A Guide to Writing an Assistant Principal Resume Objective

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 16 May 2022

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An assistant principal supports the school principal in the management and operation of a school. You can typically find these positions in both primary and secondary schools. When writing your resume to apply for an assistant principal role, it's a great idea to include a resume objective statement to gain the reader's attention. In this article, we share what an assistant principal resume objective is, list points to consider when writing one, review skills to include, describe benefits of a resume objective and provide some examples.

What's an assistant principal resume objective?

An assistant principal resume objective is an introduction paragraph on your resume. It's usually one of the first things a hiring manager reads on your resume, so including a well-written one may have a significant influence on whether they offer you an interview. Recruiters typically receive lots of applications when they advertise for an assistant principal position. This means they're likely to have lots of resumes to read. Because of this, it's common for recruiters to only read the entire resume of those that they find interesting. This is where a great resume objective can help you.

An objective statement usually summarises your work experience in the education industry, shares your relevant education and lists the skills and qualities that you believe make you suitable for the position. It can present you to the reader as a qualified, highly skilled candidate. If you don't have previous experience in an assistant principal role, you can use it as an opportunity to highlight your qualifications and any skills you think may be important to the employer.

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Points to consider when writing an assistant principal resume objective

The points below can help you write a captivating principal resume objective statement:

  • Include keywords. It's common for recruiters to highlight the skills and qualities they're seeking in an ideal candidate. It's a great idea to reference these skills and qualities in your objective statement to show the reader that you align with the position.

  • Keep it brief. A great resume objective is usually two to three sentences long. Keeping it short helps to maintain the reader's attention and can entice them to learn more about you by reading the rest of your resume.

  • Make it clear. Besides keeping your objective statement brief, it's important to keep the language clear to ensure it's easy to read. You may wish to ask a trusted friend to review your statement for you to ensure it's easy to read and flows well.

  • Double-check for errors. The best resume objective statements are well-written and omit spelling and grammatical errors. You may wish to use a typing assistant when creating your statement to ensure you notice and amend any errors prior to sending your resume to a prospective employer.

  • Sell yourself. A resume objective is an opportunity to sell yourself to the reader and make them believe you're the most suitable candidate for the role. Use positive wording and don't be afraid to highlight your career achievements to show the reader your potential to succeed.

  • Explain what you can bring to the school. It's a great idea to tell the recruiter what you intend to bring to the school if you're successful in obtaining the role of assistant principal. This may include strong decision-making abilities or innovative ideas for increasing student attendance rates.

Skills to reference in your assistant principal resume objective

Recruiters typically seek specific skills when hiring an assistant principal. You can find some of the most common skills below:

Leadership skills

Assistant principals form part of the leadership team within a school. They lead the teachers and other school personnel to ensure the school meets their educational goals and curriculum. Possessing great leadership skills means you can accept this role confidently and support the principal in running the school effectively.

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Communication skills

One of the primary duties of an assistant principal is to communicate with teachers, students and families. There's a requirement for them to discuss educational activities and curriculum goals in a way all parties can understand. Being able to communicate with people professionally and understand the techniques involved in active listening can be essential to completing the role successfully.

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Administrative skills

Assistant principals monitor student performance and attendance, along with controlling financial budgets and completing team management activities. These duties are best supported by strong administrative skills to ensure they can complete these tasks effectively. Possessing great administrative skills can show a recruiter that you're well organised and can manage leave bookings, performance reviews and other high-level administrative tasks as required.

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Teamwork skills

Being able to work as part of a larger team can be important in the role of an assistant principal. Teamwork skills ensure you can work with others to achieve common goals, for example, providing relief for a colleague by teaching their class while they undertake a professional development activity. Teachers within a school work together to educate their students, so it's essential you can work well with others and provide team direction when required.

Benefits of including an objective statement in your assistant principal resume

A well-written objective statement can provide many benefits when applying for an assistant principal role, including:

  • Showcasing your qualifications: Employers usually require assistant principals to have a master's degree in education or a similar qualification to prove they have the knowledge and skills to undertake their role. An objective statement is a great way to highlight your qualifications to the reader without them having to read your entire resume.

  • Referring to keywords: A lot of recruiters utilise application tracking software (ATS) to identify keywords within an application to help short-list the most suitable candidates for interviews. By writing an objective statement that references keywords, you can increase the chance of the ATS selecting your application.

  • Highlighting your strong leadership skills: Candidates with exceptional leadership skills are likely to be competitive candidates for the role of assistant principal. Highlighting your leadership skills within your objective statement is a great way to captivate the reader's attention.

  • Encouraging the recruiter to read your resume: When recruiting for an assistant principal position, it's common for recruiters to receive many applications. Including a powerful resume objective can make a great first impression on the reader and encourage them to read the rest.

10 examples of resume objectives for an assistant principal

Now that you know what a strong resume objective includes, you may find these examples useful as a reference when writing your own:

  1. Highly motivated university graduate with a Master of Education. Seeking to provide a safe learning environment for students and provide support and guidance for teachers. I pride myself on my exceptional organisational, written communication skills and my strong work ethic.

  2. Results-oriented and passionate about creating a positive school culture. I‘m seeking a position as an assistant principal with the goal of enhancing the student learning experience by observing teaching methods and implementing a school safety plan. I have three years of experience in leadership roles within the school community and wish to broaden my knowledge in the high school environment.

  3. Searching for a motivating role as an Assistant Principal in County School, where strong communication skills and exceptional leadership can assist with providing an improved teaching experience.

  4. A confident candidate with over five years of experience in principal assistant positions. I come with great references to support my ability to encourage student development and assist teachers in furthering their education. I'm applying for this role with the hope to obtain a principal assistant position in a high school environment to add to my primary school experience.

  5. Qualified principal assistant looking to advance my career by advocating for students in a positive teaching environment at Grey School.

  6. Seeking an assistant principal role at Haywood School where I can put my four years of education administration experience to the best use.

  7. Devoted assistant principal with twelve years of experience in leading educational programs. Passionate about ensuring students have access to education and increasing student attendance rates.

  8. A highly skilled individual with exceptional leadership skills. Seeking an assistant principal position where I can support teachers and other school personnel by implementing robust school disciplinary policies. Passionate about providing a safe and orderly environment for teaching.

  9. Looking for an assistant principal role in Bridgets High School to put my exceptional leadership skills to good use. I'm a highly motivated individual with a drive to support the teachers and families of the school to work together to improve the student learning experience.

  10. An experienced educational professional seeking to fill the position of assistant principal at Barlows Primary School. I come with a strong reputation for providing teachers with professional development activities. I'm seeking a position where I can continue assisting teachers and other educational professionals in their roles within the education system.

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