How to Write an Effective Community Service Resume Objective

Updated 30 September 2022

A community service resume opens with a brief paragraph that gives an overview of a candidate's top skills and goals, known as a resume objective. Employers may evaluate a resume objective to see if the candidate is suitable for a community service position before reading the rest of the resume. Knowing how to write a resume objective for a community service career may help you capture the hiring manager's attention. In this article, we examine what a community service resume objective is, share how to write an effective one and explore some examples to help you create your own.

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What is a community service resume objective?

A community service resume objective is a short statement of the skills, education and goals relevant to a position you're applying for. It summarises your aptitude and suitability for a job that helps a potential employer assess whether you're a good candidate. Consider including a resume objective if you have:

  • volunteer experience in community service, but no paid experience

  • a degree in social work or a related field, but no work experience

  • work experience in another field, but you intend to switch to community service

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How to write a resume objective for a community service position

To write an objective for your community service resume, consider the following steps:

1. Identify skills relevant to community service

Assess your skills and take note of those that are most applicable for a position in community service. These are likely to include skills such as:

  • commitment

  • communication

  • compassion

  • leadership

  • teamwork

  • time management

  • strong work ethic

2. Assess your career goals

Consider what you're aiming for by working in community service. A simple way to discover your primary goal is to consider what you hope to achieve in the role. Your goal may be to:

  • make a difference in the community by fostering community development

  • develop an increased sense of social responsibility

  • help others become successful and reach their goals

  • fulfil a desire for a life purpose that matters

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3. Analyse and match the job description

An effective resume objective closely matches the position you're applying for. Take note of the experiences and skills required according to the community service job listing and pick out your qualifications and competencies that match. When applying for multiple jobs, tailor each objective to the specific job to highlight your suitability as a candidate for each separate position.

4. Evaluate your contribution to the organisation

A strong resume objective focuses on what your skills and experience can offer to benefit the organisation. It highlights how your career goals tie in with the organisation's goals. To understand an organisation's objectives, spend some time browsing its website. Most organisations have a page dedicated to their vision, mission and goals. Gaining a clear understanding of what the organisation stands for can help you convey how your contributions may benefit it.

5. Write your objective

Once you have all your information, take the most relevant points and compile two or three short sentences. The points to cover per sentence may include:

  • what your career aspirations are and how they align with the organisation's goals

  • how your training and experience can add value to the organisation

  • any notable achievements that may be relevant to the position you're applying for

Proofread your objective and correct any grammar or spelling errors. Aim for an objective that is easy to read and an accurate reflection of yourself.

Tips for writing a resume objective for a community service position

Follow these guidelines to help you write a strong community service resume objective:

Aim for a professional, yet personal tone

To create a professional tone in your objective, aim for formal language that is respectful, courteous and free from slang. Lean towards using active voice, with minimal hedging terms, such as tends, seems or I believe. You may want to opt for gender-neutral language or write inclusively.

To create an objective that feels personal, speak about yourself as if you were talking to the employer directly. Write in a first-person perspective using personal pronouns, for example:

  • First-person perspective: 'I'm an experienced soccer club coach, looking for an opportunity to make a difference to the community's youth.'

  • First-person implied perspective: 'Experienced soccer club coach, looking for an opportunity to make a difference to the community's youth.'

Highlight keywords used in community service job listings

Analyse community service job listings and list all the words they commonly use to describe the skills and experience they're looking for in applicants. Consider including the same words in your resume objective for two main reasons:

  • Industry terminology: Using terminology commonly used in the industry can demonstrate your experience to the interviewer.

  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS): For organisations that use ATS, using keywords can help your resume stand out and identify you as a suitable candidate.

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Include transferable skills

If you're applying for a role in community service that you don't have experience in, you may have related skills that make you suitable for the role. For example, you might be changing from a career as a schoolteacher where you developed mentoring skills that would be useful in the new role. If you're applying for a community service position straight from school, you may have been part of the school's outreach program, which demonstrates empathy and a willingness to get involved with the community.

Examples of community service resume objectives

Use these examples to guide you as you write your own objective:

Example 1

Recent social work graduate hoping for a mentor position at Carry Outreach Centre. With five years of voluntary child counselling experience, I hope to work directly with children struggling with anger issues. Compassionate and caring, with a deep love for children.

Example 2

Exceptionally creative and energetic individual with a passion for art and children looking to work as part of the Décor Committee for the Happy Afternoon Hangout. Aiming to develop décor skills as I use my artistic skills to improve the lives of the community's children. Seeking opportunities to make a difference.

Example 3

Detail-orientated graduate with a bachelor's degree in accounting. Seeking the role of Volunteer Accountant to gain experience working for a reputable organisation. Offering excellent bookkeeping skills with additional IT ability.

Example 4

Self-motivated individual looking to use organisational abilities to create fund-raising drives and events for End of The Line Sanctuary House. Three years of volunteer fund-raising experience for the University Ballroom Society. Hoping to improve the quality of life of those living at Sanctuary House.

Example 5

Certified fitness educator seeking a coaching position at Glendale Community Centre to enrich the lives of the neighbourhood's children. Offering ball sports skills and group fitness classes. Driven by a desire to see the younger generation fit and healthy.

Example 6

Empathetic individual with exceptional people skills seeks position as birthing coach at the Expecteen Maternity Centre. Qualified nurse and midwife with six years of experience in a maternity ward. Strong passion for equipping expecting teens with practical knowledge to help them succeed as mothers.

Example 7

Problem solver with technical skills looking to expand skill set while assisting with maintenance at the Shabby Acres Retirement Village. Qualified electrician with vast experience in HVAC installation and repair. Extremely patient and kind, I'm able to work with clients of all ages while performing repair work.

Example 8

Trained pastor looking to fill the post of Community Outreach Director at the ARP Community Centre to use strengths and leadership to make a difference in people's lives. Bringing 10 years of ministerial experience to the role. Strong passion for servant leadership and a desire to see community upliftment through programs and outreaches.

Example 9

Experienced healthcare professional seeking a Medical Practitioner position at Health & Wellness Clinic. Aiming to serve the community with a focus on holistic health treatments. I desire the slower pace of a community healthcare practice to allow more time to concentrate on individual patients.

Example 10

Head chef with five years of experience in running a restaurant kitchen seeking the position of Culinary Tutor for the Oz Community Upliftment program. With proven mentorship ability, trainee chefs who undergo my training achieve a high level of competence. Desiring to use my skills and training to equip others to find employment in the hospitality industry.

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