A Guide to Resumes for Beginners (With Examples)

Updated 26 July 2023

A resume for beginners usually refers to a resume for candidates who are entering the workforce for the first time or have minimal work experience. Depending on your qualifications and work experience, there may be several resume styles you can choose from. Understanding how to write a beginner resume can help you prepare for potential job interviews. In this article, we offer a guide to resumes for beginners, some beginner resume examples and a couple of resume templates to help you write your own resume.

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What to include in a beginner resume

Anyone who is starting their first job may need a guide to resumes for beginners to find out just what they can include in it. For example, even though you may have no work experience, one thing you can focus on is your academic achievements. Below you can find some information to include in your beginner resume:


Most employers usually understand that candidates entering the workforce for the first time may not have much work experience. There may be some life experiences you've had that relate to the role. If you're applying for the role of a kitchen hand, simply cooking dinner every night and washing the dishes can usually count as related experience. If you apply for a landscape gardening job, any work you've done in your own garden can count.


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Education can be one of the most important sections of a beginner's resume. If your entry-level resume doesn't include any work experience, potential employers typically look at your education to find out your eligibility for the role. Some of the educational achievements you can detail in your resume may include degrees or certificates to show your completion of Year 10 and Year 12.


If you are entering the work industry for the first time, you may lack technical skills, instead, you can enumerate any soft skills you may have gained. These include such things as personality traits and social habits and can often include good communication, teamwork abilities, organisational skills and reliability – qualities that most young people develop at school. Soft skills are important in most jobs and many potential employers value them highly.

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Skills to include in a beginner resume

Many skills can assist you in carrying out the duties of the roles you apply for. It is important to include those skills that are most relevant to the career you apply for. For example, if you're applying for the role of a manual labourer and can handle power tools, that can be a useful skill to include. Below you can find some more relevant skills that you may include in your resume:

Organisational skills

A skill that many employers search for in candidates is the ability to organise things well. Organisational skills can include self-management and time management. For instance, include your organisational skills when you apply for an entry-level position as an administrator or other jobs where you will need to manage a team or organise a process, as this can improve your chances of gaining employment.


A hiring manager may look for applicants who can display a level of reliability. For example, if you apply for an entry-level job in a warehouse, you may spend parts of the working day alone and without supervision. Including details on your resume about your dependability and ability to work independently can improve your employment opportunities.

Clear communication

One of the most important skills to have can be good communication. Being skilled in clear communication is essentially the ability to convey and receive information that everyone finds easy to understand. Excellent communication skills can include active listening, confidence and constructive feedback. These skills can help you to work effectively with others and to give accurate feedback.


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Beginner resume examples

It may be helpful to use beginner resume examples as a reference when writing your own entry-level resume. Following these examples may result in a more professional resume. Below you can find some examples of resumes for beginners and for entry-level professionals:

Beginner resume for a teenager

Here is an entry-level resume example for a teenager applying for their first job as a landscaper:

Benjamin Jones
Edgetown, QLD 3466
+61 3 1234 5677

Resume summary

Motivated student with excellent physical fitness and an understanding of basic power tools. I am looking for a landscaping position to provide me with a career that allows me to stay active and be outdoors.

Related experiences

Assisted my family to create a new garden

  • planting new plants

  • providing nutrients to plants

  • operating a leaf blower

  • operating a lawn mower

  • using basic hand tools such as shovels, spades and trenching tools

  • assisting in the installation of an irrigation system

Helping family friends lay lawn and install an irrigation system

  • using a saw

  • applying glue to irrigation pieces

  • selecting the correct watering heads

  • levelling ground with a shovel and screed

  • cutting rolls of lawn to fit the garden

  • carting wheelbarrows of mulch and soil

Academic achievements

Edgetown High School
January 2010–2020

  • Completed Year 10


  • attention to detail

  • problem-solving skills

  • physical fitness

  • self-motivated

  • organised

  • effective communication

  • time management

Beginner resume for an entry-level professional

Below is an example resume for an administrator entering the workforce for the first time:

Mel Zafar
Bridgeman, QLD 2133
+61 3 1234 5644

Resume objective

Motivated student currently studying for a Certificate in Office Administration. I am looking for an administrative role to further my knowledge in the administration industry.

Related experience

Volunteering with a local charity to help organise a sporting event

  • answering phone

  • providing information to attendants

  • collecting participants' information

  • organising information slips

  • helping to record participant times

  • helping to organise food and drink services

Volunteering at my local netball club to help manage events and logistics

  • contacting venues

  • organising food and drink for games

  • liaising with other clubs

  • organising social events

  • organising transport to and from games


Bridgeman High school
January 2008–December 2019

  • completed Year 12

Office Training Group
January 2020–current

  • Certificate in Office Administration


  • organising teams

  • operating office programs

  • problem-solving skills

  • working independently

  • self-motivated

  • attention to detail

  • computer literacy

  • effective communication

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Templates for a beginner resume

If this is your first time applying for a job, then a beginner resume is likely one that can best fit your job application. Below, you can find two different templates that may apply to your skills and expertise:

Resume template for a beginner

Here's a resume template you can use as a beginner:

[Phone Number]
[Email address]

Resume objective

[The objective or objective summary is essentially one or two sentences long and outlines your reasons for pursuing the career. You may also include your aspirations and the goals you want to achieve from this job role.]


[Company Name]
[Dates of employment]
[Bullet points of responsibilities]


[School name]
[Dates attended]
[Degrees completed]


[If you're a young person, you may have skills that can be useful in any kind of employment, known as soft skills, such as good communication, teamwork or organisation. It's usually important to list the soft skills that relate to your chosen career.]

Achievements and awards

[School awards and achievements are usually what potential employers look for when reviewing a beginner's resume. Awards or extracurricular activities can display certain characteristics that employers may value, such as leadership and confidence.]

Interests and hobbies

[Your hobbies and interests can provide an insight into your life that may reflect your personality and skills. If you're applying for an outdoor and physical career such as landscaping, it's best to include relevant interests, like gardening, sports and other outdoor activities.]

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Resume template for a first-time professional

You can use this template to apply to your first jobs after gaining relevant knowledge and experience:

[Phone Number]
[Email address]

Resume objective

[A summary of your resume objective can include one or two sentences about your main qualifications, skills and goals. You may not have substantial work experience if this is your first job application, even though you've completed a degree or certificate. You may want to ensure the content of this section applies to your potential role.]


[Dates attended]
[Degrees completed]

Related experience

[If this is your first time seeking employment, you may have general life experience that has provided you with many transferable skills. For example, if you're applying for a gardening role, you can mention that you've used a lawn mower, string trimmer and leaf blower.]

Useful skills

[You can use bullet points to include a list of any relevant skills you have. If you don't have any related experience in the role, then you can list your soft skills, such as your communication, organisation, problem-solving and teamwork skills.]

Awards and achievements

[Potential employers may look for information other than work experience to assess your capabilities in the workplace if this is your first career application. They may refer to your awards and school achievements to gain a better understanding of your aptitude.]

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