12 Work-From-Home Creative Jobs (With Salary and Duties)

Updated 4 May 2023

Working from home can come with many benefits, including commuting less in traffic and having more time to spend with family. You can perform a wide range of jobs from home including technical ones and creative ones. Knowing what creative jobs you can perform at home can help you determine if there's a career path you're interested in that aligns with your creative interests, skills and education. In this article we explore 12 work-from-home creative jobs you can pursue, the duties included in these jobs and what you can earn in each role.

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12 work-from-home creative jobs

Here are 12 work-from-home creative jobs you can consider

1. Photographer

National average salary: $40.69 per hour

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

Primary duties: Photography is a creative job you can do at home. You can invest in professional equipment or use your existing smartphone to take photos. Completing an online course in photography can help you familarise yourself with basic photography principles like balance and light. You can take general photos or specialise in wedding photography or pet photography. Once you've taken photos you're happy with, you can showcase them on a website so that potential customers can see them. You can also take photos of friends or family and ask them to tell others about you.

2. Blogger

National average salary: $30.00 per hour

Primary duties: Blogging is creative job you can do from home as it involves writing content and submitting it online. There are many types of blogging jobs you can pursue and these jobs can rely on your past working experience in other industries. You can also start your own blog and write about topics you know about or have studied in the past. If you create a blog that becomes popular online and receives online traffic, businesses can pay you to place advertising on your blog. You can also work for other businesses wanting help running a blog.

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3. Photo editor

National average salary: $26.88 per hour

Primary duties: Photo editors adjust photos to make them more attractive and clear or remove undesirable elements from the image. They can help people improve their personal photos or help businesses edit photos of their products and services. You can complete courses in photo editing to learn how to use photo editing software. Photo editing can involve removing shadows or unwanted elements blocking people or objects displayed in the photo. It can also involve changing its colours, reshaping elements in the photo or adjusting a photo's exposure, contrast, blurriness, colour saturation and background images.

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4. Social media content creator

National average salary: $65,867 per year

Primary duties: Social media content creators take photos and videos for use on social media platforms. They create content using trending topics or relevant viral trends so that people watch them and share them across platforms. Social media content creators can create their own content for personal channels or create content for businesses and brands. The people running these channels can become influencers, which is when they amass a large following and are considered experts or popular in their field. These influencers can specialise in one topic or post on a range of topics.

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5. Personal shopper

National average salary: $5,452 per month

Primary duties: Personal shoppers help people who don't have enough time or the skills to purchase certain items. This can include helping them purchase a professional working wardrobe or decorations in a specific style for a new house. Personal shoppers can get to know clients online by uncovering their likes and dislikes and determining their budget. They use this budget to buy items online at the best possible price. Personal shoppers can work with businesses to help them source specific items monthly or they can offer once-off services to clients.

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6. Baker

National average salary: $57,646 per year

Primary duties: Baking is a creative job that you can do from home. It can involve catering for specific occasions or baking products and selling them. You can bake your own creations or take orders from others. You can also specialise in baking certain types of products like wedding cakes or bread. People who bake products can sell them online using social media or a website and offer a delivery or pick-up service for customers. They can also fulfil regular orders for local farmers' markets or sell goods to local restaurants and coffee shops.

7. Event planner

National average salary: $65,297 per year

Primary duties: Event planning is a job you can perform at home. You can combine your planning skills with your knowledge of the latest trends in floral arrangement, decor and food to help people plan events like birthday parties, weddings, end-of-year functions for workplaces and parties. Event planning involves managing every detail of an event and working alongside various vendors to ensure everything goes smoothly and in line with the client's expectations. It can include sourcing and booking a venue, creating a venue theme, organising entertainment and creating party gift bags.

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8. Animator

National average salary: $78,821 per year

Primary duties: Animators help transform two-dimensional (2D) drawings into three-dimensional (3D) moving cartoons that can appear in adverts, television shows, movies and video games. Animators can draw a wide range of objects including characters, people, buildings, objects of nature and text. They can add a range of motion to these images like making facial expressions on characters and creating interactive backdrops for specific scenes. You can commission an animator to create something specific from a set of images and they can use their drawing skills and specific software to create an animation.


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9. Videographer

National average salary: $82,544 per year

Primary duties: Videographers use equipment to capture events like life events, weddings, conferences, movies, television shows and adverts. They often work with a film crew on large or more complex projects but can work independently on smaller events. Besides filming a range of content for clients, they can also manage a video's sound, lighting and special effects or add text and subtitles to the content by editing at home. They can also edit the footage for clarity, length and angle. You can prepare for a job as a videographer by completing a qualification in cinematography, broadcasting or editing.

10. Proposal writer

National average salary: $90,196 per year

Primary duties: When an organisation bids for a potential job they can submit a proposal with information on how the business plans to complete the job, which staff members have the skills and qualifications and on what timeline they can complete the job. A proposal writer helps put proposal documents together by sourcing relevant documentation and putting it together in a compelling way. Proposal writers working on large or complex proposals can take on added responsibilities like ensuring the business meets their legal obligations for the submission and completes the relevant forms.

11. Teacher

National average salary: $91,345 per year

Primary duties: Teaching is a job you can perform at home by teaching local students online or virtually across the world. Working as an online teacher can involve working with all age groups including children and postgraduate students. You can specialise in a range of topics including standard primary and secondary school subjects or those completed by students at postgraduate level. Online teachers can also help students practise certain skills such as speaking in a new language. They can also help students develop their confidence in discussing topics they're studying or are working with.

12. Technical writer

National average salary: $93,398 per year

Primary duties: If you have expertise in specific technical topics you can become a technical writer. This involves drafting and creating technical reports, business proposals, information sheets, training manuals, operating guides and API documentation, software development kit (SDK) documentation and product descriptions. Technical topics can include medicine, law, computing and science and technical writers can use their expertise in these areas to create documents that are understandable by the average person with the above backgrounds. Technical writers can also help to revise technical documents for accuracy and to ensure it contains the correct terminology and language.

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