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Jobs That Involve Working With Children

January 27, 2021

Many people around the world look for jobs that enable them to spend most of their time caring for or interacting with children. Jobs that involve working with children can be rewarding, entertaining and engaging. There are a variety of jobs available for those who want to make a living through caring for children, although the majority are in the education and healthcare fields. In this article, we take a look at 20 jobs that involve working with children.

20 jobs that involve working with children

There are dozens of interesting jobs that involve interacting with or providing for children. Here are 20 common job titles that include working with children:

National Average Salary: $83,836 per year

Primary Duties: Special education teachers teach students who have a variety of physical and mental disabilities that may impede learning, including hearing and visual impairments, autism and emotional disturbances. By developing an individual education programme for each student, a special education teacher is able to set goals and create a curriculum tailored to the individuals' needs and abilities. Special education teachers are usually found in a classroom setting, either instructing a group in a special resources class or working one-on-one with a student enrolled in a general education class.

National Average Salary: $6,425 per month

Primary Duties: Teacher aides collaborate with licensed teachers to achieve classroom objectives. They often supervise learning activities to help children understand lessons. To accomplish this, a teacher aide may work with one child at a time or with small groups of children. The duties of teacher aides may also include helping teachers with clerical tasks such as recording grades or taking attendance. In addition, they may discuss with teachers on a child's performance, and they may supervise children during field trips and related activities.

National Average Salary: $110,833 per year

Primary Duties: School psychologists, also referred to as psychologists, work in secondary and elementary schools, helping children cope with emotional, behavioural and learning difficulties. Often working with teachers and parents, psychologists try to help academically frustrated children become confident learners. This may involve assessing students to determine their issues and creating personalised learning strategies. In addition, school psychologists aim to provide a positive educational experience for children by developing more effective counselling and academic programmes.

National Average Salary: $31.09 per hour

Primary Duties: A school bus driver picks up students at stops along identified routes and drops them off at school. They also transport students and teachers to special events, such as sporting events or field strips. They usually work part-time during the school year. Some school bus drivers are allowed to park their vehicles at home or in convenient places during off-hours, while others are required to return the bus to terminals.

National Average Salary: $86,419 per year

Primary Duties: Primary school teachers create schemes of work and lesson plans in line with curriculum objectives. They facilitate learning by building a relationship with students, creating a positive learning environment in the classroom and keeping their learning resources organised. Their role is to develop and nurture the social abilities and appropriate skills to enable the optimum development of students, according to aptitude, ability and age.

National Average Salary: $28.82 per hour

Primary Duties: Nannies are childcare providers who also handle other duties in the home, such as tutoring children, doing laundry and cleaning. Nannies aid in the emotional and intellectual development of the children they care for and usually work for a family for the minimum contract of one year.

National Average Salary: $79,434 per year

Primary Duties: A speech pathologists, also known as speech therapist, are professionals who help prevent communication disorders early on and determine at-risk children, evaluate and assess communication skills in students and create individualised education programmes for those children who need them. Because speech pathologists are crucial in the field of education, many of them pursue career opportunities within school systems.

National Average Salary: $191,659 per year

Primary Duties: Paediatricians are doctors who specialise in caring for young individuals, from infants to young adults. They care, diagnose and treat a wide variety of medical issues and conditions that are usually specific to young people. They treat common illnesses, minor injuries and some infectious diseases that affect young people. Some of their job duties include examining patients, taking medical histories of patients, developing a plan of treatment for the patient and ordering any necessary medical tests.

National Average Salary: $84,595 per year

Primary Duties: An early childhood educator creates and implements development-based educational programmes for children aged six weeks to 12 years old. They address physical, social, cognitive and emotional needs of children while effectively communicating with parents. Early childhood educators usually report to school counsellors and principals. Because day care centres and schools most commonly employ early childhood educators, people in this position work early daytime hours during weekdays.

National Average Salary: $85,167 per year

Primary Duties: School social workers specialise in working with school-aged children, their teachers, parents and school administrators to help students deal with a wide variety of problems, including school absences, bullying and other conflicts. They aim to help students grow academically and socially.

National Average Salary: $144,392 per year

Primary Duties: School principals serve as the supervisors and leaders of schools. They assist and manage teachers and all other staff. They also oversee the student disciplinary matters, the school budget and the staff's professional development. They also develop standardised curricula, revise procedures and policies, encourage parent involvement, monitor student achievement and assess teaching methods. Other important duties include developing emergency response procedures and safety protocols.

National Average Salary: $110,833 per year

Primary Duties: Child psychologists work with young people who have behavioural, mental and emotional issues. These professionals usually meet one-on-one with a child, though sometimes the family of the child is involved in therapy sessions. They administer tests that help them assess, evaluate and diagnose children's issues. They also conduct extensive research projects in private, government or academic institutions. A child psychologist coordinates care with social workers, educators and parents. These professionals can be found in government agencies, hospitals, schools and private practices.

National Average Salary: $86,837 per year

Primary Duties: Paediatric registered nurses assist paediatricians by assessing a patient's needs and providing initial patient care. They help families deal with a child's injury or illness and often provide information on diet, nutrition and good health habits. Paediatric nurses may work in a clinic, doctor's office, hospital, immunisation centre or outpatient care centre.

National Average Salary: $81,912 per year

Primary Duties: Career advisors provide impartial training, job and study-related advice in order to help clients make a good career choice. They may cover issues such as suitable training courses, skills development, the current labour market, the job application process and options for suitable careers.

National Average Salary: $65,704 per year

Primary Duties: Learning mentors work closely with people who are struggling with behavioural, emotional or social problems that affect their ability to learn. They work alongside school administrators and teachers, figuring out the needs of students who require help and how to resolve problems that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

National Average Salary: $81,888 per year

Primary Duties: A school librarian is responsible for managing and organising collections of newspapers, magazines, books, journals, electronic records and other data sources. At the primary school level, librarians are also responsible for organising story time, crafts and mini lessons. They usually work with children to help guide them to reading materials appropriate to their reading level. Other duties of school librarians include helping students find and understand information within the school library and monitoring the checking out and returning of books.

National Average Salary: $40.74 per hour

Primary Duties: Play therapists help children (usually aged three to 11) and their families work through difficult life experiences and issues, including traumatic experiences and violence, psychological problems, learning difficulties, divorce and family separations, anxiety and depression, bereavement or abuse and neglect.

National Average Salary: $144,174 per year

Primary Duties: A dentist diagnoses and treats problems with the gums, teeth and tissue in the mouth. These professionals instruct children on flossing, brushing and all other aspects of dental care. Dentists usually meet with patients in their clinic and treat gum diseases, repair teeth, fill cavities and remove tooth decay.

National Average Salary: $32.42 per hour

Primary Duties: A sports coach helps individuals participating in sports to work towards reaching their full potential. They may support school groups, community team, sports teams or professional sports people, working closely with them to improve performance. A sports coach may have a role in motivating young people or under-represented groups to participate in sporting events.

National Average Salary: $27.34 per hour

Primary Duties: School cafeteria workers prepare and serve food to students. They are responsible for cooking the food, distributing it to the children and cleaning the dishes after the meal. Most schools only provide lunch, although in some cases, schools provide breakfast or afternoon snacks. Cafeteria workers typically receive on-the-job training on how to safely prepare and handle food.


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