Pay & Salary

Data and tips for talking about money at work.

Work From Home Jobs That Pay Well

Work from home jobs may be a good fit for people who require flexibility. There are several opportunities if you desire a work from home position.

6 Tips for Your Next Salary Negotiation

Salary negotiation is an important part of your professional development that ensures you maintain value with your employer. Use these six tips to prepare for yours.

How to Ask for a Raise (with Examples)

Learn how to ask for a raise with example requests and tips on how to research salary, assess your manager's mood, what to expect afterward, and more.

Gross Pay vs. Net Pay: Definitions and Examples

Gross pay is the total amount of money an employee receives before taxes and deductions. Learn about the difference between gross pay and net pay, and how to calculate gross pay for both wage and salaried workers.

Understanding the Base Salary in Your Compensation Package

Find out what base salary is and how to determine a base salary.
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