24 Most Enjoyable Jobs in Australia (With Average Salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 23 September 2022

Published 25 October 2021

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With the number of hours the average adult spends working, it's understandable that many people want the most enjoyable jobs in Australia. Finding an enjoyable job lets you have fun while you earn money. People with enjoyable jobs report high levels of job satisfaction and better work-life balance. In this article, we explain what makes a job enjoyable and list some of the coolest jobs in Australia, with their average salaries and primary duties.

What makes a job one of the most enjoyable jobs in Australia?

A good working environment, pleasant people and interesting tasks are some of the key factors that make a role one of the most enjoyable jobs in Australia. Some factors vary from job to job, such as the quality of colleagues and special office initiatives. Other factors are more constant, such as the typical duties and work-life balance. Here are some of the factors that make a job one of the most enjoyable:

  • Interesting tasks: Some of the happiest jobs involve interesting tasks that vary from day to day. Interesting tasks often involve problem-solving, spending time with people or being creative.

  • Job satisfaction: Jobs with the highest job satisfaction are often the most enjoyable. People enjoy jobs that make them feel proud of their achievements and like they make a difference.

  • Humour: A job that makes you smile or laugh is also very enjoyable. The most rewarding careers often involve relaxed settings and working with people while having fun.

  • Good work-life balance: Jobs are often more enjoyable when the hours are consistent and overtime is rare.

  • Good salaries: It's much easier to enjoy your job when you feel financially secure and feel that you are being compensated fairly. 

  • Job stability: The peace of mind that a stable job brings can also make it more enjoyable. The most stable jobs are those in growth industries and jobs that require education or special skills.

24 most enjoyable jobs in Australia

If you are looking for a job that lets you have fun while you're earning money, consider one of the following exciting jobs:

1. Tour guide

National average salary:$44,053 per year

Primary duties: Tour guides duties can vary depending on the type of tour guide they are. While tour group size, transportation methods, age and trip lengths may differ, tour guides’ primary responsibility is typically to guide guests around various attractions or special locations while answering questions and sharing relevant information.

2. Barista 

National average salary:$55,299 per year

Primary duties: A barista’s key responsibility is to make beverages, specifically coffees, teas and other speciality cafe drinks. They may also take customers’ orders, facilitate payments and maintain the cleanliness and organisation of their workstation and equipment or the tools they use.

3. Hair stylist

National average salary:$57,534 per year

Primary duties: It’s a hairstylist’s responsibility to take care of their clients’ hair needs. This can include cutting hair, washing and blow drying hair and colouring and styling hair. It can also involve managing a bookings schedule, ordering salon products and staying up to date with styling trends and techniques.

4.  Lifeguard

National average salary:$59,146 per year

Primary duties: It’s the primary duty of a lifeguard to ensure the safety of individuals in aquatic locations such as the beach and public swimming pools. They practice general supervision and provide water rescue in the case of an emergency, which can include delivering first aid and administering oxygen.

5. Animal trainer

National average salary:$60,163 per year

Primary duties: An animal trainer helps teach animals good behaviour and assists their owners develop the required skills to encourage positive behaviour in their pets. They may work on their own with various animals, conduct one on one sessions with animals and their owners or teach practical commands for animals to groups of pet owners. 

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6. Chef

National average salary:$62,629 per year

Primary duties: A chef’s primary duties can often depend on the type and size of kitchen they work in, but generally include preparing food, creating recipes with the sous chef, reviewing menus and ordering kitchen supplies. They may also train kitchen staff and maintain relationships with suppliers. 

7. Fashion designer

National average salary: $65,136 per year

Primary duties: A fashion designer develops new clothes and accessories. Fashion designers design fashion items that suit a label's style and the budget of its target demographic. They consider modern fashion trends and the upcoming seasons when designing their items. Many designers specialise in particular kinds of fashion items such as activewear, office attire or footwear.

8. Event planner

National average salary:$66,266 per year

Primary duties: An event planner coordinates events for individual and business clients. Event planners may plan various events or specialise in a type of events such as weddings, product launches, corporate events, fundraising events and festivals. Event planners coordinate all the details of events including organising venues, catering, entertainment, ticket sales and marketing. They also oversee their events to ensure they run smoothly.

