Construction Worker Resume (With Templates and Examples)

Updated 25 March 2023

If you're applying for a career in construction, you may review your resume to ensure it follows a standard structure. There are important details you can include in your resume, such as your skills and certifications. Learning how to write a clear and informative resume might help you gain employment in the construction industry. In this article, we provide some tips for a construction worker resume, sample keywords to include, a template and some examples you can use to create your own.

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Tips for writing a construction worker resume

Before you write your construction worker resume, you may consider some of the following tips:

  • Include relevant information. It's usually a good idea to only include work experience and skills that relate to the job you're applying for. This can make your resume more engaging for potential employers.

  • Identify keywords. If you're applying for a large construction company, they may utilise an applicant tracking system (ATS). The ATS ranks your resume based on how many keywords you include, so it's usually best to include several.

  • Use an updated template. By updating your resume template, you can ensure your resume is professional and well-structured. There can be several templates to choose from that are tailored to candidates with different levels of experience and skills.

  • Review your resume. Once you finish writing your resume, it may be helpful to review it before submission. This can allow you to identify any spelling errors or incorrect contact details.

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Construction worker CV keywords

Most construction companies look for keywords when reviewing their candidates' resumes. A phrase or word commonly used in the construction industry may constitute a construction resume keyword. Below, you can find some keywords you might include in your resume for different areas of the construction industry:

General construction

Here you can find the common keywords for most construction jobs:

  • construction white card

  • driver's licence

  • HR licence

  • first-aid certificate

  • flexible availability

  • own vehicle and tools

  • handling of dangerous goods

  • working at heights

  • spill response training

  • aerial life training.


If you're a carpenter applying for a position in a construction company, you may consider some of the following carpentry keywords:

  • carpentry apprentice

  • timber framing

  • framing carpenter

  • furniture maker

  • interior finish

  • exterior finish

  • roof construction

  • cutting materials

  • shaping wood

  • carpentry machinery

  • cabinet maker

  • timber restoration.

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Here you can find some of the common keywords used in a bricklayer resume:

  • radial bricklaying

  • mortar preparations

  • precise brick cutting

  • reinforcing walls

  • hand tools

  • fire-brick installation

  • interpreting blueprints

  • interior and exterior framing.

Construction manager

You may use some of the following keywords in your resume when applying for a construction manager role:

  • construction supervisor

  • project management

  • commercial construction

  • material estimating

  • management strategies

  • project scheduling

  • contractor recruitment

  • codes of conduct

  • safety regulations.


Here are some keywords you may include in your resume as a construction labourer:

  • hand tools

  • manual labour

  • working at heights

  • white card

  • site preparation

  • site clean-up

  • forklift license

  • own vehicle

  • repetitive heavy lifting.

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You may include some of the following keywords in your resume if you're applying for a plumbing position in a construction company:

  • commercial plumbing

  • residential plumbing

  • water and gas

  • boiler installation

  • sewerage mains

  • backflow testing

  • tilt-up panel plumbing

  • water treatment system

  • de-watering system

  • emergency sprinkler installation.


If you're considering applying for a welding position in a construction company, you may use some of the following keywords:

  • MIG certification

  • TIG certification

  • metallurgy testing

  • structural welder

  • reading blueprints

  • assembly line

  • calliper

  • clamping

  • measuring tools.


Below, you can find some of the common keywords used for a surveyor resume:

  • RTX

  • registered land surveyor

  • cartographer

  • GPS

  • excavation planning

  • topographic analysing

  • cost estimates

  • civil services

  • auto CAD.

Construction worker sample resume template

Below, you can find a helpful template you may use when creating your resume for a construction position:

[Full name]
[City and State]
[Email address]
[Phone number]

Summary statement

[Here you can detail your goals and main qualifications. This section can be one to three sentences long.]


  • [Bullet points of safety certificates and licenses. It's usually best to only include ones that apply to the role you're applying for.]

Work experience

[Job title]
[Company name]
[Company location]
[Employment duration]

  • [Bullet points of job responsibilities]

[Job title]
[Company name]
[Company location]
[Employment duration]

  • [Bullet points of job responsibilities]

[Institute name]
[Institute location]
[Duration of studies]

  • [Bullet point of the apprenticeship or qualification you achieved]

[Institute name]
[Institute location]
[Duration of studies]

  • [Bullet point of the apprenticeship or qualification you achieved]

Example resumes for a construction worker

Below you can find example resumes for different building professionals applying for a job at a construction company:

Electrician resume

Here is an example resume of an electrician with several years of experience and numerous safety certificates:

Jerrold Calhoun
236 Cal Road
Belltown, NSW 2345
+61 7 2916 3444

Summary statement
I'm a qualified electrician with over a decade of experience and several high-risk safety certificates. I believe I have the skills and expertise to carry out the duties of a senior electrician at Lights Electrics. I look forward to advancing my management skills and leading a team of professionals.


