47 Surveyor Interview Questions (With Sample Answers)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 27 September 2022

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Surveyors use equipment, such as global positioning systems (GPS) and geographic information systems (GIS), to accurately measure topographic points. The construction and engineering industry commonly uses surveyor services to ensure they orient their structures correctly and build within the legal constraints of property borders. Exploring some surveying questions can help you prepare for a potential interview. In this article, we list general surveyor interview questions, share questions about your experience and background, describe interview questions specific to surveyor duties and provide some example questions with sample answers.

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15 general surveyor interview questions

General surveyor interview questions are typically broad questions that might focus more on your personality, character attributes and motives than specific surveyor duties. These general questions usually help an interviewer understand why you're applying for the role and if your personality is suitable for the company culture. Below, you can explore 15 examples of general interview questions your interviewer might ask:

  1. What inspired you to apply for a surveying role with our company?

  2. What three words would you use to describe yourself?

  3. What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses?

  4. Have you ever worked in fast-paced situations and how do you handle it?

  5. What are your aspirations for this role?

  6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

  7. What can you contribute to our company as a surveyor?

  8. Why do you think you're a good fit for this vacant role?

  9. Do you have any techniques for self-motivation?

  10. What are your hobbies and interests outside of work?

  11. Are you comfortable operating in relatively harsh weather environments?

  12. Have you ever had an interpersonal conflict and how did you resolve it?

  13. What methods do you adopt to ensure you remain updated on the latest surveying technology and techniques?

  14. What interpersonal qualities do you believe make a suitable candidate for a surveyor role?

  15. Do you actively seek to improve your interpersonal qualities and what techniques do you adopt?

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14 interview questions about your experience and background

An interview may ask you questions about your experience and background in surveying. They usually ask these questions to identify your competency for a surveyor role and any training and development you might require to operate at the company's performance standard. Below, you can find 14 example interview questions an interviewer might ask to determine your experience and background:

  1. Do you have any prior experience in a surveyor role?

  2. What qualifications do you have that make you a suitable candidate for a surveyor position?

  3. Why do you believe surveying is an important job role in the construction industry?

  4. What is the most common type of surveying you've conducted?

  5. What do you believe is the most important lesson you've learned in the surveying industry?

  6. What is your favourite task as a surveyor and why?

  7. How do you think your previous colleagues would describe you?

  8. Do you have much experience operating in team environments?

  9. What do you believe is the most challenging aspect of surveying work?

  10. What do you believe are the similarities between a surveyor and a geologist?

  11. What technical skills have you developed during prior employment as a surveyor?

  12. Have you ever worked with architects, geologists, cartographers and construction managers?

  13. Do you have much experience in establishing boundaries for land deeds, leases and other legal documents?

  14. Have you ever carried out surveying tasks for a government agency?

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15 interview questions specific to surveying

If you have experience in a surveyor role or qualifications in surveying, your interviewer may want to assess your technical skills and knowledge. Similar to questions about your experience and background, an interviewer may ask you technical questions to determine your current skill level and any requirements for training and development. Here, you can examine 15 example interview questions your interviewer may ask about technical surveying responsibility:

  1. What surveying equipment do you have experience in using?

  2. What are the steps involved in calculating boundary lines on a property?

  3. What methods do you adopt to ensure the accuracy of your surveying data?

  4. Why do construction companies want to identify the topographic characteristics of a construction site?

  5. What steps do you follow to ensure compliance with industry regulations and local council standards?

  6. What do you believe is the most crucial tool for a surveyor to have?

  7. How do you categorise and manage the surveying data you collect?

  8. How do you resolve discrepancies in surveying data?

  9. What do you do if you identify errors in another surveyor's measurements?

  10. How much experience do you have using topographic mapping software?

  11. When do you think it's appropriate to use a transit?

  12. What is the latest equipment currently available to surveyors?

  13. Which surveying technique do you believe is the most efficient and why?

  14. What do you believe is the most important responsibility of a land surveyor?

  15. If a work environment is unsafe, what steps do you take to mitigate or avoid the hazards?

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3 example interview questions with sample answers

Exploring some sample answers to common surveying interview questions can help you prepare your own unique answers to varying questions. It's important to understand that the questions an interviewer asks you may vary depending on your level of expertise. Below, you can explore three example interview questions with sample answers:

1. What responsibilities have you had as a surveyor?

If you have experience in a surveying role, the interviewer may want to assess the extent of your knowledge and technical abilities. They may ask you to outline the specific duties you've performed during your prior employment. The interviewer typically has a copy of your resume to enable them to check your answer against the experience listed on your resume, so it's important to ensure your answers are aligned. Below you can explore an example answer to this question:

Example: ‘During my prior employment as a land surveyor with Middleton Surveying Services, I conducted a variety of tasks and duties for many clients. I've measured topographic characteristics of building sites, measured distances and angles for highways and bridges, written reports for clients and government agencies and identified evidence of existing boundaries on old properties. I've carried out surveys for many clients, including civil engineering firms, commercial and residential construction companies and government agencies. The most frequent task I carried out was using GPS equipment to establish official boundaries for new properties.'

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2. What's your favourite project to work on as a surveyor?

Your answer to this question can indicate several aspects of your employability. It can suggest your personality, level of experience and versatility as a surveyor. When answering this question, it might be a good idea to relate your answer to the type of projects the hiring company typically conducts. The interviewer might ask you this question if you have experience as a surveyor, trainee or apprentice. Below, you can find a sample answer to this question:

Example: ‘I've had the good fortune to work on many projects, from residential constructions to large civil projects. I believe there are some projects I've enjoyed more than others, though there aren't any projects I've disliked. The enjoyment I experience from working on a project usually comes from my colleagues and clients. If the work environment is healthy and everyone communicates efficiently, the specifics of the project don't concern me. This is part of the reason I'm applying to this company. I believe it has an excellent culture and an inclusive and respectful environment.'

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3. Why do you think you're a suitable candidate for this surveying role?

Regardless of your experience or qualifications, your interviewer may ask you this question. Your response can outline both your expertise and personality. You can discuss your experience and qualifications that make you suitable for the role. You can also mention your personality and interpersonal skills that make you suitable for the workplace. It's a good idea to remain humble in your response. Below, you can explore a sample answer:

Example: ‘I believe that through my experience, interpersonal qualities and qualifications, I can be a suitable candidate for the role. I'm confident in my ability to conduct surveying work and I believe I can adopt new processes and techniques effectively. There may be technical processes that I'm unfamiliar with, but I'm dedicated to improving my skills and developing my expertise as a surveyor. I think I can be an excellent contribution to the team, as I value cooperation, communication, respect and integrity.'

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