17 Unique Jobs (With Average Salaries and Primary Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 7 September 2022

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A unique job is usually one that requires particular skills, includes unusual daily duties and responsibilities and may take place in an uncommon work environment. Those new to the workforce or looking for a career change can find these types of jobs in a broad range of industries. Learning about what kind of uncommon and interesting jobs exist can help you find one that aligns with your passions or is within your field of expertise. In this article, we provide a list of 17 jobs that are unique, along with their national average salaries and primary duties.

17 unique jobs

There can be a broad range of unique jobs to consider. Below, you can find a list of some of them:

1. Chocolatier

National average salary: $48,747 per year Primary duties: A chocolatier uses a range of techniques, ingredients and recipes to create aesthetically pleasing chocolate confectionery, usually for sweet shops, cafes and restaurants. They typically use a range of equipment and tools to mould chocolate into different shapes and add intricate details to it. Depending on where a chocolatier works, they may design and create chocolates, for example, chocolate bars, for various brands. They may also work on unique, customised creations, for example, chocolate sculptures for wedding cakes.

2. Dog trainer

National average salary: $49,182 per year Primary duties: Dog trainers may work as part of a specialty company/service or by themselves. They're responsible for using their knowledge of canines and training practices to help owners improve their pet's ability to listen and follow basic instructions like sitting, staying, barking or being quiet. Their overall goal is to help the owners gain a sense of control and confidence over dogs or puppies.

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3. Floral designer

National average salary: $52,968 per year Primary duties: Floral designers work with both real and artificial flowers and foliage to create a broad range of floral displays for occasions, events and holidays. They work closely with their customers to determine their visions for floral displays and then use their creativity and basic understanding of horticulture to fulfil them. Floral designers may also find vendors and place orders and pack and unpack, maintain and deliver flowers and foliage.

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4. Character performer

National average salary: $53,119 per year Primary Duties: A character performer's primary duty is to entertain. They typically attend venues such as amusement parks and events such as birthday parties, portraying well-known characters, typically from kids' movies and well-known television shows. Character performers usually act, sing and dance in front of their audience. They may also conduct meet and greets, sign autographs and pose for photographs with guests or event participants.

5. Garden centre manager

National average salary: $54,333 per year Primary duties: A garden centre manager oversees all aspects of a garden centre's operations. This may include recruitment, employee training, conducting team meetings, monitoring product inventory, maintaining plants, placing and receiving orders and delivering excellent customer service. They may also plan and schedule marketing initiatives, promotions and special events for various departments within the garden centre.

6. Fragrance consultant

National average salary: $56,401 per year Primary duties: Fragrance consultants work with fragrance creators to help them determine the best notes to complement their test scents and achieve their vision for a perfume or cologne. These consultants may also assist with label and bottle design selection that aligns with the creator's or business's brand. Fragrance consultants sometimes work in retail settings too, helping customers choose scents that suit them best and contributing to sales targets.

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7. Horse groom

National average salary: $57,437 per year Primary duties: The primary responsibility of a horse groom is to keep the horse or horses in their care in a good and clean condition. The specific duties of a horse groom can vary depending on where they work within the equine industry, but typically involve ensuring that horses receive regular brushing of their coats, manes and tails and cleaning of their hooves, eyes, ears and teeth. Horse grooms may also maintain horses' stables and equipment, for example, their halters, lead ropes, bridles and saddles.

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8. Zookeeper

National average salary: $58,670 per year Primary duties: A zookeeper oversees the care of a wide variety of animal species at zoos or animal conservation centres. They typically delegate tasks to various departments and team members, which can include feeding the animals, tending to their injuries or illnesses and maintaining their enclosures. Zookeepers may also have involvement in promoting the zoo and developing educational programs for visitors.

9. Wedding planner

National average salary: $59,781 per year Primary Duties: Wedding planners help their customers with all aspects of their wedding planning, from decor to budget, catering and entertainment. They help bring their customer's vision for their wedding to life by making suggestions, sourcing suppliers and facilitating negotiations. Wedding planners typically assist with all stages of a wedding, including the pre-planning, set-up and clean-up.

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10. Doula

National average salary: $79,186 per year Primary duties: A doula is a trained, but non-medical assistant for expecting parents. They provide continual physical and emotional support throughout all stages of pregnancy, before, during and after childbirth. A doula provides information and guidance, while also commonly mediating parents' communication with their medical care providers. These childbirth support individuals are usually present during childbirth and aim to offer women in labour encouragement and contribute to their comfort through massage and breathing assistance.

11. Fish hatchery specialist

National average salary: $81,925 per year Primary duties: Fish hatchery specialists are responsible for the overall breeding process for one or more species of fish. They oversee the feeding and reproduction of fish and monitor their general behaviour. Fish hatchery specialists maintain fish health by collecting tissue and fluid samples and calculating and administering therapeutics and prescribed drugs when required. They also conduct duties, such as completing and submitting various forms, recording data and preparing and loading fish for transfer.

12. Personal shopper

National average salary: $82,953 per year Primary duties: The key role of a personal shopper is to guide their customers to the best purchase decisions through expert guidance and customer service. Depending on who they work for, they may offer a varying level of shopping support, including sharing advice on products, processing orders and organising delivery. Personal shoppers typically browse department stores, catalogues and online markets to find the best products for their customers within their budgets.

13. Product tester

National average salary: $87,063 per year Primary duties: The general responsibility of a product tester is to test products before they become available to the public. A product tester's duties can vary significantly depending on who they work for and in which industry they test products. Typically, they use products in the way a consumer might and evaluate their performance and the user experience the product offers. Product testers also write notes, report test results and complete surveys on various products.

14. Crime scene technician

National average salary: $98,054 per year Primary duties: Crime scene technicians are usually among the first responders to a crime scene, but may also work in crime laboratories, state or federal police departments and the coroner's office. They work with criminal investigators to collect evidence, take photographs and record crime scene findings. Upon the collection and analysis of their findings, they usually provide a written report containing the results or deliver this information orally in court.

15. Flight attendant

National average salary: $105,664 per year Primary duties: Flight attendants ensure the safety and comfort of passengers on board an aircraft. Their duties involve greeting passengers, showing them to their seats, demonstrating the correct use of safety equipment and explaining emergency procedures. They also serve food and drinks and help passengers feel comfortable during a flight. Flight attendants commonly perform safety checks before take-off and landing and monitor the cabin throughout a flight.

16. Diver

National average salary: $102,546 per year Primary duties: A diver performs a range of underwater tasks. They may perform inshore diving, in rivers, lakes and dams or offshore diving in the ocean. Their exact diving duties depend on the field they work in, which may include engineering, marine biology, recreational or military. Divers' tasks may involve diving instruction, rescue missions or chemical spill response. They're also typically responsible for inspecting and maintaining their diving equipment and any underwater tools they may use to fulfil their role.

17. Boat captain

National average salary: $179,193 per year Primary duties: A boat captain, also known as a sea captain or ship master, is a high-level mariner who's responsible for and in command of a marine vessel. Their primary duty is to operate a boat or ship safely and efficiently. Boat captains also oversee maritime legal compliance, manage cargo operations and ensure the vessels they captain receive appropriate maintenance.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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