Are Resume Writers Worth It? (With Benefits and Tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 6 May 2022

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A resume writer is an individual who develops a resume for other individuals. There are many benefits to hiring a resume writer, though whether or not it's worth it can depend on your circumstances. By reviewing the benefits of hiring a resume writer, you can determine if you require their services. In this article, we define what a resume writer is, discuss the answer to the question, 'Are resume writers worth it?', list reasons for hiring one and detail reasons you might not.

What is a resume writer?

A resume writer is an individual who develops job applications for clients. They may also help write cover letters to complement resumes. A resume writer typically collects information about the job the client is applying for and reviews the hiring organisation. They may ask clients questions about their skills, qualifications, experience and motives for applying. From their client's information and job research, they develop an effective resume with professional formatting and content. A resume writer typically has excellent knowledge of recruitment processes and techniques for ensuring a successful application.

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Are resume writers worth it?

The answer to the question, 'Are resume writers worth it?' is subjective and can depend on your circumstances. There are many reasons you might hire a resume writer and several reasons you might not. Whether you get resume writer's services can also depend on if you're happy to pay for them. These professionals usually have extensive knowledge of recruitment processes and have excellent writing skills. In many situations, they may have the expertise to develop a more effective resume than if you were to write one yourself.

You can still develop a professional resume without the services of a resume writer. There are plenty of resources you can examine that provide writing tips, examples and templates. If you've got the time and dedication, you can write a professional job application that addresses the employment requirements and gains the attention of a hiring manager. When determining if a resume writer's services are worth it, it can be a good idea to explore reasons for and against hiring one.

8 reasons for hiring a resume writer

Below, you can find eight reasons for hiring a resume writer:

1. They have writing expertise

One of the main benefits of hiring a resume writer is that they have extensive writing skills. These skills help them develop a resume with a professional tone, clear formatting and engaging content. An effective resume gains the attention of a hiring manager and encourages them to continue reading your resume. A resume writer can write content that achieves this, which can improve your chances of a successful job application. Their advanced writing skills can also help create a cover letter. Cover letters typically involve more writing than a resume and can benefit from good writing skills.

2. They have extensive recruitment knowledge

A resume writer often has excellent knowledge of typical recruitment processes. They understand what hiring managers usually search for in candidates. A resume writer also understands the procedures involved in human resource (HR) aspects of recruitment. They can develop a resume specific to a job listing and the hiring organisation's recruitment methods. A resume writer understands what to include in a resume and what not to include, based on their observation of the recruitment industry.

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3. They can recognise and express common goals

Goal recognition combined with recruitment expertise can allow resume writers to assess the effectiveness of professional goals. If you hire a resume writer, they're likely to ask you several questions to determine your aspirations and goals for the potential job. They may assess your goals and determine if they're worth highlighting on your resume. There are typically no right or wrong goals, though some might engage the hiring manager more than others. A resume writer can detail your aspirations and goals to encourage the hiring manager to continue reading your resume.

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4. They offer creativity

There may be many candidates submitting job applications if you're applying for a competitive job. In this situation, it can be important to develop a resume that gains the attention of the hiring manager. A method of achieving this can be to create a unique resume. A resume writer usually has the creativity to utilise formatting and content that's unique but clear and effective. Many candidates applying for the same position may rely on common resume templates. These templates can sometimes be ineffective at gaining the recruiter's attention.

5. They can develop resumes for varying purposes

A resume writer often has the skills to develop resumes that serve different purposes. For example, if you're applying for a promotion within an organisation, they can develop an application specific to internal recruitment. A resume writer can also create an effective resume if you're a novice in the industry and applying for your first job. Regardless of your resume needs, a resume writer usually has the expertise to create a professional and informative resume.

6. They can help reduce your stress

Depending on your circumstance, you might not have the time to develop an outstanding resume. If you're applying for a position and you're not confident in your resume, it may cause some levels of stress. Hiring a resume writer can ease this stress and allow you to feel confident in your job application. When utilising resume writing services, your only responsibilities are usually to answer the writer's questions. This can save you time and allow you to focus on more important matters.

7. They can conduct professional research

A resume writer often has excellent research skills. They can research industries, organisations and job descriptions to determine valuable content for your resume. A resume writer can review job listings and industries to identify employment requirements, job responsibilities and working environments. When researching a hiring organisation, a resume writer can determine the organisation's employee expectations, working culture, values and morals. With this information, they can ensure your resume content addresses employment requirements and relates to the hiring organisation.

8. They understand ATS procedures

Some organisations may utilise an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS is a software that automatically scans job applications for keyword usage. The ATS ranks applications based on how many keywords candidates use. Keywords usually refer to credentials the hiring organisation is searching for in candidates. For example, if the job listing states communication as an essential candidate skill, communication may likely be a keyword. A resume writer typically has excellent knowledge of an ATS. They can identify and include the necessary keywords and develop a resume with ATS friendly formatting.

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4 reasons for not hiring a resume writer

When deciding whether hiring a resume writer is right for you, it's helpful to compare the pros and cons. Below, you can find four reasons why you might not hire a resume writer:

1. It involves costs

The main reason for not hiring a resume writer is typically the costs involved. Depending on the writer you hire, it can incur substantial costs. If you've got the resources to hire a writer, then this shouldn't be an issue, though you might identify some opportunity costs. You can usually create a professional resume for free using online resources and tutorials. You can spend the money you might otherwise spend on a resume writing service on courses and workshops to develop your skills. Having an impressive resume can be excellent for gaining employment, though having advanced industry skills is usually a more effective method.

2. It can take time

Depending on the resume writer you hire, it might be more time-efficient to develop your own resume. You're likely to understand your strengths, weaknesses, experiences and achievements, so if you've got a good resume template, you can write a resume relatively quickly. A resume writer can develop a great resume, but it can take time. They require information from you, the job listing, the industry and the hiring organisation. Collecting this information and formatting it into a resume might take them several days or even weeks.

3. You might not develop useful skills

If you hire a resume writer, you might not develop recruitment skills, which can be an important skill set in any industry. Similar to learning how to drive, the best way to learn may be to gain practical experience. If you develop your own resume, you may research techniques and industry information that can help you develop effective job applications in the future.

4. The content is not your own

When hiring a resume writer, you are trusting they will create accurate resume content such as your experiences, skills and qualifications. This content includes your credentials, but because you're not the one writing about them, there may be some achievements, motives, aspirations and experiences that are not accurately conveyed. When a recruiter asks you questions during a job interview, they may cross-reference your answers with your resume. Your answers need to reflect the content in your resume, otherwise the hiring manager may believe you falsified some credentials.

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