Writing an Effective Computer Technician Resume Objective

Updated 27 April 2023

Computer technicians install, maintain and troubleshoot software and hardware for organisations. They may work for small or large organisations providing customer service to internal or external clients. If you're considering a career as a computer technician, understanding how to write an effective resume objective for this role can be helpful. In this article, we outline what a computer technician resume objective is, list features commonly included in a good objective, explain how to write one and provide some examples to get you started when creating your own.

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What is a computer technician resume objective?

A computer technician resume objective appears near the top of your resume, usually directly underneath your contact information. It's typically the first thing a hiring manager sees when reading your resume. Including details about your education, licences, work experience and qualifications can show a hiring manager your suitability for the role. In addition, a well-written career objective customised to the position you're applying for can set you apart from other candidates.

A computer technician is typically responsible for maintaining computers and can work in several different settings. If you're applying for a role with a large organisation, doing some research about their values can be helpful. If your values align with those of the organisation, mention this within the objective to show you're a good fit for the company. If you're applying for a position with a small firm, you may want to include a sentence about why working at a small organisation appeals to you.

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What makes a good resume objective?

Ideally, a resume objective includes a high-level overview of what makes you unique for the role, including your skills, experience and career goals. It typically contains around two to three sentences and encourages the hiring manager to continue reading your resume. If possible, it's also a good idea to include the name of the company you're applying for. This shows a hiring manager you've researched the company and helps suggest you're a good fit. You can include further details about yourself within your cover letter.

A hiring manager may prefer someone who has extensive knowledge of computers and experience using various techniques and tools to assess and resolve computer problems. Other key skills you may wish to include are customer service, communication and problem solving, which are all valuable traits for a computer technician, regardless of the industry.

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How to write a resume objective for a computer technician role

Follow these steps to create a strong computer technician resume objective:

1. Review the job description

Before you write your resume objective, re-read the job application and highlight any skills, experience or education you have that the hiring manager seeks. It's important to use these keywords throughout your entire resume, but including some in your objective can help get the hiring manager to keep reading. For example, if a job listing asks for applicants to have five years of experience as a computer technician and you have five or more years of experience, include this in your objective.

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2. Write your key achievements

When writing your resume objective, try to include your achievements throughout your career so far. Ideally, these relate to your role as a computer technician, but if you're new to the field, you can use other achievements that highlight transferable skills, such as good teamwork or communication. Try to include specific facts or data, such as positive client reviews or formal recognitions. Once you have a list, save this to refer to it for future applications. Pick an achievement to use in your objective that matches the requirements of the role you're applying for.

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3. Include your goals

Your resume objective provides an excellent opportunity to show the hiring manager why you want the role. It also gives you the chance to highlight your future career goals and show what you can offer the organisation. For example, if you're passionate about customer service, you may wish to describe your desire to help improve customer service satisfaction or look at ways to streamline processes that assist customers. Using an example like this can show the hiring manager you've thought about what you can offer the organisation.

4. Assess your skills

Read through the job description to make sure you include the relevant skills for the role. These skills can be both technical and soft skills. Writing a list of all your skills can be helpful as a starting point. You can then cross-check them against the job description to include them in your resume objective and throughout your resume. Aim to match the language exactly. Some recruiters and hiring managers now use scanning software to identify keywords that match their job applications. Important skills may include relevant technical skills, problem-solving, communication, project management or customer service.

5. Demonstrate your abilities

Hiring managers look to ensure an applicant can do the job. If you have relevant experience, it's good to mention it in your objective. If you don't have experience as a computer technician, focus on your education and training or list common transferable skills for computer technicians. These may include problem-solving, analysis or active listening.

6. Keep it brief

Although it can be challenging to include everything in two or three sentences, it's essential to keep to this limit. Ideally, your objective is an overview of your capabilities and complements your cover letter and resume. The aim is to give the hiring manager enough detail to want to know more and invite you to interview. In addition, a hiring manager may receive many applications, so keeping your objective brief can help them quickly identify if you're a suitable candidate for the role.

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Examples of computer technician resume objectives

If you're looking for some guidance to get you started on creating a resume objective for a computer technician role, here are some examples that might help you:

  • Motivated computer technician looking to use my strong communication and analytical skills to help drive business performance at Wyman Electronics. Passionate about looking for ways to streamline processes and simplify troubleshooting.

  • Service-oriented computer technician looking to use my network certification skills to advance Monistar Logistics' capabilities, improving outcomes for both staff and clients. I have strong organisational skills and advanced technical knowledge received during my master's degree in computer science.

  • Pursuing a job with Hawkpark Management that allows me to use the skills gained during my bachelor's degree in cybersecurity. Seeking a challenging role where I can assess and manage risks to improve the network and data protection of the organisation.

  • Seeking a role with Opalify Limited to work with a high calibre team motivated to advance the technical capabilities of the organisation and increase customer retention and loyalty. Previous experience includes creating systems to help improve retention by 25% in my current role.

  • Technical professional with 13 years of experience working with various computer software and hardware. Seeking a stimulating role where I can collaborate with like-minded professionals to help produce positive customer outcomes and share my experience as part of a team.

  • A strategic communicator and critical thinker seeking an IT role where I can support customers as an experienced and capable computer technician. I'm seeking a position with Animal Alliance as I'm passionate about caring for animals and want to use my technical knowledge in a positive environment that gives back to the community.

  • An enthusiastic recent graduate of a computer engineering program looking for a role where I can use my strong communication and teamwork skills to help drive Platinum Corporation's business forward. Interested in devising strategies that can improve business processes, focusing on shifting away from manual processes to automation.

  • Detail-oriented with strong analytical skills, seeking a computer repair technician role with Fairfield Media so I can use my exceptional problem-solving, communication and IT skills.

  • Looking for a role as a computer repair technician with QVic Ltd where I can use my 10 years of experience working in the finance industry to help address computer and software problems and exceed customer expectations. In my current role, my strong problem-solving skills and excellent communication helped me receive the Repair Technician of 2022 award.

  • Looking to secure an entry-level computer technician role with Goldfair Marketing that enables me to use my problem-solving, communication and analytical skills to deliver outstanding IT customer service. Enjoy working in a highly creative industry where I can contribute to innovative ideas and solutions for clients as a team member.

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