How to Write a Bank Teller Cover Letter (With Example)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 20 June 2022

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To become a full-time bank teller, you may want to create a professional cover letter to include with your applications. Creating a well-written cover letter can help the application process by adding important elements that complement a resume. If you want to prepare a well-crafted cover letter for a bank teller job, reviewing essential elements and sample letters can help. In this article, we explain what information you can include in your bank teller cover letter and give you an example so you can create your own.

How to write a bank teller cover letter

To get started on your bank teller cover letter, here are a few tips you can use:

1. Make it as short as you can

A concise cover letter can effectively showcase your experience and skills. Offering a cover letter that's short and concise can help your hiring manager focus on the key details of your qualifications as a teller. Because a cover letter precedes your resume, it's important to make it brief so that the hiring manager can read it entirely and review the rest of your application details.

2. Mention some skills throughout your letter

When writing your cover letter, add some of your most notable skills that can contribute to your success as a teller. Consider highlighting key skills that tellers use on a daily basis, like organisation, numeracy and customer service. Including your skills throughout your cover letter can not only help the reader see what you're capable of as a bank teller, but it can also help to emphasise those skills as they review them again in other parts of your application, such as your resume.

3. Review the details on the application page

Consider reviewing what qualifications your hiring manager is looking for as you write your cover letter. Browse the job listing to learn what specific skills and values your potential employer may prioritise when hiring bank teller applicants. If you review the details from the application page and add those same details to your cover letter, you can ensure that you match the job specifications as closely as possible. This can make your resume more attractive to each specific employer and may make you appear to be a suitable bank teller candidate.

4. Introduce yourself and your experience

When you begin writing your cover letter, be sure to introduce yourself as someone who has relevant experience that may be useful in banking and who has a passion for being a teller. If you've previously worked for a well-known banking company, you can mention this in your initial introduction to show your industry connections. By combining some of your previous work experience with your introduction, you can also make your cover letter more concise.

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5. Include your contact information

When writing your cover letter, be sure to include some reliable contact information. This is so that your hiring manager can contact you if they need any more information about your resume or cover letter while reviewing your application. This contact information can also be important in case they want to schedule an interview with you. When writing your contact information for your cover letter, place your name, email, phone number and professional website in the space before you begin the main body of the letter.

6. Explain why you're a good fit for the position

In your cover letter, it's important to reiterate why you're a good candidate to be a bank teller with the company. You can do this by stating your work history, what you enjoy about working as a bank teller and what you can bring to the company as a unique employee. Including both personal and professional details as to why you're a good fit can help your cover letter stay unique when compared to others. Stating that you're a good fit for the position and giving specific reasons why demonstrates a degree of confidence that your hiring manager may find appealing.

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7. Make multiple drafts and gather feedback

After you've completed your cover letter, consider contacting some friends, family or trusted colleagues to help you improve on your first draft. As you're drafting, or waiting for responses from your peers, consider making multiple drafts. Attempting the same cover letter many times can help you get different perspectives on your own experience and develop a cover letter that most aligns with the position.

Skills to include in your bank teller cover letter

If you're wondering what skills you can include in your cover letter to make your application for a bank teller job better, consider some of the following options:

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is a great skill to include in your cover letter because it shows that you care as a teller for both the customer's interest and the bank's priorities. Bank tellers need attention to detail skills to manage accounts, finances and client requests. Multitasking and keeping track of account details can help a bank teller work efficiently.

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Written and verbal communication

Bank tellers often communicate with customers verbally and in writing. Whether talking with them in the bank, writing notices or writing the details of a report, bank tellers use their communication skills to stay efficient and clear. Including your written and verbal communication skills in your cover letter can help convince your hiring manager that you're prepared for the position.


Bookkeeping is a skill that bank tellers use to keep accounts organised. Listing this kind of skill in your cover letter can help hiring managers to notice your expertise in the field. You can articulate your ability to organise and keep track of records by briefly summarising what duties you've had in the past and how those responsibilities have prepared you for the career you're pursuing now.

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Bank teller cover letter example

If you want to begin working on your cover letter, consider using this example as a guide:

Amber Berry
454-555-4533 | |
1 August, 2022

Dear Hiring Manager,

I 'm writing to you about the recent opening for the Head Teller position at Overview and Hedger Credit Union. Having seen your post on a job forum, and considering my 10 years of experience, I am sure that I would be a great fit for this particular role. As per the application page, I am an experienced bank teller with excellent maths and organisational skills. My previous experience in other banks has taught me how to manage accounts and carry out all the basic duties of a bank teller.

I have worked as a bank teller and as a supervisor in different banks. I have trained two members of staff, who now both work as senior bank tellers. Before moving to Sydney, I aim to acquire another bank telling job to continue accumulating experience and working to improve the company that I represent. My ability to multi-task and keep track of details has allowed me to work well with customers in previous positions. I look forward to demonstrating my value as a bank teller to the Overview and Hedger Federal Credit Union through this position.

I have skills that I believe can be an asset to the credit union, including:

  • processing over 20 customers an hour with excellent attention to detail

  • responding to customer inquiries concerning over 100 accounts weekly

  • balancing teller machines and dispensers to ensure that each machine has an equal reported balance, often totalling more than $100,000

Considering my extensive experience in the field and my ability to train new employees, I believe that I am the right candidate for the job. I would very much look forward to discussing the role with you in more detail in an interview. If you have any questions about my previous experience, please don't hesitate to contact me using the details provided above. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Amber Berry

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