16 Jobs in the Camping Industry (With Salaries and Duties)

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Published 6 May 2022

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If you enjoy the outdoors and have an interest in hospitality, food and beverage, sales or an education career, you may find a job in the camping industry fulfilling. There are several types of camps and a variety of jobs within them, so you have many options to consider when choosing a career path. Learning about different camping jobs can help you find one that suits your interests, talents and professional goals. In this article, we explore the different types of camps and share 16 jobs in the camping industry, their average salaries and their duties.

16 jobs in the camping industry

Here are 16 jobs in the camping industry for you to consider if you're interested in a career in outdoor recreation:

1. Camp leader

National average salary: $113,450 per year

Primary duties: A camp leader is an outdoor recreation professional who manages and leads group camping activities like swimming, fishing, hiking and kayaking. They often provide campers with the required equipment, brief them on safety policies and guide them to activity areas. Camp leaders typically monitor groups to observe their safety and ensure they follow camp rules.

2. Attendant

National average salary: $27.82 per hour

Primary duties: An attendant is a maintenance professional responsible for supervising equipment or personnel to ensure smooth facility operations. These attendants perform a variety of tasks from restocking, filing and communications. Attendants may be responsible for the care of facility area cleanliness and perform simple maintenance like repairing structures, installing equipment and caring for landscaping.

3. Instructor

National average salary: $40.35 per hour

Primary duties: An instructor is an education professional who teaches campers specific knowledge or skills about camping, enjoying outdoor activities and respecting wildlife. They often teach in schools, businesses or camps, where they instruct on varying topics depending on the age and experience level of their groups. Examples of lessons they might give include plant identification, how to stay safe around dangerous wildlife and the importance of preserving the camp's ecosystem.

4. Night auditor

National average salary: $29.27 per hour

Primary duties: A night auditor is a hospitality and customer service professional who greets and checks in guests for their stays. These professionals typically document guest check-ins, check-outs, special dietary or accessibility requests and complete transactions for reservations and payments. Night auditors often answer phone calls and address guests' questions or concerns to ensure their satisfaction and safety.

5. Camp counsellor

National average salary: $33.58 per hour

Primary duties: A camp counsellor is an outdoor recreation professional, often a young adult attending secondary school or university, who supervises campers. Campers typically work at children's day or overnight camps, where they instruct campers on what to do and monitor their behaviour to ensure each camper has a safe, enjoyable experience. They may help camp leaders develop an agenda for activities, meal times, personal care and bedtime routines.

6. Tour guide

National average salary: $32.24 per hour

Primary duties: A tour guide is a tourism professional who provides educational information, resources and tours throughout a designated area. They often work at parks that allow camping, where they offer sightseeing tours and navigational tips to campers and park visitors. Tour guides may lead groups or individuals through interesting or otherwise restricted areas of the park to explain what the areas are, their history and the wildlife that inhabits them.

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7. Reservation agent

National average salary: $30.26 per hour

Primary duties: A reservation agent is a hospitality professional who helps travellers by booking reservations at a facility such as a hotel or campground. They typically answer phone calls, explain the facility's amenities, determine lodging availability and collect contact information and deposits for reservations. Reservation agents often work at the front desk, where they greet guests upon their arrival.

8. Camp manager

National average salary: $88,181 per year

Primary duties: A camp manager is an outdoor recreation and management professional who oversees entry-level camp employees. They may interview and hire candidates, schedule employees, manage camp finances and ensure the facility stays within its budget when creating and implementing programmes. Camp managers may also take part in quality assurance processes, such as reviewing and revising safety policies.

9. Park ranger

National average salary: $68,111 per year

Primary duties: A park ranger is a public officer who enforces laws and regulations that protect native wildlife and vegetation to help maintain healthy environments and ecosystems. They often work at parks that allow camping, where their primary duties include ensuring guests follow park policies, responding to camper emergencies and patrolling the park to maintain the safety of people and animals. Some park rangers also educate visitors about the park, its facilities and its rules.

10. Housekeeper

National average salary: $29.52 per hour

Primary duties: A housekeeper is a cleaning and maintenance professional who cleans, organises and maintains the appearance of lodging areas. They sometimes work at camping facilities that offer housing, such as cabins, where they clean the rooms, wash the bedding, remove waste and stock household supplies. Housekeepers may also perform outdoor cleaning tasks like sweeping walkways, watering flowers and cleaning lawn furniture.

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11. Groundskeeper

National average salary: $21.46 per hour

Primary duties: A groundskeeper is a maintenance professional who oversees the appearance and safety of a building or property. They may work in many industries, including education, health care and hospitality. Groundskeepers who work at camping facilities typically inspect the property to ensure its safety, clean camping areas after guests leave and before they arrive, perform basic maintenance tasks such as replacing light bulbs and inform management of equipment that requires repair or replacement.

12. Director of food and beverage

National average salary: $29.09 per hour

Primary duties: A director of food and beverage is a hospitality and management professional who manages the food services of a facility. These directors work with nutritionists, dieticians or other food professionals to develop meal or catering plans for their visitors. Directors of food and beverage may evaluate dietary restrictions, nutritional values and costs to determine a well-balanced and cost-effective menu.

13. Recreation manager

National average salary: $76,034 per year

Primary duties: A recreation manager is a management professional who oversees the operations of a recreational facility, such as a park or camp. Their primary duties may include developing programmes for visitors, managing the facilities on the property to make sure they function correctly and have a pleasing appearance and responding to questions from the public and program members. Recreation managers often hire other camp employees, like counsellors and camp leaders.

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14. Replenishment associate

National average salary: $17.29 per hour

Primary duties: A replenishment associate is a logistics professional responsible for monitoring stock and completing purchase orders when stock is low. These associates review inventories for food, beverages, household supplies or equipment and create reports to document discrepancies in stock. Replenishment associates may track incoming orders and inspect them to ensure that the order is complete.

15. Travel agent

National average salary: $55,103 per year

Primary duties: A travel agent is a hospitality and travel service professional who assists travellers with planning and booking their trips. They may locate hotel lodging or camping facilities and nearby events or activities to suit their client's travel purposes. Travel agents also collect pricing quotes from various sources to negotiate and find the best deal to help their clients schedule a trip.

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16. Environmental scientist

National average salary: $95,129 per year

Primary duties: An environmental scientist is a scientist who specialises in researching environmental factors to determine potential hazards and educate the public about them. They collect environmental samples to analyse and document significant behaviours or interactions between members of an eco-system. Environmental scientists may provide educational programs that promote environmental health and safety.

Types of camps

You can find jobs in the camping industry in different types of camps, each of which offers a variety of programs and services for short-term or long-term camping for recreation or educational purposes. Camp types that offer extended stays and guided activities may also offer accommodation, gear rentals or dining halls. Other campsites may allow you to set up tents or fire pits at designated areas on the park grounds. Specific camp types include:

  • Day camp: A day camp offers camp visitors daytime entry to campgrounds for activities like hiking or kayaking. These camps may not offer overnight stays or lodging and dining facilities.

  • Educational camp: An educational camp teaches students about environmental sciences and ecosystems and may instruct students on outdoor survival skills. These camps can offer extended stay programs for school students, which often include lodging and dining accommodation.

  • Family camp: A family camp features facilities to accommodate adults and children for extended stays. These camps may offer activities and events for families.

  • Resident camp: A resident camp offers extended stays for up to several weeks. These camps may include lodging, dining, recreation or rental facilities.

  • Travel camp: A travel camp provides campers services for stays over a couple of nights. These camps feature groups travelling between various campsites.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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