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Hanne Keiling

Updated 22 January 2023

Published 12 September 2019

Hanne Keiling is a senior digital communications expert with over eight years of experience ideating, executing and launching user-first experiences to achieve business goals. She is a former Indeed editorial team member who helped job seekers be successful on Indeed throughout their job search and into their careers.

You may be considering work from home jobs for a variety of reasons. Working from home allows you more flexibility in day to day life, the opportunity to work for companies out of state or country or the ability to pursue other interests while maintaining a consistent wage.

While some work from home jobs require certain technical skills or degrees such as a software developer or programmer, others demand artistic skills like writing or design. Whatever your strengths, there are several options to explore when looking for a job you can do from home.

While there are many such flexible positions, using data from Indeed Salaries we’ve compiled the top 15 jobs in Australia that will likely allow for you to work from home and earn more than $45,000 annually:

1. Virtual Assistant
National average salary: $25.27 per hour
Primary duties:
Maintain and update client’s calendar, including scheduling meetings.
Make arrangements for travel and business events.
Answer client’s emails and phone calls.

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2. Data Processor
National average salary: $26.59 per hour
Primary duties:
Work with data entry teams on inputting and organising data into the company’s database.
Process raw data to ensure it is accurate.
Coordinate the transfer of data to third party vendors.

3. Customer Service Representative
National average salary: $57,468 per year
Primary duties:
Answer customer questions about the company’s product or service.
Help resolve any customer complaints.
Assist customers with any cancellation, upgrade, or new order requests.

4. Tutor
National average salary: $31.68 per hour
Primary duties:
Set up meeting with client to review assignments in the applicable subject area.
Work with students on trouble subject areas that warrant further exploration.
Review test or assignment questions the student did not answer correctly.

5. Graphic Designer
National average salary: $66,282 per year
Primary duties:
Work simultaneously on various projects based on current client workload.
Create visual aspects of marketing materials, websites and other media.
Prepare layouts using illustration, text, photography, logos and other graphic elements.

6. Marketing Consultant
National average salary: $71,157 per year
Primary duties:
Create a plan for strategic positioning with executives and high-level managers.
Prepare a marketing plan that addresses each of the business’ core initiatives.
Recommend product positioning approaches for each new offering.

7. Copywriter
National average salary: $78,219 per year
Primary duties:
Write copy for marketing materials while adhering to the company’s tone of voice.
Edit copy to ensure it is free of grammatical and spelling errors.
Propose creative copy concepts based on copywriting briefs.

8. Sales Representative
National average salary: $69,701 per year
Primary duties:
Capture customer information including address and phone number for future follow-up.
Build rapport with customers through friendly, engaging communication.
Adjust your sales presentation based on success/fail averages.

9. Web Developer
National average salary: $80,429 per year
Primary duties:
Create applications that address the phases of the software development life cycle.
Develop comprehensive application testing procedures.
Update existing applications to meet security and functionality standards.

10. Digital Marketer
National average salary: $91,339 per year
Primary duties:
Create digital content campaigns that align with marketing objectives and company goals.
Produce and maintain content for the company’s website, social media platforms, email campaigns and online ads.
Prepare reports on the success of digital campaigns.

11. Recruiting Specialist
National average salary: $72,340 per year
Primary duties:
Develop contacts with individuals and businesses to generate qualified leads.
Handle recruiting duties utilising various contact methods.
Maintain logs of applicant records and provide regular recruiting updates to the business.

12. Blogger
National average salary: $1,600 per week
Primary duties:
Plan, research, write and edit articles from concept to delivery.
Lead content initiatives and deliver effective recommendations.
Partner with content, design and SEO teams to define the user strategy.

13. Translator/Interpreter
National average salary: $43.73 hourly
Primary duties:
Perform translations that are grammatically compliant with target language rules.
Convey the full meaning of the source language into the target language.
Produce idiomatic translations considering the type of material and readers’ viewpoints.

14. Programmer
National average salary: $77,039 per year
Primary duties:
Code and test programming for in-house software programs.
Debug code for existing programs based on immediate need.
Conduct end-user training upon completion of software.

15. Technical Writer
National average salary: $91,854 per year
Primary duties:
Plan, develop, organise, write and edit operational procedures and manuals.
Research, develop and document technical design specifications and test scripts.
Produce electronic documentation in addition to hard copy manuals.

If you desire the flexibility of a work from home job, there are several opportunities to pursue a career with decent earning potential. The highest earning work from home jobs will likely require a certain degree or specialised training (such as consulting or programming). Other high-earning jobs can often be obtained with certain advanced skills or a large professional network.

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If there’s a work from home job that interests you with requirements you don’t yet meet, you may consider undertaking further study to gain the credentials your desired career requires.

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