  • Construction White Card

  • Working at Heights Ticket

  • Confined Space Ticket

  • Elevated Work Platform License

  • HR-B Truck License

  • Electrical Safety Awareness Training

  • First Aid Certificate.

Work experience

Wire Operations, Bolton
February 2010–2015

  • Ordered electrical materials

  • Maintained electrical equipment

  • Reviewed training manuals

  • Completed safety certificates

  • Interpreted building blueprints

  • Followed safety standards

  • Conducted safe and regulated work.

Lead electrician
Blues Electrics, Stilton
February 2016–2020

  • Managed a team of electricians

  • Ensured the quality of electrical works

  • Maintained safety standards in the team

  • Enforced professional codes of conduct within the team

  • Planned material use for projects

  • Created safety procedures

  • Promoted teamwork and positivity

  • Resolved interpersonal conflicts.

Electrician Institute
New South Wales
July 2007–July 2010

  • Certificate IV in Electrotechnology.

Related skills

  • Management

  • Safety awareness

  • Organisation

  • Knowledge of regulations and standards

  • Management software proficiency.

Welder resume

Here you can find an example resume for a welder who has just completed their apprenticeship and is applying for a construction company:

Raymon Arellano
846 Lane Road
Laketown, QLD 4863
+61 7 1987 2936

Summary statement

I have recently qualified as a welder and I'm hoping to begin my professional career in commercial construction. I'm eager to develop my welding skills and advance my knowledge in the building industry.


  • Construction White Card

  • Working at Heights Ticket

  • Elevated Work Platform License

  • Manual Driver's License

  • TIG Certified

  • MIG certified

  • First Aid certificate.

Work experience
Welding Group, Green Street
February 2017–2020

  • Operated TIG and MIG welding equipment

  • Reviewed safety briefs for operating welding torches

  • Conducted maintenance on welding tools

  • Repaired steel structures

  • Interpreted design specifications

  • Combined steel pieces

  • Evaluated the structural integrity of welds.

Welding Institute
New South Wales
July 2017–July 2020

  • Certificate IV in Boiler Making.

North High School
New South Wales
July 2007–July 2017

  • Completed Year 12

Related skills

  • Safety awareness

  • Teamwork

  • Independence

  • Physically fit

  • Attention to detail

  • Communication

  • Mathematics.

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Construction manager resume

The following example resume is for a construction manager with extensive experience and skills in construction management:

Elroy Stokes
276 Delvin Road
Delvetown, WA 6153
+61 7 3827 5467

Summary statement

I've been supervising construction sites for several years and I'm eager to continue my development as a manager at Scope Constructions. With my experience in managing large groups of construction employees, I believe I can contribute to the management staff.


  • Construction White Card

  • Elevated Work Platform License

  • Manual Driver's License

  • Safety Awareness Training

  • First Aid Certificate

Work experience
Construction Supervisor
Top Build, Clinton
February 2010–2015

  • Maintained client relations

  • Ensured the quality of build

  • Conducted safety briefs

  • Reviewed safety policies

  • Evaluated employee performance

  • Enforced professional codes of conduct

  • Recruited contractors

  • Organised employee wages

  • Estimated building costs of materials

Civil Construction Supervisor
Blue Bricks Building, Stimson
February 2016–2020

  • Assisted in the planning of civil projects

  • Ensured the quality of civil works

  • Enforced safety standards on the worksite

  • Liaised with local and government councils

  • Gained work approvals and permits

  • Resolved interpersonal conflicts

  • Recruited contractors

  • Organised the maintenance of civil earthwork equipment

  • Ensured projects met government regulations.

Staple University
New South Wales
July 2010–July 2013

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Construction Management)

Construction Institute
New South Wales
July 2007–July 2010

  • Advanced Diploma of Construction and Building (Builders Registration)

Related skills

  • Civil earthwork management

  • Office management

  • Effective communication

  • Organisation

  • Team-oriented

  • Management software

  • Advanced managerial strategies

  • Customer service

  • Attention to detail

  • Leadership.

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