How to Write a Caregiver Resume Objective (With Examples)

Updated 23 January 2023

A resume objective, or resume summary, is a one to three-sentence statement that describes your qualities as a professional and your career goals of your resume. These statements usually come near the top of your resume, after your contact details, and can help encourage hiring managers to read your entire application. If you're applying for a caregiving position, it's helpful to understand how to write an effective resume objective. In this article, we explain what a caregiver resume objective is, share steps on how to write your own and offer examples to help inspire your process.

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What is a caregiver resume objective?

A caregiver resume objective is a brief statement that appears at the top of your resume, typically between your contact information and your work experience. This statement helps a hiring manager decide whether you're an appropriate candidate for their position. Your resume objective is the first impression a hiring manager receives of you before they contact you for a face-to-face interview. Most hiring managers only have the time to scan the resumes they receive, and so to get noticed it's helpful to write an objective that showcases your unique attributes.

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How to write an objective for a caregiver resume

Follow these steps to learn how to write a caregiver resume objective:

1. Review the job description

Start the process by reviewing the job description for the role for which you're applying. By taking note of the qualifications listed and the organisation values mentioned in the post, you can adapt your objective to the specific position. Your objective could, for example, include keywords, such as skills and experience levels the employer mentions in the job post. This can increase your chances of passing through applicant tracking systems and impressing the hiring manager with your resume.

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2. Consider your most relevant skills

It's important to include caregiver skills in your resume objective to match the job description for the position for which you're applying. Caregiver positions require that you care for your patients and clients, and have compassion, empathy and understanding for their particular situations. You must be able to communicate with those you're caring for, assess their needs, provide solutions and lend physical and, sometimes, emotional support. It's also important that you have the qualifications to adequately care for your clients and can speak with their families and other healthcare professionals about their progress or condition.

Some additional skills you may include in your resume objective include:

  • Compassion

  • Communication

  • Reliability

  • Organisation

  • Friendliness

  • Time management

  • Cooking

  • Driving

  • Scheduling

  • Observation

  • Medication administration

3. Add detail about the organisation to which you're applying

After you establish your skill set, consider dedicating a sentence or two to the specific organisation to which you're applying. A simple way to do this is to include the job title in your objective statement and mention the organisation directly. For example, you could write ‘Seeking to work full-time as a caregiver at By Your Side Services’.

You can also mention ways you are able to bring value to the organisation. This can help increase the quality of your resume objective and may impress hiring managers as they can recognise your intent to be of value. For example, you might write ‘Looking to use my nursing skills to help elevate the level of care By Your Side Services provides and extend their client base to those with more severe medical conditions as a full-time caregiver.’

4. Include your experience

When describing yourself as a professional, it's helpful to mention how many years of experience you have and what areas of caregiving you're especially adept in. For example, you might mention that you have experience cooking meals for clients or have experience with a specific age group or clients with a particular condition. You can also mention your experience in your first sentence when introducing yourself as a professional. To do this, you might write something like ‘Dedicated caregiver with three years of experience in cooking nutritious meals and caring for clients.’


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5. Add any achievements you have

You can also include any achievements or unique skills you have in your resume objective. This is especially helpful if you have any certifications that can give you an advantage over other candidates. The order in which you list your achievements, skills and experience can vary, so consider making a list of all the qualities you want to include in your objective and revising your statement until you feel satisfied with the quality and readability of your resume objective.

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Examples of caregiver objectives

Objectives can vary in length and in the qualifications they display. Here are 10 examples you can use as inspiration when writing your own resume objective for a caregiver position:

One sentence objectives

You might want to use a one-sentence objective if you need more space on your resume. Since resumes are typically only one or two pages, a short objective can help you save space. Another benefit of this type of objective statement is that it's easy to edit and personalise for different companies to which you're applying. Here are some examples of these caregiver objectives:

  • ‘Dedicated caregiver with four years of relevant experience seeking a position with Caregivers Plus Agency to provide services to elderly patients in their homes.’

  • ‘A caregiver with a strong work ethic and open availability who desires to provide the utmost in patient care and work alongside other members of the medical staff at Mount Grey Hospital.’

  • ‘Empathetic caregiver with two years of experience in assisting elderly clients seeking a part-time position at Home Services.’

  • ‘Looking to obtain a position at Regional Healthy Hearts Hospital as a caregiver so I can use my skills to help patients feel better about their health and gain the confidence they need to manage their symptoms.’

  • ‘Customer service-oriented and focused caregiver with seven years of experience looking to secure a position with Propel Health System and help those patients in need of excellent patient care and rehabilitation.’

  • ‘Seeking the position of caregiver to showcase my empathy and compassion for my patient population.’

  • ‘Seeking employment as a caregiver with your family to assist your loved one with personal grooming, basic healthcare needs, errands and appointments.’

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Two sentence objectives

If you have more experience or specific skills and qualifications you want to showcase, you might consider a longer objective. Two- and three-sentence objectives can help you share more of your qualities and provide better details on your resume. You might also consider writing a longer resume objective if the caregiving position for which you're applying requires more experience or specific certifications. Here are some examples you can consider:

  • ‘Sensitive and compassionate caregiver seeking a new role with your family to provide a high level of care to your loved one. CPR certified and able to provide housekeeping services and assist the patient with appointments and errands.’

  • ‘Results-driven caregiver with more than five years of experience seeking a position with Tree of Life Caregiving Services. Looking for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my patients and help them feel more confident about managing their life with their current injuries or illness.’

  • ‘Caring professional seeking a position as a children's caregiver at Paediatric Patients. With five years of paediatric caregiving experience, I can connect with children and help them feel comfortable while they recover from their injuries or illnesses.’

  • ‘Knowledgeable and CPR-certified caregiver with experience caring for the elderly looking for a position with Sunshine Senior Care Centre. I can use my three years of relevant experience to build a healthy rapport with senior citizens and make sure they feel the support they need to stay positive in light of any life changes.’

  • ‘Reliable caregiving professional with a current Working with Children Check seeking to fill a position at Sebastian's Compassionate Care to serve the elderly and help them maintain high-quality lives. Skilled in cooking, communication and caring for clients' pets as well as the client themselves.’

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