The Best Jobs With Photoshop: Including Skills and Salaries

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 3 January 2022

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Those with a passion for creativity and design may benefit from jobs with Photoshop to harness their talents. Adobe Photoshop provides users with the ability to create engaging images and designs for clients or campaigns that gener ate return on investment (ROI). Understanding which careers use Photoshop regularly can help candidates make more informed career decisions. In this article, we explore the top 20 jobs with Photoshop and look at the skills you may require in these roles.

Top 20 jobs with Photoshop

The following lists contain jobs with Photoshop, the average salary for each and key duties:

1. Photographer

National average salary: $71,877 per year

Primary duties: Photographers primarily take photos of events, campaigns and scenery. Photographers require in-depth knowledge of camera equipment and tools that help them take pictures in different conditions. Photoshop can enhance photo quality and lighting, which can be useful for photographs taken outside or in dim lighting. Photographers require administrative and technical skills and may either have an agency represent them or work on a freelance basis.

2. Graphic designer

National average salary: $73,918 per year

**Primary duties:** Graphic designers work for a client brief to produce graphics, logos or icons for a business. Graphic designers may also help with content creation or help edit photos to incorporate computer-generated art. Graphic designers use Photoshop to perfect their designs and add any additional elements like text or lighting. Designers typically require a meticulous eye for detail and artistic talent.

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3. Content producer

**National average salary: $81,173 per year **

Primary duties: Content producers generate written, graphic and interactive content for a client or company. Content producers mostly research, plan, produce and edit any content from a written brief. They may use Photoshop to edit interactive content or produce graphics for videos or text.

4. Editor

National average salary: $88,656 per year

Primary duties: Editors of magazines and newspapers ensure that all final pre-published material is proofed and ready for sale. Editors may use Photoshop to construct front pages and arrange articles to ensure that pages are visually pleasing. They primarily require attention to detail and creativity.

5. Production assistant

National average salary: $55,162 per year

Primary duties: Production assistants assist photographers and videographers by using Photoshop to edit images. Production assistants may also organise sets, update editing software and perform administrative duties like invoicing for their manager. Production assistants may require in-depth knowledge of other Adobe software like InDesign to produce or edit images.

6. Web designer

National average salary: $76,413 per year

Primary duties: Web designers create online pages to fit client specifications. Web designers focus on organising well-developed web pages and ensuring interactive content is incorporated. Designers use Photoshop to arrange images on a website to improve visuals and promote a positive company image.

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7. Marketing executive

National average salary: $75,456 per year

Primary duties: Marketing executive s can design campaigns to publicise and market new products or services for a company or client. Marketing executives focus on customer interests to improve revenue by partnering with influencers. This helps to generate interactive content that reaches a wider audience based on analytics and engagement reports. Marketing executives can use Photoshop in this role to design campaign posters or interactive content for a company's social media channels.

8. Social media manager

National average salary: $81,595 per year

**Primary duties:** Social media managers can manage and produce written and interactive content for a brand or company's social media channels. Social media managers focus on engage ment rates to expand their customer basis. They can do this by using Photoshop to edit campaign posters that align with company branding and customer interest.

9. Creative director

**National average salary:** $122,991 per year

**Primary duties:** Creative directors may focus on advertising campaigns to improve a brand's service or products. Creative directors can oversee a business's photography, videography and overall content generation. Creative directors typically use Photoshop to edit images to align with the brand's identity.

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10. Merchandiser

**National average salary:** $110,639 per year

**Primary duties:** Merchandisers design and sell merchandise on behalf of a company or celebrity. Merchandisers typically receive briefs from clients or companies and produce the graphic or product on clothing and posters. Merchandisers use Photoshop to perfect images and draw the graphics requested by the client.

11. Art teacher

**National average salary:** $68,349 per year

**Primary duties:** Art teachers can focus on teaching a pre-approved curriculum to students while demonstrating appropriate techniques and artist styles. Art teachers can use Photoshop to draw original images and edit students' work. They may also teach their students how to use Photoshop for their own work or as part of lesson plans.

12. Videographer

**National average salary:** $81,439 per year

****Primary duties:**** Videographers take responsibility for filming and editing content. They typically have an extensive knowledge of camera lenses, editing software and lighting, to produce quality videos for online platforms. Videographers may work with graphic designers or ani mators by using Photoshop to generate attractive and interactive videos.

**13.** Influencer manager/specialist

**National average salary:** $96,896 per year

**Primary duties:** Influencer managers organise and manage an influencer's social posts, brand deals and engagements. Managers book meetings, organise photo and video shoots and may edit social posts and monitor engagement. Influencer managers can use Photoshop to edit images for their client's social media to incorporate their brand identity.

14. Graphic artist

**National average salary:** $64,874 per year

**Primary duties:** Graphic artists draw and design pieces of art on a commission basis. Graphic artists take inspiration or briefs from clients or companies to produce computerised art. Artists typically use Photoshop to draw, colour and change the background or size of their creations to fit specifications.

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15. Animator

**National average salary:** $77,884 per year

**Primary duties:** Animators produce moving artistic images for videos. Animators can either freelance or work as part of a company to improve their interactive content. These professionals are creative and have an extensive range of technical skills to combine art with technology. They often use Photoshop to produce most of their creations and other Adobe editing software to incorporate animations into video.

16. Front end developer

**National average salary:** $116,394 per year

**Primary duties:** Front end developers generate websites from specifications designed by their client. Developers may create content for a website and ensure that the web design incorporates the brand identity. They typically use in-depth technical knowledge of coding and software to ensure that the user experience is positive. They can use Photoshop to improve website appearance and organise images.

17. Digital artist

**National average salary:** $97,281 per year

**Primary duties:** Digital artists can use computer software to gener ate art fo r sale or exhibitions. By utilising programming and computer tools, they can create interactive content and computerised images. Digital artists may work on a commission basis and draw designs for clothing brands. Digital artists use Photoshop to generate most of their pieces, but also to add colour or incorporate images of items of clothing or backgrounds.

18. User experience designer

**National average salary:** $104,538 per year

**Primary duties:** User experience designers ensure that user experience is optimal on a website. Designers assess whether the websites generated are to the specification of the client and contain all the requested content. Designers can use Photoshop to improve any graphic content or ensure that visuals are attractive to customers.

19. Architect

**National average salary:** $88,334 per year

**Primary duties:** Architects design and oversee the construction process o f an office building, home or sculpture. They work with their client to physically construct their client's desired structure using mathematical and creative skills. They may produce small models of the finished build to give their client a better indication of the final product. Architects often use Photoshop to edit designs for 3D printing and to edit product models to fit client specifications.

20. Fashion designer

**National average salary:** $67,872 per year

**Primary duties:** Fashion designers plan and produce new designs for pieces of clothing to set fashion trends and sell clothes. They typically use their in-depth knowledge of fabrics to create innovative and intricate designs for new collections. Fashion designers work with photographers and creative directors to approve pieces and style advertising campaigns. Fashion designers can use Photoshop to replace traditional drawings and may benefit from more freedom with colour and editing.

What skills do jobs with Photoshop require?

Jobs with Photoshop require a unique set of skills that harness creativity and technical understanding to produce unique and interesting content. Candidates may learn these skills at university while studying creative courses like fashion or graphic design. Below are some of the skills required when using Adobe Photoshop to fulfil client requests:

  • problem-solving

  • technical skills

  • artistry

  • creativity

  • attention to detail

  • good communication for designing briefs

  • brand awareness

Sala**ry figures reflect data listed on the quoted websites at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location. Please note that none of the companies mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

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