How to Write a Cabin Crew Resume (with a Resume Template)

Updated 27 July 2023

A cabin crew member, also known as a flight attendant, provides service to passengers on airline aircraft. They usually possess excellent customer service skills and can communicate effectively to provide comfort, reassurance and safety to passengers. By reviewing a sample resume for a cabin crew member, you can determine the relevant credentials to highlight on your own resume. In this article, we define a cabin crew resume, discuss how to write one, list skills to include on your resume, provide a resume template and share a resume example.

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What's a cabin crew resume?

A cabin crew resume is a document outlining your employability as a flight attendant. Your resume can include several sections depicting specific employment attributes, such as your work experience, qualifications and skills. When applying for a flight attendant job, your resume might focus on varying credentials, depending on your expertise and experience. Hiring airlines might favour you as a candidate if you display excellent customer service skills and interpersonal qualities on your resume. This is because, as a member of the cabin crew, your primary responsibilities are usually to ensure passengers have a comfortable and safe flight.

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How to write a cabin crew resume

Below, you can explore a detailed guide on how to write a flight attendant resume:

1. Clearly outline your contact details

The first section of your resume typically outlines your contact details. Hiring managers usually utilise this section to contact you if your job application progresses to the interview stage. You can write your full name first with your email address, phone number, city and state/territory on another line, separated by pipe characters. Writing your contact details in clear formatting can allow the hiring managers to identify your information easily.

2. Write a professional summary

A professional summary is usually one of the most important parts of your resume because it summarises your employability as a flight attendant. It's typically the first section on your resume that hiring managers evaluate. For this reason, it's usually a good idea to include your most notable achievements and credentials. It may also be worth discussing your motives for applying for the job and the attributes you hope to contribute to the hiring airline. As a flight attendant, you might include your interpersonal qualities and customer service skills, as these are typically favourable traits to possess.

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3. Highlight your interpersonal qualities

Interpersonal qualities typically refer to soft skills that can help you interact with others. Interpersonal qualities you might reference on your resume can include communication, awareness, empathy and conflict resolution. Hiring managers typically value these skills because they can directly assist you in conducting your responsibilities as a flight attendant. There are qualifications and certifications you can complete, though your interpersonal qualities might be the primary credentials hiring managers are seeking. This is because, while you might understand typical procedures from a qualification, your interpersonal qualities can help you execute those procedures with professionalism.

4. Reference your certifications

As a cabin crew member, you typically possess an abundance of safety and operational certificates. These aren't always necessary to obtain and include on your resume because many airlines provide on-the-job training. For example, if you become a flight attendant, you may likely receive training for operating emergency exits, deploying emergency slides and ensuring the calmness of passengers. While you gain most of your certifications during employment, you can still include a responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and a first-aid certificate. These might be employment requirements, depending on the hiring airline.

5. Detail your qualifications

Depending on the hiring airline, you might not require a qualification, though it may be beneficial to include it on your resume, regardless of employment requirements. If you complete a related qualification, you typically develop knowledge of airline procedures and customer service protocols specific to the industry. If you highlight your qualification on your resume, it can suggest to hiring airlines ‌that you require less training to become a proficient flight attendant. The most common type of qualification you may consider is usually a Certificate III of Aviation (Cabin Crew).

6. Mention your work experience

Work experience can be an excellent credential to reference on your resume, depending on its relevance to a cabin crew position. Work experience can highlight your practical skills and knowledge of the aviation industry. Similar to a qualification, this can suggest to hiring managers ‌that you require less training and resources. You can include work experience outside of the aviation industry, provided it involves customer service responsibilities and interpersonal skills. Any career where you're responsible for providing excellent customer service, resolving conflicts and communicating with customers may be worth referencing as work experience.

Skills to include on your resume

Below, you can explore some skills that might be beneficial to include on your flight attendant resume:

  • Customer service: Your primary function as a flight attendant is usually to ensure passengers have a comfortable experience during a flight. Your customer service skills can help you treat passengers with respect, kindness and professionalism.

  • Communication: As a flight attendant, you may address passengers using public announcement systems and provide safety demonstrations. Your communication skills can help you address passengers confidently and show safety procedures with clarity.

  • Awareness: To ensure customers have a safe and comfortable flight, you typically require an awareness of your surroundings. Your awareness skills can help you identify passengers who may require help, are feeling ill or causing discomfort to other passengers.

  • Composure: If there's an issue with the aircraft, regardless of its severity, passengers may become anxious or frantic. If you have an excellent level of composure, you can calm passengers and ease their stress.

  • Teamwork: As a member of a cabin crew, you typically work alongside other flight attendants and a senior purser. Your teamwork skills can help you work collaboratively with your colleagues and ensure passengers have an excellent experience on board the aircraft.

  • Patience: Depending on the airline, you may be a flight attendant for long flights that might cause some passengers to become restless or unfriendly. If you're a patient individual, you can treat all passengers with the same level of customer service and ensure the comfort of all passengers.


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Resume template for a cabin crew position

Below, you can explore a detailed resume template for a flight attendant role:

[Full name]
[Email address] | [Phone number] | [City, State/Territory]

Professional Summary
[You can detail your professional summary here, using three to five sentences to describe your primary employment attributes. It can be important to remember that the purpose of the summary is to impress the hiring manager from the beginning of your resume.]

[You can list your certificates here, such as an RSA and first-aid certificate. You may list them using bullet-point formatting.]

[You can reference your skills in this section on one line, using a pipe character or comma to separate each skill. You can detail both your technical and soft skills, though your soft skills might be more valuable, depending on the hiring airline.]

Work Experience
[Most recent job title]
[Organisation name], [Employment dates]

  • [job responsibility]

  • [job responsibility]

  • [job responsibility]

  • [job responsibility]

  • [job responsibility]

[Job title]
[Organisation name], [Employment dates]

  • [job responsibility]

  • [job responsibility]

  • [job responsibility]

[Qualification name]
[Institute name and date of graduation]

Resume example for a cabin crew position

Here is an example resume for a candidate applying for their first flight attendant position:

Hank Jefferson | 047-390-1860 | Brisbane, QLD

Professional Summary
A recent graduate from Airline Institute with a Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew), hoping to gain employment as a flight attendant with Star Jets. Developed excellent customer service skills during prior employment in the hospitality and aviation industry. Has a recently renewed RSA and first-aid certificate. Hoping to develop advanced skills and knowledge to become a purser with Star Jets. Can contribute enthusiasm, customer service and an excellent work ethic to the team at Star Jets.

Certificate III in Aviation (Cabin Crew)
Airline Institute, 2022


  • Responsible Service of Alcohol

  • First Aid Certificate

Customer service | Communication | Safety awareness | Teamwork | Collaboration | Patience | Management | Composure | Enthusiasm | Conflict resolution | Multi-tasking | Empathy | Attention to detail

Work Experience
Customer service representative
Aircraft Central, January 2021-May 2022

  • Helped customers resolve online checking issues

  • Provided information to customers about flight details

  • Noted reports from customers who experienced discomfort during flights

  • Assisted passengers with missing baggage claims

  • Provided service information to customers seeking flight tickets

North Street Restaurant, January 2020-December 2020

  • Noted customer orders and ensured they were correct

  • Reported customer complaints to management staff

  • Provided excellent customer service to patrons

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