A Guide to Writing an Account Manager Resume Objective

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 7 June 2022

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Including a resume objective on your resume can attract a recruiter's attention by highlighting your strengths. When applying for a position as an account manager, it can be beneficial to include the qualifications, experience and skills you have that align with the job description. Knowing how to write an effective account manager resume objective can strengthen your application for a new job in this field. In this article, we discuss what an account manager resume objective is, share tips for writing one, list the common skills of a successful account manager and provide examples of resume objectives for account managers.

What's an account manager resume objective?

An account manager resume objective is an opening statement to your resume. While it's generally only two or three sentences long, it's similar to a covering letter because it summarises your work experience and highlights your skills and motivation for applying for the role of account manager. A good objective statement can help the recruiter understand what you're looking for in a new account manager position and what you can offer the employer.

Tips for writing a great resume objective for an account manager role

The following tips may be helpful when writing your objective statement for a resume for an account manager position:

Use keywords

Many employers make use of an Application Tracking System (ATS) when recruiting. This system helps select suitable resumes for review based on their use of relevant keywords. When writing your resume objective, it's a good idea to use relevant keywords throughout to increase the chances of an Application Tracking Systems (ATS) selecting your resume out of the many job applications the hiring manager is likely to receive. These keywords may relate to relevant skills, qualifications or experience. It's helpful to reference the job description to identify keywords for ‌your resume objective.

Sell yourself

Given your objective statement is likely to be the first thing a recruiter reads, it's important that you use it as an opportunity to sell yourself to encourage them to read the rest of your resume. You can mention any achievements throughout your career, including employee awards you've received or milestones you've reached. This may include, for example, managing stakeholder relationships and successfully maintaining continuous client contracts for over five years.

Limit the information relating to your work experience

It might be tempting to impress the hiring manager by explaining your extensive account management experience in your resume objective, but it's usually best to keep this section brief. In this section, you can mention how many years of experience you have as an account manager or the title of the most recent account management position you've held. It's often best to save the details for the work experience section of your resume.

Use positive language

To make your objective statement more engaging, it's a great idea to use positive language. Doing so can show your enthusiasm for your job as an account manager and how excited you are to apply for a new role. Using positive language can make you sound more credible and might encourage the reader to choose to interview you to learn more about you.

Be truthful

Your objective statement is a great opportunity to promote your suitability for the account management position you're applying for. It's important to ensure that any claims you make within your statement are truthful to ensure the employer can validate them during an interview or when they contact your referees. Being truthful and promoting your best qualities and skills can help the recruiter identify if you're genuinely suitable for the role.

Skills of a successful account manager

Account managers usually possess a particular skill set to make them suitable for their role. The list below includes some of the most common skills they possess:

Stakeholder engagement

As an account manager, you're generally the point of contact and support for any existing and potential customers. Because of this, you're likely to spend a lot of your time communicating with stakeholders to establish new accounts, maintaining existing accounts and resolving any issues customers may face with the business's goods and services. Being able to maintain stakeholder relationships is vital in this role to ensure you can manage your accounts effectively and increase profits for your employer.

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When working as an account manager, you're likely to talk to clients on the telephone, over email and in-person to assist them with any account enquiries they may have. You may also liaise with other teams across the business to obtain information relating to the products customers order or to renew customer contracts prior to expiry. Because of this, strong communication skills can be essential to ensure you can talk confidently, communicate your message clearly and listen attentively to people's needs.

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Your role as an account manager usually involves working with other business areas to ensure customers are happy with the service they receive. This means that teamwork skills can be of great importance in helping you collaborate with others to meet business goals. Great teamwork skills can also be helpful when working with the sales team to onboard new clients or with the analytics team to track customers' usage of the business' products.

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Organisation and time management

It's common for you to manage multiple client accounts when working as an account manager, especially if you work for a larger company. Because of this, great organisation and time management can be essential to ensure you can manage your time appropriately and allocate time to meet with your clients regularly to maintain your relationships. Being organised usually also means you can file your client account information in a way that's easy to access when a client calls to query their account.

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Examples of resume objectives for account managers

To enhance your ability to create your own objective statement for your resume, the list below shares 12 examples you can use as a guide:

  1. Self-motivated account manager with four years' experience managing large customer accounts within the automotive industry. I'm seeking an account manager position where I can use my ability to achieve high sales targets and my excellent teamwork skills.

  2. Seeking an account manager position in a fast-paced environment. I have two years' experience working in the pharmaceutical industry and a large client base. It would be an honour to generate sales for Chemist Co. and demonstrate how passionate I am about working collaboratively with others to achieve common goals.

  3. Seeking an account management position with Banes & Co that provides the opportunity to use my expertise in analytics to analyse product trends and forecast sales figures.

  4. Looking for an account manager position with Brown Group. I bring an outstanding ability to lead and mentor other account managers. I recently received an award for Account Manager of the Year, thanks to my efforts in maintaining 100% of customer accounts for 12 consistent months.

  5. Highly motivated account manager. I have worked in the events management industry for the last eight years and have successfully managed accounts for the South West Festival and Talent Music Festival during that time. Seeking my next challenging position where I hope to work with other outgoing team members to bring together ideas for exciting music festivals.

  6. Experienced account manager with four years in the industry. Interested in pursuing a new career with Sale Co to engage new clients and generate new business.

  7. Looking for an account manager position in a large organisation. I am equipped with extensive account principles knowledge and great oversight of client transactions.

  8. Goal-oriented account manager with over ten years' experience in managing customer accounts. Seeking a new challenge with a larger account portfolio where I can utilise my excellent organisation skills.

  9. Experienced account manager with an outstanding record of client service and increased revenue generation. I can successfully manage multiple accounts at one time with great accuracy and oversight of client transactions. I enjoy working with analytics to generate business and profits.

  10. Committed and hard-working account manager with experience in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industries. Seeking a new opportunity to expand my business knowledge and work with a larger client base.

  11. Eager candidate with three years' experience. Seeking a new opportunity with Lilly Group. I would love to find a job that offers growth and opportunities to enhance my skills. I enjoy working as part of a dynamic team and working with customers to assist with their challenges.

  12. I'm a highly motivated individual seeking a new role as an account manager. I'm confident in my ability to increase company sales, improve the customer experience and work as a part of a collaborative team.

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