How to Write a Cover Letter for a Finance Role (With Sample)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 22 November 2021

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When you're applying for finance-related jobs, like an accountant or bank clerk role, your financial cover letter may help you attract a hiring manager's attention. A strong cover letter highlights your best professional achievements and shows why you're the best candidate for the job. Learning how to write an excellent finance cover letter may help you make an appealing first impression on your prospective employer. In this article, we define what a finance cover letter is, explore the steps you can take to write one and provide helpful tips, a template and an example to help you.

What is a cover letter for a finance role?

A cover letter for a finance role is a written document you can include when applying for a new position. Typically, you send this alongside a resume. It summarises your qualifications and shows your desire to receive the role. You often write the document for a recruiter or hiring manager. An effective cover letter may increase your chances of getting an interview offer.

How to write a finance job cover letter

The following steps can help you write a cover letter for a finance role:

1. Include your contact information

In the top-left area of the page, you can write your full name and contact details. This information might contain your mobile number, email address and social media profile. Consider including the state where you're based, date of writing and the company's address.

2. Start with a professional salutation

Begin your cover letter with a formal salutation, such as Dear, followed by the name of the prospective employer. Consider contacting the company for the recipient's full name if you do not know it. Aim to use their first and last name, if possible. Dear hiring manager may be appropriate if you cannot find their name.

3. Explain why you want this position to the prospective employer

Let the employer know you're excited about this role in finance. Share your contextual knowledge of the company by stating how your values align with theirs. You may also share some of your interests, such as working with customers or achieving results, to show your skills.

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4. Demonstrate that you're the ideal candidate for the finance job

Ensure you tailor your cover letter for each finance role you apply for to ensure its content aligns with the job specification. Consider stating the role you are writing about and where you saw the job advertised. Include examples of your professional accomplishments and the skills you used that may interest the reader.

5. Write a proposal with a call to action

Use the last paragraph to thank the reader for their consideration. State a call to action that asks the employer to discuss the opportunity further. An example of this is, I am eager to meet and discuss how my attributes can benefit your company.

6. Sign off with a professional signature

At the end of your cover letter, you can sign off with a phrase like yours sincerely followed by your full name. Signing off correctly shows you are professional. You may add a digital copy of your signature if desired.

7. Format your cover letter correctly

On all sides, you may set the page margins to one inch. Consider using single or 1.15 line spacing. You may also set the font size to 11 to 12 and choose a legible typeface.

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Finance job cover letter tips

Presenting your experience in a well-written cover letter may show recruiters that you're a good fit for the job. Follow these three tips to write an effective cover letter:

Highlight your finance skills

Finance is a broad phrase that encompasses a wide range of vocations, meaning the necessary abilities differ depending on the position. Recruiters search for candidates with soft and hard skills relevant to financial professions. Soft skills may include attention to detail and communication skills, whereas technical abilities refer to mathematics and data interpretation. Here are some skills you could emphasise in your finance-focused cover letter include:

  • time management

  • organisation abilities

  • compassion

  • critical thinking and problem-solving

  • understanding of economic and accounting concepts

  • software for accounting (QuickBooks and Sage 50 Accounting)

  • CRM software

  • software for project management (Microsoft Project, Microsoft SharePoint)

Give instances of your accomplishments (with numbers)

It's often helpful to include statistics in your cover letter because one of your primary jobs as a finance officer is to examine and evaluate figures. Communicate your accomplishments clearly by quantifying your results. This allows companies to get an idea of what you can provide to their company. It also helps the company to know how hardworking you are.

Make a point of highlighting your attention to detail skill

Working in finance requires you to pay attention to detail. In this field, your tasks may include reading financial records and managing business funds. In your cover letter, emphasise this talent to show that you can evaluate financial data, generate reports and verify policy compliance accurately.

For instance, you may discuss your experience in managing organisational funds and how you assessed current financial tactics to improve the process, resulting in a 25% increase in annual company profits.

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Finance cover letter template

Here is a template you can reference when writing your cover letter:

[Your name]
[Contact information]
[Phone number]
[Email address]
[Social media account] (Optional)


[Full name of hiring manager]
[Company name]
[Address of the company]
[Postcode and city]

Dear [Mr/Ms] [Manager's name],
I am delighted to discover an opportunity as a [target position name] at [target organisation name]. I have [related achievement] and established the essential [extremely strong applicable talents you possess] skills that may enable me to manage [key requirement from the job description] at [organisation name] with [number of years] years as a [former position title].

Your [target role name] role requires an individual who is knowledgeable in [refer to the job description]. I have [refer to the job criteria] at [name of your former employer], leading in [a metric, accomplishment or statistic] for the organisation. In this period, I have [descriptions of several specific accomplishments.

Joining [company name] would not only be a fantastic opportunity for me to advance my career by utilising your expertise and [an innovative process/method/niche], but it would also provide immediate and effortless culture suitability that would profit everybody, as [something you learned about their values] is essential to me.

[A brief statement about setting up a time to talk more about the role.]

[Digital or handwritten signature]

Finance Job Cover Letter Example

Here is an example cover letter you can reference:

Gary Ingram

Oct 25, 2021

Shawn Teracicio,
Head of Wealth Management
JIM & JIN Private Banking
1 Main Avenue
Orange East, 2800

Dear Mr Shawn Teracicio,

I'm writing to convey my desire to join the financial analyst team at JIM & JIN Private Banking as the Finance Stream Manager, with this strong financial education background and three years of financial counselling and research expertise.

In my three years at AXA Financial, I was a team member that oversaw the assets of about 50 HNI customers, with a total AUM of over $77 million and an average yearly GDC of over $400,000. With an approximately 50:50 split, my function included both research (forecasting) and advice. I established an investment plan for clients based on my analysis, following which I implemented and advised the client.

I was also in charge of training and supervising the work of two junior analysts during my third year at AXA. Their onboarding and continuous accomplishment attest to my managerial qualities, which I intend to put to good use at your company.

I did most of my analysis At AXA using their proprietary software products combined with Excel and SQL. My abilities apply since I understand the foundations of financial analysis and can quickly adjust to the software environment.

Considering that your target customer is quite comparable to the ones I have substantial expertise working with, I am certain that I might be capable of leading your team efficiently. I would be happy to talk about my former operation with clients and the advantages I can bring to your firm. Please let me know when you might be available for a meeting.


Gary Ingram

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