How to Write an Effective Administrative Assistant Resume

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 21 April 2022

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A resume for an administrative assistant role highlights your professional qualifications, work experience, career achievements, educational background and skills. Employers can use this to evaluate your suitability for the role and gain a better understanding of your capabilities. Understanding how to write a resume for an administration role may help you get an interview. In this article, we discuss how to write an administrative assistant resume, detail the responsibilities of this role, provide you with their average salary and offer a template and example of this type of resume.

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How to write an administrative assistant resume

Learning how to write an administrative assistant resume can help you showcase your professional qualifications and skills. This is important for the employer to gauge your suitability for the position and ability to perform certain tasks. Check the job advertisement for the keywords used so you can include them on your resume. Here's a simple guide you can follow when crafting your resume for an administrative assistant role:

1. Plan your resume

Planning the structure of your resume can help you organise the sections regarding work experience, professional qualifications, educational background, career accomplishments and administration skills. Plan the skills you want to include and how you will demonstrate their use in performing tasks in an administration role. It can be a good idea to provide three to five points in each section and offer detailed examples. Above all, an administrative assistant is expected to be well-organised, and your resume and application letter are your first opportunity to demonstrate this to a prospective employer.

Employers may find it easier to navigate through your resume if you apply bold headings to each section and use a simple font for the text. This can also improve the overall appearance of your resume and may encourage employers to read it. Keeping your resume to two pages can prevent the employer from overlooking important information. You can check the job advertisement to see if the company prefers the PNG, JPEG or PDF format for the resume file types.

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2. Draft a personal statement

A short personal statement is usually located at the top of your resume and provides the hiring manger with a succinct summary of your skills, experience and career goals. Keep it short and no more than three sentences.

You can mention previous employment, interpersonal skills, job achievements, professional qualifications, hobbies and interests, educational background or work experience that encouraged you to find a job in administration. For example, you might reference an associate degree and how it taught you about business administration, data management, organisation and communication skills.

3. Highlight your education

You can list relevant education and training and briefly explain how this helps you carry out administrative tasks. In this section, you can include the full subject, degree type, university name and location, duration of your study and the course result. Employers usually like to view this section as a minimum requirement for the position. It might also be worth describing what you learned in each course and providing details of any awards, honours and other relevant prizes.

Administrative assistant roles don't always require bachelor's degrees. However, if you want to broaden your career opportunities, you could consider studying for a bachelor's degree in business administration, operations management, finance operations, human resources management, information systems design or business management.

4. Describe previous employment

The previous employment section is important for employers to determine your level of experience and how you have progressed in your career. You can describe the two or three most relevant jobs to the role you're applying for and indicate how they helped you learn new skills and expand your knowledge. List three to five points for each job that indicate your daily responsibilities, career accomplishments and level of authority in the position. It might be a good idea to use quantitative data that can show the success of your work, such as Developed new filing system which reduced filing time by 50%.

If you don't have previous employment experience, you can include volunteering experiences, unpaid work placements or academic qualifications from school. Describe how this experience has prepared you for the role.

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5. List your skills

The skills section is also important for your resume, as it can help employers determine your capability to complete tasks. You can list the most relevant skills that are mentioned in the job advertisement and explain how you would use these in the role. For example, you can outline your ability to use computer software when documenting reports and performing daily administrative duties. Employers usually like to see a mix between soft and hard skills, so include examples of each.

Crafting this section may also help you write your cover letter where you explain your skills in more detail. For example, you can refer to a primary skill on your resume and explain how you might use it in an administrative assistant role in your cover letter. Some examples of administration skills include organisation, communication, teamwork and time management.

What does an administrative assistant do?

Understanding the duties of an administrative assistant can help you craft your resume accordingly. An administrative assistant typically uses computer software to carry out tasks that contribute to the smooth operation of the business. Administrative tasks might include:

  • Maintaining filing systems

  • Answering phone calls

  • Keeping financial records

  • Completing daily reports

  • Managing training presentations

  • Ordering office supplies

  • Arranging meetings

  • Introducing new staff

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Average salary of an administrative assistant

The national average salary of an administrative assistant is $57,885 per year. Payment rates can depend on your level of experience, duration of employment, hard and soft skills, professional qualifications and the provisions of any applicable award or collective agreement. Someone with greater responsibilities may earn a higher salary than someone who is new to the job. You can expect to increase your salary with experience. Consider talking to your employer about your salary expectations and how you can progress as an administrative assistant.

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Administrative assistant resume template

Here's a template you can follow when crafting your resume for the administration role:

[Full name]
[Home address]
[Phone number]
[Email address]

Personal statement

[Mention your personal traits and describe why you may be a suitable fit for the role. Use this statement as an opportunity to demonstrate your strong interest in the position and career. Keep this section under three sentences.]


[School name – location]
[Relevant subjects/degrees]
[Length of study]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Company name – location]
[Employment dates]

  • [List a duty here, with relevant achievements or metrics]

  • [List a duty here, with relevant achievements or metrics]

  • [List a duty here, with relevant achievements or metrics]

[Job title]
[Company name – location]
[Employment dates]

  • [List a duty here, with relevant achievements or metrics]

  • [List a duty here, with relevant achievements or metrics]

  • [List a duty here, with relevant achievements or metrics]


  • [List a skill here]

  • [List a skill here]

  • [List a skill here]

Relevant qualifications

  • [Mention qualification or certificate]

  • [Mention qualification or certificate]

Administrative assistant resume example

You can refer to this example when writing your administration resume:

Sandra White
60 Calbon Road, Queensland

Personal statement

A highly determined and organised administrative assistant with four years of experience in local schools. I'm keen to work in a medical clinic as part of my career development. Working in an office environment allows me to use my organisation, teamwork and communication skills.


Business Studies University – Brisbane
Bachelor of Business Administration
High distinction

Work experience

Administrative Assistant
Redwood Secondary School – Brisbane

  • Collaborated with the senior management to form new finance strategies for the school.

  • Organised paperwork for teachers and managed lesson schedules.

  • Created reports using computer software for manager.

  • Arranged weekly and monthly meetings for the head of administration.

  • Trained new staff members on how to navigate complex computer applications.

Office assistant
Rudley Primary School–Brisbane

  • Organised field trips for the school and updated teachers with relevant information.

  • Greeted parents in the office and showed them around the facility.

  • Recorded information regarding student absence and detention notes.

  • Created a health and safety presentation for students and teachers.

  • Ordered new office supplies and evaluated the remaining financial budget.


  • Communication

  • Organisation

  • Project management

  • Teamwork

  • Technical

Relevant qualifications

  • Certificate IV in Business Administration

  • Certificate III in Business Administration

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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