How to Write a B2B Sales Resume in 7 Steps (Plus Template)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 20 June 2022

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Business to business (B2B) sales representatives are professionals who work for a company that sells to other businesses. These roles often include having strong communication and negotiation skills to fulfil their job duties efficiently. Learning about the different B2B components to add to your resume can help you create a well-written document to aid you in your job applications. In this article, we discuss how to write a B2B sales resume in seven steps, provide a template and share an example resume for you to use as a reference.

How to write a B2B sales resume in 7 steps

As a B2B sales professional, you may have a range of skills and experiences to include on your resume. Here are seven steps to help you write your B2B sales resume:

1. Introduce yourself with your contact information

Begin your resume with a clear listing of your contact information so that potential managers can easily reach you. Placing this information at the top of the page in a header is one way to do this. You can include your name, address, mobile phone number, email address and professional portfolio or website, if you have one and it's relevant, in the contact information section of your resume.

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2. Write a professional summary

A professional summary encapsulates your key skills and experiences. Typically, you place these statements near the top of a resume underneath contact information. They usually comprise a few brief sentences and you can also include your career goals to show potential employers what type of work you're looking for.

For example, your B2B sales professional summary might say, Experienced business-to-business sales representative skilled in pitching, fostering client relationships and closing sales. Seeking business-to-business sales representative positions in the New South Wales area. Additionally, if you've received public recognition from the industry or awards from former roles, include those accolades in your summary. This can help the hiring managers envision what you might do for them at their company if they were to hire you for the role.

3. Detail your sales work experience

One key component of your B2B sales resume is describing your work experience. This can help show potential employers that you're qualified. Choose experiences that are related to the position you're interested in. List each position, the company you worked for, its location and the dates of your employment for each role.

Under each entry, write concise descriptions in a bulleted list. Try to quantify some of your descriptions with performance metrics because this can give potential employers tangible evidence of your expertise. For example, one description bullet point could say, Used pitching and communication skills to gain 15 new clients, increasing the company's sales by 10%. Additionally, use present tense verbs when discussing your job duties at your current position and past tense verbs when you're listing the tasks you handled in former roles.

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4. Describe your education

In an education section, summarise the relevant education you've received. Many companies may require a high-level degree in a related field, so including your educational institution and degree can show potential managers that you meet the hiring criteria. You can also include any relevant training or honours that further show your competence. Here are some degrees to consider earning:

  • associate degree in sales

  • associate degree in business administration

  • bachelor's degree in sales

  • bachelor's degree in business administration

  • bachelor's degree in logistics

  • bachelor's degree in marketing

  • bachelor's degree in communication

5. Make a list of your skills

Listing your skills is a great way to show potential employers that you have the qualifications to succeed in a B2B sales position. You can include both hard skills and soft skills with commas or pipes (|) as separators. Hard skills worth listing on your resume may include:

  • sales pitch execution

  • cold calls

  • sales software

  • data analysis

  • commerce abilities

Some soft skills you might consider including are:

  • communication

  • organisation

  • active listening

  • time management

  • persuasion

  • negotiation

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6. Add relevant certifications

Adding relevant certifications to your resume can show employers you're interested in spending extra time and effort to become successful in your career. Including your certifications on your resume may help you differentiate yourself from other professionals who share a similar background to yours but may not have earned their certification in a related field. Your certifications may show your dedication to your career and passion for furthering your education. Here are some useful certifications for B2B sales representatives to include on your resume:

  • Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)

  • Certified Sales Professional (CSP)

  • Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP)

  • Certified Digital Marketing Professional

7. Review your work

After you've finished drafting your resume, you may find it beneficial to review your work. This can help you ensure your document is error-free. It's best to submit a resume that you've ensured has no spelling errors or other noticeable inconsistencies. To do this, read your document from the bottom up. This can help you notice if you left out any words necessary for the message to make sense.

You can also ask a colleague or friend to proofread your resume and give you feedback that can improve your work before submitting it with your application. When you do this, you can present yourself professionally before you even meet the hiring manager reviewing your application.

Template resume for B2B sales

Here's a template you can use when creating your own resume for this role:

[Full name], [Degree]
[Mobile phone number] | [Email address] | [City, state or territory] | [Portfolio or professional website]

Professional Summary
[A brief summary statement highlighting your main credentials.]

Professional Experience
[Job title]
[Company name], [City], [State], [Start and end dates]

  • [Job duty or responsibility]

  • [Job duty or responsibility]

  • [Job duty or responsibility]

  • [Job duty or responsibility]

  • [Job duty or responsibility]

[Job title]
[Company name], [City], [State], [Start and end dates]

  • [Job duty or responsibility]

  • [Job duty or responsibility]

  • [Job duty or responsibility]

[Institution name], [City], [State], [Graduation year, if you graduated in the last five years]
[Degree received]

[Skill one] | [Skill two] | [Skill three] | [Skill four] | [Skill five] | [Skill six]


  • [Certification]

  • [Certification]

  • [Certification]

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Example resume for a B2B sales role

Here's an example of what your resume may look when completed:

John Smith, Bachelor of Business Administration
+617 7725 1022 | | Sydney, New South Wales |

Professional Summary

Innovative and analytical professional with two years of experience working in the industry, seeking the role of B2B sales representative at Sunrise Sales Company. Has a bachelor's degree in business administration and a coach-like mindset determined to improve the sales of the company by 5% in the first year. Achieved the Best Salesperson award at a former position for exceeding my sales quota in the first year of being hired.

Professional Experience
Sales representative
Sales Unknown Corporation, Sydney, New South Wales, May 2020–Current

  • pitch products to new clients in phone, email and face-to-face scenarios

  • conduct calls and build positive professional relationships with new and existing clients

  • meet sales goals and provide frequent sales reports

  • research new companies on social media and use professional sales software to contact the companies and pitch them our products and services based on their needs and goals

  • negotiate and close deals with new and existing clients while also completing 10 cold call quotas per day

Sales representative intern
Happily Ever After Sales Company, Sydney, New South Wales, September 2019–May 2020

  • worked with the sales team to develop sales plans and learned valuable business skills

  • developed sales skills through on-the-job training with supervisors

  • presented progress reports to the sales team


Bachelor of Business Administration
South Seal Gulch University, Sydney, New South Wales, 2020


Social selling | Inbound and outbound marketing | Communicating | Negotiating | Active listening | Researching


  • Authorised Professional Sales Person , Independent Marketing Corporations, 2020

  • Digital Marketing Certificate, Independent Marketing Corporations, 2020

  • Certificate in Business Sales, Independent Marketing Corporations, 2020

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