What Are Management Job Titles? (With Salaries and Duties)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 27 September 2022

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Employees with managerial responsibilities have many different management job titles. These job titles can vary according to the manager's industry and responsibilities. Understanding different management job titles can help you plan your career path and find a job that suits your skill set. In this article, we answer 'What are management job titles?' and list the salaries and duties associated with exciting management roles.

What are management job titles?

Knowing the answer to 'What are management job titles?' can help you decide which leadership role suits you best. Management job titles are the names of positions with managerial duties and responsibilities. Depending on the business, people with these job titles are mid-level or senior employees.

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17 exciting management job titles

Here are some exciting management job titles you might consider:

1. Restaurant manager

National average salary: $67,134 per year

Primary duties: A restaurant manager ensures a restaurant is profitable and efficient. They recruit and train restaurant employees and ensure they consistently serve good food and maintain health and safety standards. They also take reservations, greet customers and ensure they have a pleasant dining experience.

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2. Kitchen manager

National average salary: $67,869 per year

Primary duties: A kitchen manager oversees the kitchen in a restaurant or venue with a dining area, including clubs and hotels. They make sure the kitchen is clean and efficient. They hire and train kitchen staff and ensure they work efficiently and follow food preparation and safe food handling guidelines. They also monitor stock levels and order supplies to ensure the kitchen has the ingredients it needs to operate. Keen negotiation skills help kitchen managers get the best prices from suppliers.

3. Catering manager

National average salary: $75,445 per year

Primary duties: A catering manager plans and oversees the catering for an event, such as a wedding or business function. They plan the food and beverage menus independently or in consultation with clients or event organisers. They also assemble a catering team, including chefs and servers, and oversee their work preparing and serving the food and beverages. It's the catering manager's responsibility to ensure the team prepares all food and beverages to a high standard and serves them efficiently. Restaurants, event venues and specialist catering businesses may employ a catering manager.

4. Office manager

National average salary: $75,923 per year

Primary duties: An office manager oversees the day-to-day operations of an office to ensure it runs smoothly. They hire, train and supervise administrative and clerical employees. They also manage the office's budget, rosters and records. Many organisations employ office managers, including schools, hospitals, government departments and small businesses.

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5. Brand manager

National average salary: $101,752 per year

Primary duties: A brand manager oversees a business's public image. They may manage the public image of the business that employs them or the business's clients. They develop and monitor marketing strategies for businesses. They also ensure the business's offerings reflect the needs of consumers. Brand managers aim to improve the public image of businesses to increase their sales and profits.

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6. Sales manager

National average salary: $102,583 per year

Primary duties: A sales manager is responsible for ensuring a company's products or services sell well. They create and maintain client connections to encourage repeat business. They also recruit sales team members, train them in sales techniques and supervise them to help them meet their sales targets. They use their customer service skills to manage complex queries and challenging customers.

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7. Branch manager

National average salary: $104,675 per year

Primary duties: A branch manager oversees a branch of a business, such as a bank or a shop. They're responsible for the branch's daily operations, including hiring and supervising employees, monitoring stock levels and maintaining financial records. They ensure the branch operates in line with the business goals and standards.

8. Marketing manager

National average salary: $106,245 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager plans and implements marketing strategies to help a business promote itself, generate sales and grow. They also measure the results of their marketing strategies against key performance indicators to confirm their success. Marketing managers may manage marketing for a business or business clients.

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9. Risk manager

National average salary: $117,744 per year

Primary duties: A risk manager helps a business manage risks to minimise their impact. They create a risk management plan and assess the company to identify potential risks. They also evaluate how the business has dealt with risks in the past and note how it could improve its risk management strategies. Risk managers report potential risks to relevant managers to understand the risks that may impact their department.

10. Human resources manager

National average salary: $118,913 per year

Primary duties: A human resources manager oversees a team responsible for ensuring the business is a safe and productive workplace for all employees. They create and coordinate programs and strategies focused on recruitment, training and well-being. They often work to recruit new employees and review their performances and salaries. They handle workplace complaints and organise mediation and counselling to solve any disputes between employees.

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11. Nurse manager

National average salary: $121,720 per year

Primary duties: A nurse manager supervises a nursing team. They perform general nursing duties and managerial tasks, including creating employee rosters, managing the unit's budget and reviewing the performance of members of their nursing team. Nurse managers form close relationships with other medical professionals, including doctors, therapists and specialists, to provide seamless patient care. Hospitals, aged care facilities and outpatient clinics all employ nurse managers to supervise their nursing teams.

12. Program manager

National average salary: $123,938 per year

Primary duties: A program manager oversees a portfolio of related projects that contribute to an organisation's program. They are responsible for the program's life cycle, from the planning stage to final delivery. They work closely with project managers to ensure their projects align with the organisation's goals and meet key milestones. They also ensure projects related to the program get delivered on time, on budget and to the organisation's standards.

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13. IT manager

National average salary: $124,758 per year

Primary duties: An IT manager oversees a business's technology resources, including IT employees, networks, software and hardware. They consider the company's requirements and research tech products, services and strategies to help them meet their goals. They also ensure the business's tech solutions are reliable, secure and valuable.

14. Product manager

National average salary: $125,324 per year

Primary duties: A product manager guides the life cycle of a product. They research customers' needs and lead a cross-functional team in developing a product that suits the business and meets consumer demand. They specify how the product looks and its features and ensure its creation according to these plans. Product managers also oversee any fixes and updates to ensure they improve the original product.

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15. Project manager

National average salary: $127,553 per year

Primary duties: A project manager oversees a project and the people responsible for its delivery. They help plan the project, assemble and supervise the project team, delegate tasks and report on the project's progress to stakeholders. Project managers ensure project delivery on time, within budget and to the company standard.

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16. General manager

National average salary: $131,060 per year

Primary duties: A general manager is responsible for planning and directing an organisation's operations or the operations of a business unit. They consider all aspects of the business rather than specialising in a specific area of operations. They set key performance goals and create growth strategies to maximise the organisation's profits and reach. General managers are common in restaurants, clubs and large multinational companies.

17. Construction manager

National average salary: $176,593 per year

Primary duties: A construction manager oversees the day-to-day running of construction sites. They assemble a team of construction professionals, contractors and subcontractors and source materials and equipment to complete contraction projects. Construction managers interpret architectural drawings and project specifications and delegate tasks to bring these plans to life. They also negotiate with building owners and property developers to establish a reasonable project budget and timeline.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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