10 Tips for Writing an Assistant Manager Resume Objective

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 16 May 2022

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When applying for an assistant manager position, it's important to get the attention of hiring managers through a clearly formatted and well-written application. Including a succinct resume objective can be a great way to show recruiters why you're a strong candidate for the role. Learning to write a strong objective can help you convince hiring staff that your skills and experience can benefit their company. In this article, we explain what an assistant manager resume objective is, give 10 tips for writing one and provide example objectives to serve as a guide.

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What is an assistant manager resume objective?

An assistant manager resume objective is an introductory paragraph that candidates may include on their resume when applying for a managerial position. It's typical to structure a resume objective in three parts: who you are, what you can offer and how you may help the company achieve its goals. Candidates often use an objective if they're new to the workforce or seeking a career change.

A resume objective can be an effective alternative to a professional summary. It focuses on your skills and goals rather than your professional experiences and achievements. Its purpose is to convince recruiters you're a suitable candidate for a position despite your limited experience or lack of formal qualifications. While it's not always necessary to include one, if done well, a concise objective can attract the attention of recruiters or hiring managers.

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10 tips for writing an assistant manager resume objective

Follow these 10 tips when writing your own assistant manager resume objective:

1. Review the job requirements

A good resume objective reflects the advertised position. For each role you apply to, note the qualifications, personal qualities and skills the job posting lists. If any match your own strengths or experience, mention them in your objective to present yourself as a strong candidate. You might include skills you learnt in your undergraduate studies, such as written communication, or you can list professional experience in a certain field, such as retail.

2. Customise your objective

Instead of re-using the same objective for each position, try to adjust it to the position you're applying for. Choose skills relevant to the job and be specific about how you can contribute to the company. For example, an objective for an assistant manager position may identify a desire to use customer service and inventory management skills to ensure efficient store operations.

3. State the position

Clearly stating the position you're applying for shows you've read the job description and understand what it entails. Before writing your objective, note the name of the organisation and the title of the advertised position. For instance, instead of 'retail professional seeking a management position', you may write, retail professional looking to apply over three years of experience to the assistant manager position at TechLike.

4. Include keywords

A resume objective can be an effective place to mention keywords from the job description. Including one or two keywords can emphasise how your skills or qualifications align with the advertised position. If the company is large and receives many resumes, using keywords can increase your chances of applicant tracking systems (ATS) noticing and picking out your resume. Keywords for assistant manager roles may include budgeting, leadership, delegating, analytical, profit or customer service.

5. Focus on short-term goals

When writing a resume objective, it's important to focus on career goals that fit within the company. Potential employers often want to know how you plan to progress within their company. For example, if you're applying for an assistant manager position, focus on your aspiration to become a manager.

6. Demonstrate how you can contribute to the company

The aim of a resume objective is to show how your skills and experience may add value to a company. While it's great to have career aspirations, try to focus on what you can contribute to the position on offer. Include information that highlights your value as a candidate. This may include your experience in the industry, particular skill set and relevant qualifications. When applying for an assistant manager role, you may mention how your multi-tasking and delegation skills can improve productivity and team engagement.

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7. Use facts and numbers

When writing your objective, try to use precise, objective language. To support your claim as a suitable candidate, use as many facts and numbers as you can. For instance, you may replace the subjective terms 'expert' and 'talented' with a sentence that includes your years of experience and a measurable achievement. An example might read, retail associate with three years honing skills in floor layout, product display and customer interaction.

8. Use simple language

A resume objective may be more effective if you use simple language. Recruiters and hiring managers want to understand your candidacy quickly. If they're trying to decipher a sentence or the meaning of a word, this may detract from your skills and achievements. Use words like 'do' instead of 'undertake' or 'main' instead of 'principal'.

9. Use adjectives and action words

Using adjectives and action words may make your objective more impactful. Action words can make your sentences concise and powerful. Consider using single words to capture actions, such as 'managed', 'directed', 'executed' or 'facilitated'. It can also be effective to introduce yourself using one or two adjectives. For instance, you may begin your objective with words that capture who you are, such as 'hard-working', 'confident' or 'passionate'. Your opening line may begin, confident and driven business graduate, comfortable working in fast-paced environments.

10. Include relevant skills

The second line of your objective typically lists accomplishments or relevant skills. If you're new to the workforce or seeking a career change, you may highlight your skills rather you're your professional experience. Choose two or three skills that match the job description. Soft skills relevant to an assistant manager position might include strong leadership, delegation or conflict resolution skills. Alternatively, you may list hard skills, such as knowledge of company policies, budgeting or computer literacy.

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Examples of resume objectives for an assistant manager

Here are examples of resume objectives that may help you apply for an assistant manager role:

  • Driven individual with three years' retail associate experience and strong analytical skills. Seeking employment at GameEquation as an assistant manager, where my knowledge of customer service principles and computer-based inventory tools may generate higher business revenues.

  • Former small business owner with over 10 years of experience seeking assistant manager position at Bookwise with the goal of using strong sales and customer service skills to maximise company profitability.

  • Confident sales associate with four years of experience providing quality customer service in a large department store. Looking to apply marketing, product display and administrative skills to the assistant manager position at SaunaCool to improve workplace culture and team productivity.

  • Critical thinker with over five years of customer service experience in a fast-paced environment. Seeking the position of assistant manager at GameVisuals to utilise my knowledge of retail operations, workplace scheduling and effective coordination of multiple projects.

  • Strong leader with a Bachelor of Business Administration seeking the position of assistant manager at Bespoke Fashion. Coming with seven years of retail experience and proven skills in handling customer complaints, building teams and ensuring efficient store operations.

  • Passionate salesperson with a high level of initiative and the drive to learn new skills quickly and competently. Seeking the assistant manager position at TangledThread where my proven sales success in my previous role and ability to meet sales goals will see the company achieve its mission.

  • Energetic shift leader seeking an assistant manager position at Multifood. Looking to advance my career in a fulfilling role and bring the benefits of strong interpersonal skills, team leadership and excellent time-management.

  • Creative individual with a Bachelor of Business and honed communication and critical-thinking skills. Coming to the assistant manager role at Sportiva with two years of store management experience and an in-depth knowledge of strategies to improve business sales.

  • Self-motivated candidate with proven leadership skills and accomplished supervision and training of junior-level employees. Aiming for the assistant manager position where a supportive attitude and retail sales knowledge will ensure productive company operations.

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