9. Personal trainer

National average salary:$66,453 per year

Primary duties: A personal trainer helps clients achieve their fitness goals. Personal trainers may work with clients one-on-one or lead group training sessions. They instruct clients during training sessions and offer tips to help them improve their form. They also develop personalised fitness plans and offer tips for healthy eating between training sessions. They may help people lose weight, gain muscle, become stronger or improve their endurance. Personal trainers can be self-employed or employed by gyms or accommodation providers.

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10. Entertainer

National average salary:$69,568 per year

Primary duties: An entertainer does live performances, including dance, comedy and music, for example. They can perform in front of a variety of audiences and in a range of locations. Entertainers might develop characters, choose props and design costumes to support their act.

11. Content creator

National average salary:$70,577 per year

Primary duties: A content creator produces marketing materials, specifically copywriting, and taking photos and videos, to promote a business’s products and services. They typically write, shoot content, and may sometimes also publish blog posts, website landing pages and social media posts.

12. Musician

National average salary:$72,457 per year

Primary duties: A musician plays music to entertain people. They may play original music they create or cover music by other artists. They may record music, perform concerts and tour around the country. Musicians may get signed to record labels or work as independent artists.

13. Graphic designer

National average salary:$72,892 per year

Primary duties: A graphic designer creates original visual works for a business or its clients. Graphic designers develop visual pieces such as logos, print advertisements, product packaging and magazine layouts. Their designs aim to engage viewers and communicate information about the brands they represent.

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14. Sommelier

National average salary:$75,355 per year

Primary duties: A sommelier selects, recommends and serves wines in high-end restaurants, wineries, bars and luxury hotels. They regularly visit wineries and taste their products to make informed choices for their wine lists.

15. Music teacher

National average salary:$79,122 per year

Primary duties: A music teacher teaches students about music. They may teach students how to play instruments and compose music. They may also educate them about music theory and history. Music teachers may assess students' knowledge or help them organise exams with the Australian Music Examination Board. They may teach classes in schools or provide one-on-one lessons to children and adults. Many music teachers also supervise youth orchestras, choirs and concert bands.

16. Support worker

National average salary:$79,207 per year

Primary duties: A support worker helps their clients live more independently. They perform household chores such as cooking meals and cleaning the house, provide transport to medical and social appointments and keep their clients company. Support workers help people with disabilities and mobility issues remain in their homes and take part in life more fully.

17. Photographer

National average salary: $79,784 per year

Primary duties: A photographer takes photographs for individual or business clients. They may take photographs of events, such as weddings or corporate events. They may take photos at news events or sports matches. They may also photograph models or products for advertisements or catalogues. Photographers edit and enhance the best photos to publish or present to clients.

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18. Interior designer

National average salary:$81,268 per year

Primary duties: An interior designer collaborates with clients to make their interior spaces more beautiful and practical. Interior designers revamp homes and businesses by choosing new colour schemes, furniture and decorative pieces.

19. Social media manager

National average salary:$83,965 per year

Primary duties: A social media manager handles the social media accounts of business or individual clients. They make posts and create content to engage and attract followers. They also moderate and answer online comments and manage social media advertising to increase their clients' revenue.

20. Librarian

National average salary:$84,595 per year

Primary duties: A librarian helps people using a library. They may help people locate information or check out books, CDs and DVDs. They also obtain new books, CDs and DVDs and organise community events including author appearances, children's story time and literacy programs. Local, state, national, school and university libraries all employ librarians.

21. Counsellor

National average salary:$87,275 per year

Primary duties: A counsellor helps clients manage personal issues or challenges. They often specialise in a particular type of counselling, such as relationship counselling, career counselling or grief counselling. Counsellors encourage their clients to talk about their issues. They may suggest strategies for their clients or encourage them to explore ways to resolve their issues.

22. Nutritionist

National average salary:$88,036 per year

Primary duties: A nutritionist helps people improve their diets and achieve their health goals. Nutritionists may help people lose weight, improve their health or manage conditions such as diabetes and coeliac disease. They develop meal plans and suggest supplements to ensure their clients get the right mix of vitamins and minerals for their needs.

23. Architect

National average salary:$100,966 per year

Primary duties: An architect designs homes and business buildings. They may design new structures or significant property renovations. They develop property plans and may also collect quotes for building materials and contractors to help their clients budget for their construction projects.

24. User experience designer

National average salary:$102,685 per year

Primary duties: A user experience designer, sometimes called a UX designer, designs products such as websites and software to suit particular users. They make sure the items they design are appropriate, as well as easy to use, engaging and efficient.

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