12 SEO Careers to Consider (With Salary Information)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 6 May 2022

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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a set of techniques aimed at increasing the visibility of websites in organic search results. Companies often hire SEO specialists or professionals with this skill to increase engagement rates on their sites. Learning about the different roles available in this field may help you decide which is the right career path for you. In this article, we discuss what SEO careers are and provide a list of these jobs with their salaries and primary duties to help you find your next career in the industry.

What are SEO careers?

SEO careers are for professionals who specialise in understanding search engines and improving a site's visibility. Specialists in this role identify strategies, techniques and tactics that increase web traffic and position a website highly in search engine results. In this way, a business can generate more leads and grow. Some skills that SEO professionals may find beneficial include critical thinking, writing and analysis.

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12 careers in SEO

Here's a list of some careers in SEO you can consider pursuing:

1. SEO executive

National average salary: $62,186 per year

Primary duties: An SEO executive is a professional who focuses on building links, limiting repetitious content and researching keywords. They work to improve the performance of a company's website traffic and user engagement. Their other duties in this role can include using analysis sites to determine how well a site is performing, the pages that are performing well and the underperforming pages. Then, they can use this information to make changes and improvements to the pages that might encounter challenges with generating traffic from users. They may compare a company's SEO performance with a competitor's SEO performance.

2. Marketing consultant

National average salary: $65,763 per year

Primary duties: A marketing consultant guides a company's marketing department to raise performance levels. A modern marketing consultant benefits significantly from experience working in optimisation, as providing such services to a company that lacked SEO previously is one of the most effective methods of quickly improving a company's organic marketing performance. Other duties for professionals in this role include conducting market research to ensure their strategies and content are current with the latest trends in the industry and creating detailed marketing plans for a company. This helps to increase the engagement rates for a company.

3. Copywriter

National average salary: $67,525 per year

Primary duties: A copywriter creates written content for an employer or a client, usually according to a working brief or outline and adhering to a brand's voice. Copywriters often work in search engine optimisation, writing articles or website content that complies with the requested SEO guidelines or to their understanding of SEO best practices. A high-quality copy can be important for retaining readers on a page, which is a large factor in most modern search algorithms and artificial intelligence. It's also important for a copywriter to edit their work carefully and ensure it's free of errors before submitting it.

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4. Digital marketer

National average salary: $79,962 per year

Primary duties: A digital marketer specialises in working on a company's online advertising and marketing actions. This may include social media, the company website and paid advertisements on other sites and search engine result pages (SERP). Search engine optimisation within digital marketing efforts can improve the return on investment (ROI) by supplementing paid placements with organic traffic generation through optimised content creation. Their additional roles can include increasing the company's brand awareness among users. Brand awareness refers to consumers' familiarity with a brand's features and appeal.

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5. Social media manager

National average salary: $81,472 per year

Primary duties: A social media manager maintains and manages a company's social media accounts. When creating content, they ensure they're adhering to the company's voice. Professionals in this role have additional primary duties that include creating a content calendar, tracking engagement rates and metrics and staying up-to-date with social media trends. They may also create reports and presentations to give to their managers or a company's stakeholders to inform them how well a campaign has performed.

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6. Content marketer

National average salary: $82,333 per year

Primary duties: A content marketer is a professional who creates, publishes and distributes content for their target audience. Some of their primary duties include writing original content and updating older posts with relevant information to ensure it continues to rank well on the SERP. Content marketers also adhere to a content budget, which allows them to create and promote content for a company within financial perimeters. Additionally, these professionals ensure they're using a company's keywords well and adhering to social media trends to generate user engagement and maintain relevancy.

7. SEO specialist

National average salary: $82,873 per year

Primary duties: An SEO specialist assesses a company's web presence to identify areas to improve its search engine results ranking. A specialist may work only on a company's website copy or may provide full service covering blog posts and a company's presence on social media, video sites and other digital media. A specialist may work for a client on their own or as part of a larger SEO team. In this role, the other primary duties can include researching and implementing new strategies for content and keywords for a company to continue utilising where relevant.

8. Account manager

National average salary: $84,280 per year

Primary duties: An account manager is a professional who serves as a point of contact between clients and staff at a company. An SEO account manager commonly meets with a client to discuss their needs and current optimisation efforts. They then relay the information to others on staff to work on an improved optimisation effort for the client. Other primary duties for this role can include managing their team to ensure they're on track to meet a client's deadline and ensuring they have the resources they require completing their work efficiently and effectively.

9. Web developer

National average salary: $86,380 per year

Primary duties: A web developer creates websites for companies. The web developer may also create copy for the sites they develop, or the client may provide copy to be added to the developer's code. Creating a site using SEO best practices allows the site and its pages to rank more highly and can increase the value of the ultimate design. Professionals in this role may also understand coding and combine their coding skills with their SEO knowledge to ensure they're optimising a company's site effectively. They may also work with the design team to collaborate on meeting the guidelines.

10. Entrepreneur

National average salary: $88,629 per year

Primary duties: An entrepreneur starts a new business, taking on both the financial risks and benefits of the company. For new business owners, search engine optimisation can be a key element of their careers. Creating content for a company website that's properly optimised allows the entrepreneur to extract maximum value out of a marketing and development budget. This is important in the early stages of a new company, when operating costs commonly exceed incomes, making any savings more important. Their other duties can include setting SEO analysis rates for companies and sending invoices for the work they've completed.

11. SEO manager

National average salary: $90,533 per year

Primary duties: An SEO manager is a mid-level or senior-level management position at an SEO company or in a business's marketing department. The SEO manager often oversees a team of SEO professionals, guiding to keep the team working toward a larger SEO strategy. The SEO manager may work with other management or senior professionals to determine goals for optimisation efforts. When working with an SEO contractor, the SEO manager may meet with current and potential clients to discuss optimisation options with the client. Professionals in this role may also help build and maintain a company's online community.

12. Marketing manager

National average salary: $103,175 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager oversees a company's marketing operations or works with clients on their marketing needs. A marketing manager may create goals for a campaign and devise a strategy to meet those goals, before delegating tasks to marketing staff. SEO is essential in most modern marketing campaigns because of its ability to increase the amount of traffic a company's web presence receives, without having to pay for placement on search engines or social networks. Professionals in this role may complete other duties, such as preparing sales and advertisements contracts for clients to review and sign.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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