15 Jobs for Stay-At-Home Mums

Updated 24 February 2023

If you are a stay-at-home mum, you may be seeking employment opportunities to help support your family. In order to manage childcare and work, it's important that your career is flexible, remote and provides a reasonable income. Learning about job opportunities helps you find a job that you can work while still caring for your children and your home. In this article, we describe the most popular jobs that enable remote working and flexible schedules with salaries and information about job duties.

What are jobs for stay-at-home mums?

Jobs for stay-at-home mums allow you to work from home while earning a wage that helps you to support your family. Most of these jobs include the following characteristics:

Flexible schedule

A job that allows flexibility in your working hours is important so that you can balance the job duties and childcare. A flexible schedule means you can choose when you work and the employer agrees to your schedule as long as you complete job tasks. You may be able to work while your children nap, after bedtime or while your children are playing.

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Remote work

Remote work gives the option to work from home rather than in an office. Working from any location helps provide flexibility. You can work where is most convenient for you; from home, the playground, or an office of your choice.

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Reasonable compensation

These jobs provide a wage that helps support your family while you stay at home with your children. If you have a spouse that is able to work, your job helps supplement the family income. Consider the costs you need to cover each month and your budget to determine if the wages an employer offers makes sense for you.

15 jobs for stay-at-home mums

When you work from home, you can pursue jobs in a variety of industries, from sales and marketing to finance and the arts. Here are 15 flexible jobs to consider:

1. Blogger

Average salary: $1,600 per week

Primary duties: Bloggers create and publish content for websites. They write about a wide variety of topics, such as cooking, fashion, pop culture, interior design or parenting. They develop content plans and editorial calendars, write and proofread articles, and take and edit photographs. Bloggers may also create their own website with a blog rather than writing for a company or brand. When they do this, they earn money from sponsors, ads and affiliate links. A presence on social media helps to build a community and grow their audience.

2. Freelance photographer

Average salary: $34,580 per year

Primary duties: Freelance photographers stage photo shoots, take photos and edit digital files for customers. This job involves meeting with clients to determine their needs and ideas, planning photoshoots and editing photos. Many photographers specialise in certain styles or events, such as maternity, newborn, wedding or family photography.

3. Freelance copywriter

Average salary: $50,365 per year

Primary duties:A freelance copywriter is a professional writer who creates copy for companies and individual clients. They may work in a variety of industries, such as marketing, education or healthcare. Copywriters perform research on topics to write content for websites, advertisements, speech, magazines and other print or digital publications. Communication, writing and time management skills are useful for this job.

4. Call centre representative

Average salary: $51,153 per year

Primary duties: Call centre representatives provide customer service over the phone, via email or through video chat. They answer questions, describe products, process payments and provide refunds. Often employers provide scripts so that the representative can give customers consistent and accurate information. Many call centre representatives also resolve customer complaints, which may require involving supervisors. Customer service, communication and listen skills are very important for this job role.

5. Virtual assistant

Average salary: $53,366 per year

Primary duties: A virtual assistant is a remote professional who performs administrative tasks, such as answering emails and phone calls and managing client schedules. VAs also manage social media accounts by creating and posting content, such as graphics and photos, to engage a client's audience. They also file reports and paperwork. Some may specialise in certain tasks, such as bookkeeping or digital design. Virtual assistants do all of their work online and can work for multiple clients at once.

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6. Transcriptionist

Average salary: $53,904 per year

Primary duties: Transcriptionists transform audio files into written documents. They listen carefully to dictation while ensuring that they accurately transcribe the words and convey the meaning. Transcriptionists are typically required to concentrate for long periods and pay close attention to detail to produce accurate work. Many specialise in certain industries, such as health care or law.

7. Tutor

Average salary: $58,531 per year

Primary duties: Tutors provide students with additional instruction to help them perform better in school. Tutors may teach a certain subject, such as mathematics, reading, science or history. Others teach students how to study and take exams more effectively. Most work with individual students or small groups. Many work online, where they explain ideas and test students' knowledge.

8. Freelance designer

Average salary: $59,328 per year

Primary duties: A freelance designer creates visual elements for marketing and entertainment. They design logos, illustrations, typefaces and animations for clients in various industries. Freelance designers meet with clients to determine the project requirements. Using design software, they then develop graphics. They may collaborate with other colleagues, especially if their graphics are part of larger campaigns.

9. Brand ambassador

Average salary: $59,587 per year

Primary duties: Brand ambassadors are marketers who represent products, services and companies. They sell products on behalf of other companies and may receive commissions or standard fees for their work. Many brand ambassadors work online at a remote location. By creating a large presence on social media, they gain followers and build a community to share products with and give recommendations.

10. Bookkeeper

Average salary: $60,843 per year

Primary duties: Bookkeepers document financial transactions for clients, recording costs and income in the correct accounts. They may also process and record checks and cash. Bookkeepers use software to produce reports and statements, and they reconcile each to confirm accuracy. They use bookkeeping software, databases and customised spreadsheets to do their jobs, and they must have excellent math skills and attention to detail.

11. Video editor

Average salary: $62,876 per year

Primary duties: A video editor is a creative professional who creates video content from raw video footage. They adjust the sound, colour and add special effects to enhance the original video. Editors also cut and organise video clips to create a cohesive story. They may collaborate with writers and camera operators to plan film shoots and develop storyboards. Most commonly, video editors work in industries such as marketing and entertainment, but you may also create educational videos for universities or healthcare.

12. Web designer

Average salary: $76,157 per year

Primary duties: Web designers design web pages and add features to websites. These professionals can work in a variety of industries from entertainment to healthcare. To create websites, they meet with clients and discuss the requirements. They then design a prototype to show the web page layouts and how to navigate them for the client's approval before creating the website. Web designers use digital content management systems and computer coding languages to create website elements. These professionals also implement design components, such as typography, colour schemes and graphics to create an aesthetic appearance.

13. Social media specialist

Average salary: $76,183 per year

Primary duties: Social media specialists create, schedule and publish content on social media platforms. Some of these professionals specialise in specific roles, such as writing captions, creating graphics or scheduling content. Many social media specialists also handle social media engagement, which may include responding to comments, answering questions and monitoring how the audience feels about a brand or marketing campaign.

14. Data entry clerk

Average salary: $73,765 per year

Primary duties: A data entry clerk specialises in inputting data into a computer. They may collect data from various departments in an organisation to prepare reports or presentations. Data entry clerks maintain records by updating information and ensuring accuracy. This is an entry-level position and requires little expertise.

15. Freelance writer

Average Salary: $83,936 per year

Primary Duties: Freelance writers create fictional and nonfictional content for websites, magazines, books, television, movies and other outlets. They perform research, develop drafts and work with editors to improve the final product. Many freelance writers accept assignments and develop content based on the creative briefs they receive. Most freelance writers specialise in certain topics, such as finance and economics, food and cooking or technology developments.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.


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