How to Write a Child Care Resume Objective (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 20 June 2022

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A tailored resume objective can help add relevance to your resume and share your primary qualifications with employers. Since resume objectives are among the first aspects of a resume that hiring managers read, it's essential to write an effective one. If you're planning on applying to a child care position, it's helpful to learn more about this resume section. In this article, we explain what a child care resume objective is, share steps on how to write one and explore 12 examples you can consult when creating your own resume.

What is a child care resume objective?

A child care resume objective is a brief paragraph at the beginning of your resume that outlines the qualifications you have that relate to the job you're applying for. Resume objectives can help hiring managers quickly understand the value you can add to a position, which can set you apart from other candidates and help earn you an interview. While you can write a resume objective at any point in your child care career, they may be especially useful when you want to:

  • emphasise your extensive experience

  • highlight new credentials

  • share your career goals and plans for success in the role

  • mention skills you want to grow

  • note you've moved and want to continue your career in a new location

  • showcase transferable skills, especially when switching to child care from another industry

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How to write a child care resume objective

Follow these steps to learn how to write an objective for your application to a child care position:

1. Review the job description

Review the job description of the specific position for which you want to apply so you can understand the qualifications the employer wants. Knowing this information can help you choose which qualifications you feature in your objective statement. Many employers use applicant tracking systems that highlight keywords as they appear on a candidate's resume. This means that the more keywords you use from the job description, the more likely it is that a hiring manager reviews your resume.

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2. Create a list of your skills and qualifications

After reviewing the qualifications for the job, consider your own skills and accomplishments. Create a list of your qualifications that match the job description and include unique skills that you have that may help you earn an advantage over other candidates. For example, speaking a foreign language may allow you to care for bilingual children. Some common child care skills and qualifications that you might include are:

  • Working with Children Check

  • communication

  • education

  • knowledge of childhood development

  • empathy

  • patience

  • problem-solving

  • decision making

  • cooking

  • organisation

  • planning

  • reliability

  • creativity

It's also helpful to include personal qualities in your objective for a child care resume, as many employers may want to know more about you so they can trust that you work well with children.

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3. Start with your strongest abilities

Once you compile a list of the skills, traits and abilities you want to include in your objective, you can begin writing it. Start by listing your strongest ability. Depending on how long you want your objective to be, you might dedicate the first sentence to your strongest qualities. It's also helpful to mention how much experience you have in your first or second sentence. For example, you may write something like this:

Certified and creative child care professional with two years' experience working as a nanny.

4. Tailor your objective to the position

The next sentence of your objective can relate specifically to the position and company for which you're applying. Tailoring your resume objective to specific companies may impress hiring managers. It also allows you to make your resume more relevant to the position. Often, you can replace the company name and job title within your resume summary to match more positions as you apply to them. Consider starting this sentence with a verb and share the intention of your resume by mentioning both the job title and name of the company. For example, you may write something like this:

Seeking to fill a role as a child care worker at Stevie's Playroom.

5. Share how you might help the company

In your last sentence or within the same sentence as your resume goal statement, share details of how you might help the company. This can show your value as a candidate, demonstrating to hiring managers that you're dedicated to the company and ready to improve the company's quality. For example, you might write something like this:

Seeking to fill a role as a child care worker at Stevie's Playroom and assist the team with child development monitoring to encourage the children within our care to try new experiences and achieve their learning goals.

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Examples of resume objectives

Here are 12 examples of resume objectives for child care resumes to help you in the process of writing your own:

  1. Dedicated and compassionate child care professional with over 10 years of comprehensive experience in education and early childhood development. Seeking a daycare provider position to support children as they develop at Happier Kids Daycare.

  2. Motivated and collaborative nanny trained in CPR and accredited by the Australian Child and Adolescent Care Academy interested in a part-time nanny position with Helping Hands agency to advance to a full-time position.

  3. Former elementary school teacher and current stay-at-home dad looking forward to re-entering the workforce as a morning preschool teacher at Acorn to Oak School. CPR and first aid-certified educator interested in expanding early childhood development knowledge in building childhood independence.

  4. Driven and supportive elementary school coach with a bachelor's degree in physical education and three years of experience coaching tee-ball seeking a child care position with The Clearest Water Academy. Motivated to promote healthy habits, help children improve their sports skills and create a fun atmosphere.

  5. Empathetic, helpful teacher's aide with six years of experience and a bachelor's degree in speech therapy looking forward to transitioning to a child care provider position at Sprout Daycare. Certified in first aid and CPR and driven to help children develop effective communication skills.

  6. Child Development Associate-certified preschool teacher with seven years of experience interested in creating a playful, interactive environment as an evening child care provider at Little Learners.

  7. Motivated recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education and a CPR certification seeking a long-term position as a child care provider. Looking forward to developing skills in providing emotional support to children and leading early childhood education programs with Oak Tree Academy.

  8. Patient and attentive child care professional looking forward to continuing a 17-year-long career in daycare in the New Town area with Safe and Sound Daycare. Certified in first aid and CPR and motivated to help every child grow to their full potential through active learning, communicative support and critical thinking training.

  9. Affectionate, problem-solving elementary education graduate with two years of child care experience seeking assistant teaching position with New Village School to apply interpersonal skills and knowledge of child development to support the first-grade teaching staff.

  10. Compassionate, CPR-certified professional with 10+ years of child care experience and a degree in psychology seeking a kindergarten teacher position at Fast Forward Academy. Interested in using knowledge of child psychology to promote healthy communication, critical-thinking skills and age-appropriate conflict resolution.

  11. Child Development Associate-certified professional with 15 years of multidisciplinary experience in healthcare, child care and education seeking a long-term nanny position with Wise Owl Agency. Dedicated to promoting learning through play and modelling healthy habits to benefit children as they develop.

  12. Reliable, flexible babysitter with three years of experience caring for children ages one to nine seeking a full-time position as a child care provider at Sweet Sitters Home Care. Looking forward to developing skills in early childhood development while pursuing a bachelor's degree in elementary education.

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