenues. They ensure that all transactions are included in the supplier ledger, customer ledger, general ledger and a daybook. They also prepare invoices, monitor overdue accounts, prepare bank deposits, handle payroll issues and make purchases.

National Average Salary: $31.09 per hour

Primary duties: A handyperson performs installation, repair or maintenance jobs around a business or home. They usually work for franchises, small business or for themselves. They may specialise in providing carpentry, plumbing or electrical services, depending on their level of experience or type of qualification. Their clients often include social care residences, nursing homes, real estate agents and homeowners.

National Average Salary: $32.49 per hour

Primary duties: Sports coaches plan, organise and deliver a range of sports activities for individuals or teams. They also supervise training sessions, teach relevant skills, tactics and techniques, inspire and motivate their wards, and develop fitness regimes.

National Average Salary: $26.30 per hour

Primary duties: A security officer secures the premises, office personnel or staff and enforcing laws, rules and company policies. They also patrol the property, check surveillance equipment, inspect the building, guard the main access points, restrain trespassers, develop security and safety procedures and responding quickly to emergency situations.

National Average Salary: $30.69 per hour

Primary duties: Gardeners work to maintain and improve the beauty of landscaped environments. They both set up landscapes and keep the appearance of existing grounds. They usually work for landscaping owners of commercial real estate, homeowners and contractors.

National Average Salary: $51,447 per year

Primary duties: Pet groomers wash and dry pets such as cats and dogs, in addition to trimming its hair, brushing its teeth and de-matting. They also clean ears, trim nails and check a pet's skin for signs of parasites or disease. A pet groomer knows how to properly handle a pet and uses a humane restraining strategy if the animal becomes nervous or aggressive.

National Average Salary: $30.03 per hour

Primary duties: A personal care assistant works in care facilities or private homes to help patients with common tasks, such as using toilet facilities, grooming and bathing, as well as housecleaning, cooking and dressing. Most personal care assistants work for home health providers, private clients or agencies that provide services to disabled persons or senior citizens.

National Average Salary: $29.82 per hour

Primary duties: A library assistant handles a wide range of duties that may include managing audio-visual equipment, helping users with reference questions, maintaining library databases and manning the circulation desk.

National Average Salary: $49.86 per hour

Primary duties: Driving instructors teach people the skills and knowledge required to get a driving licence. Whether they are advising on basic traffic courtesy, road safety or the overall handling of a vehicle, it's the responsibility of a driving instructor to ensure their trainee knows everything they need to become a good driver.


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