How to Write a Barista Resume Objective (Plus Template)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 4 July 2022

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A barista is someone with expert coffee knowledge who makes and serves espresso and espresso-based beverages, such as cappuccino, mocha, latte and iced coffee. Baristas often know about different coffee origins and are usually skilled at preparing a wide variety of coffee recipes. To apply for a barista position, you may need a resume with a strong career objective to make your application appealing to a hiring manager. In this article, we discuss what a resume objective is, outline how to write a barista resume objective, offer tips for crafting your own and include a template and examples for inspiration.

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What is a resume objective?

A resume objective is a brief summary of your top skills, abilities and experiences as a barista that you intend to use for the benefit of a company. As the objective is typically near the top of your resume, it's one of the first things a hiring manager reads and can serve as their introduction to you as a professional. A successful resume objective captures the attention of the hiring manager and offers them enough insight into your potential as a candidate to keep them reading the rest of the resume.

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How to write a barista resume objective

If you're considering applying for a job as a barista, it's valuable to ensure your barista resume objective contains the most up-to-date information and fits the description of the job you're applying for. You can follow these steps to write or update your resume objective:

1. Analyse the job listing

Analysing the job listing can help you identify exactly what the employer is looking for in a candidate. As you read through the barista job listing, you can use these questions to assess key points:

  • Is there a required barista certification?

  • What professional and personal skills are necessary?

  • Does the position require experience, and if so, how many years?

  • Are there keywords or phrases that you can use in your resume objective?

Analysing the job description in this way helps you identify which of your skills and abilities to highlight in your statement, so you can align yourself with the type of employee the company is looking for.

2. Include the exact job title

Mentioning the job title in your resume objective is useful, as it may give the hiring manager context for the rest of your resume. In situations where an organisation is hiring multiple new employees, being specific regarding which position you're applying for helps to avoid confusion. Referring to the exact job title in the job listing can indicate your fine attention to detail, which is a valuable quality in a barista.

3. Describe yourself using keywords

To highlight your personality and character attributes, choose a few adjectives that help describe why you'd make a successful barista. Try to identify keywords that align closely with the hospitality industry by analysing job listings. Using industry-standard phrases can strengthen your appeal as a candidate and help applicant tracking systems (ATS) to recognise your resume. Consider these keywords:

  • For traits relating to customer service: Aim for words such as friendly, communicative or hospitable.

  • For characteristics that focus on your work ethic: Try using phrases such as creative problem solver, energetic and hard-working or diligent and committed employee.

  • For qualities referring to your work style: Consider words such as meticulous, detail-oriented, accurate and efficient.

5. Briefly discuss your experience

If you have experience as a barista, you can mention how many years you've worked in this field. If this is the first barista job you're applying for, you can include other experiences relevant to the role. For example, if you worked as a server in a restaurant for two years, you could add two years of food server experience to your resume objective. Include any experience that adds to your suitability as a barista, such as retail, customer service, hospitality experience or any background in a food-related industry.

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6. Include skills that apply to the job

End your resume objective by emphasising the relevant skills you could bring to the role. Try to align these skills with the job requirements to reinforce your suitability as a candidate. Use the job description as a guide to highlight your natural, learned or transferable skills in an effective way. For example, if the job description mentions the ability to create coffee art, you might mention your natural flair for coffee artistry. Other barista skills to consider for your resume objective include:

  • customer service skills like friendliness and tact

  • latte art and milk steaming

  • coffee-bean grinding and knowledge of coffee types

  • espresso machine and tamping skills

  • broad knowledge of coffee brews and roasts

  • manual and automatic coffee brewing

  • speed and efficiency

  • cash handling

  • stock and inventory management

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Tips for writing a resume objective for a barista position

Consider these tips when writing your resume objective to apply for a barista opening:

  • Consider the company's benefit. As you write your resume objective, think about what you're offering the company and how they may benefit from hiring you. Try to convey your skills, abilities and experience in a way that shows the company what they may gain by employing you.

  • Provide context for your skills. A resume objective offers you the opportunity to expand on your key skills by providing more background information. For example, broaden the term communication skills by adding context such as excellent at communicating with clients in a fast-paced take-away food environment.

  • Include relevant qualifications. Include any specific barista qualifications in your resume objective to let the employer know what level of training you have or whether you might need on-the-job training. If you're part way through a course at the time of applying, you may include that information and mention when the training ends.

  • Aim to be brief. When writing your resume objective, aim for two to three sentences that contain relevant and necessary words. Aligning your resume objective with the job listing can help you decide what information to include in your objective and what information to list in the body of your resume.

  • Present yourself professionally. To present yourself professionally, proofread your resume objective to ensure it's free from spelling or grammar errors. Aim to keep the layout clean by using a single font throughout and maintaining even spacing between paragraphs.

Template for a resume objective for a barista job

Using a template to create your resume objective can help ensure you create a strong impression on an employer. A template includes the key elements that a hiring manager may look for when reading your resume. Consider the following template when you write your resume objective:

[Strong adjective] [strong adjective] [current role] seeking employment as a barista at [Company Name]. Skilled in [skill or experience] and [skill or experience] can assist with [task related to job description].

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Examples of resume objectives for a barista

Reading examples of objectives for different career stages can inspire you when writing your own. Consider these resume objective examples for barista applications:

Example 1

A recent graduate may benefit from this resume objective example:

Calm and cheerful high school graduate seeking employment as a barista at The Pale Lemon Coffee Garden. Skilled in memorising coffee recipes and working quickly under pressure. Can also assist with increasing customer satisfaction through efficient and friendly service.

Example 2

This resume objective is suitable for a student seeking a barista position:

Enthusiastic and reliable high school student seeking a weekend barista job with Cactus Coffee and Cake Restaurant. Offering a broad knowledge of coffee making and food service to provide guests with exceptional assistance.

Example 3

This example is suitable for someone changing careers to a barista job:

Experienced customer service professional with a background in hotel restaurant work looking to shift career path to coffee service with the Woddly Coffee Spot. Offering over five years of experience in taking orders, serving food and processing transactions. Adept at acquiring new skills quickly to prepare and serve hot and cold beverages according to brand specifications.

Example 4

This example is suitable for an entry-level barista:

Creative and customer-focused individual seeking a position as a barista with Chiefs Coffee Emporium. Bringing a friendly work style and teamwork skills to enhance client service. Fast learner, looking forward to the in-house training offered to gain the necessary skills to contribute positively to the five-star reputation of Chiefs.

Example 5

Experienced baristas may find this example useful:

Seasoned, detail-oriented barista seeking employment with KoffiKyk House to deliver a first-class customer experience. Offering exceptional artistic talents in latte and fudge art with over 10,000 followers on social media. Eager to bring in more customers to add to the existing loyal KoffiKyk patronage.

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