A Guide to Writing an Accounts Receivable Resume Objective

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 25 May 2022

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An accounts receivable clerk monitors a business's financial records and updates them as required. When applying for a job in accounts receivable, you can enhance your candidacy by submitting your application with a resume that includes a powerful resume objective. Understanding the fundamentals of an effective resume objective can help you create one that strengthens your resume. In this article, we discuss what an accounts receivable resume objective is, explain the difference between a resume summary and a resume objective, share a guide for writing one, explore the benefits of using one and provide several examples of resume objectives.

What's an accounts receivable resume objective?

An accounts receivable resume objective is typically the first section of your resume after your name and contact details. It acts as a snapshot of your resume, highlighting what you can bring to the role and what you want to achieve in the future. Resume objectives usually comprise only one or two concise sentences aimed at encouraging the reader to read the rest of your resume. You can consider the snippet of information you provide in this section as the ultimate opportunity to sell your professional abilities to the hiring company.

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When is best to include a resume objective?

To determine if it's necessary for you to include a resume objective in your application, consider your level of experience and your aim of including a resume objective. Typically, candidates include a resume objective when they have limited experience in the industry to which they're applying. For example, if you're a recent graduate or only have a few years of experience as an accounts receivable clerk, an objective statement can help you express genuine enthusiasm for the role. It can also give you an opportunity to showcase the skills you possess that can aid your success in the position.

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Resume summary vs. resume objective

A resume summary outlines the most relevant skills and experiences that you've gained through working within the industry. A resume objective usually emphasises your future goals, transferable skills and motivation for applying for the job. To help you choose between the two options, determine the purpose of your statement. If you want to showcase your notable experience, a summary might be best. If you want to focus on your future aspirations, an objective might be the better choice.

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5 steps to writing a resume objective

The exact steps you take to write your resume objective for an accounts receivable job can depend on various factors. These factors may include the specific role you're applying for, the hiring company and your professional and educational background. Here are a few general steps to help get you started:

1. Determine the hiring company's needs

By reviewing the job description for the job you're applying for, you can determine the hiring company's needs. These might include a specific skill set, level of experience or qualification. It can be a great idea to address these requirements in your resume objective. For example, if you determine the hiring company is looking for someone with experience working within a large accounts department, you may mention your ability to work as part of a big team in your objective.

2. Highlight your education

Hiring managers may favour accounts receivable clerk candidates who have attended university. If you have a degree, for example, you can mention this in your resume objective. Doing so can prove to the hiring company that you have the knowledge and skills required to be successful in the role. It can also showcase your dedication to the industry and your career.

3. Showcase your experience

If you have experience in accounts receivable, mentioning your experience in your resume objective can be a good idea. Many recruiters prefer experienced candidates. By referring to your experience in this primary section of your resume, there's a good chance the recruiter may see it. Knowing you have sufficient experience, they may feel more enticed to continue reading your resume.

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4. Express your future goals

Expressing your career goals in your resume objective can be beneficial, especially if you lack experience. By including your future goals, you can highlight to the hiring manager your ambition and commitment to your career. You may even like to include the hiring company's name in your future goal. For example, my goal is to become the best accounts receivable clerk I can be and build long-term professional relationships with the knowledgeable team at Crawshank Intermediaries.

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5. Keep it short

Keeping your resume objective short and to the point can be beneficial. While this part of your resume is a chance to express your professional capabilities, it's best if you keep it to a sentence or two at most. Doing this improves your chance of the recruiter reading all of it. You needn't use full sentences in this section, but it's a good idea to ensure your resume objective maintains the same tone as the rest of your resume.

Benefits of including a resume objective

A well-written resume objective can offer several benefits when applying for an accounts receivable job. For example, resume objectives are:

  • A great place to include keywords: Applicant tracking software (ATS) is a common feature of the recruitment process, helping recruiters determine the most relevant applications. A resume objective is a great place to include keywords as listed on the job description, increasing the chances of your application progressing.

  • A way to compel the recruiter to keep reading: Your resume objective is one of the first parts of your resume a recruiter is likely to see. By including interesting information about your professional abilities, you can encourage the recruiter to read the rest of your resume.

  • An opportunity for you to showcase your education: While there are no specific education requirements for a role in this field, recruiters often favour qualified candidates. In your resume objective, you can showcase your level of education, improving the competitiveness of your candidacy.

  • A demonstration of your organisational skills: Accounts receivable clerks usually require high-level organisational skills to be successful in their data-driven role. A well-structured, clear and relevant resume objective can highlight your ability to organise your thoughts and information.

14 resume objective examples for accounts receivable clerks

Here, you can find 14 examples of resume objectives that can inspire yours when applying for a job as an accounts receivable clerk:

Recent graduate

Below, you can find examples of resume objectives that may be suitable for a recent graduate who has little to no industry experience:

  1. Highly motivated recent graduate from Elmdale College of Finances looking for an entry-level accounts receivable clerk position at Elmdale Regional Bank. Hoping to apply exceptional skills in organisation and attention to detail while gaining professional experience in the workplace.

  2. Recently graduated with a Degree in Administration from the University of Coolgary. Looking to put my newly acquired skills to good use and begin my career with a company with which I can grow.

  3. A recent graduate with a Bachelor of Business, looking to enhance my accounting skills within a team of experienced accounts professionals.

  4. Driven individual looking to begin my accounting career with an innovative and sustainable company where I can put my numerical skills to use.

  5. Seeking an accounts receivable role at Tilley's Animal Hospital where I can utilise my expert numerical skills developed through studying for my Bachelor of Mathematics.

  6. A detail-orientated, recent university graduate seeking an accounts receivable position at LTI Solutions, where I can contribute to the common goal of a close-knit accounts team.

  7. Committed accounts receivable clerk with a passion for health and the community. Seeking a position within the Perth Fitness Centre accounts department where I can enhance my skill set and take the next steps in my career.

Experienced professional

Below, you can find a resume objective that may be suitable for a professional with prior working experience in the industry:

  1. Certified accounts clerk with over seven years of experience. Seeking an accounts receivable clerk role at Minerte Industries to utilise my extensive accounts knowledge and expertise.

  2. Reliable accounts receivable clerk seeking full-time employment within a passionate and productive team of accounting professionals.

  3. Highly experienced accounts receivable clerk with well-developed interpersonal skills seeking part-time employment.

  4. Degree-qualified accounts receivable clerk with six years of industry experience. Seeking career advancement within the fast-paced and exciting environment at CHM Automotive Group.

  5. Reliable and dedicated accounts receivable clerk with over five years of experience and exceptional communication skills.

  6. Self-motivated accounts receivable clerk, seeking change and the opportunity to broaden my skills by working with a diverse remote team.

  7. Certified public accountant with over seven years of industry experience seeking full-time accounts receivable clerk position. Looking to apply my knowledge and skills to support Birbridge Bank's finances and accounting department.

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