How to Write a Cover Letter for Business Analyst Jobs

By Indeed Editorial Team

3 January 2022

Writing a professional business analyst cover letter can help you make a positive impression on hiring managers and showcase your writing skills. You can highlight your skills and show your interest in an advertised role to increase your chances of securing an interview. Reading tips to write an effective cover letter can help you include information that portrays you as the ideal candidate. In this article, we outline how to write a cover letter for business analyst roles, list tips and provide an example.

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Why is a cover letter for a business analyst important?

A cover letter for a business analyst is important because it allows you to elaborate upon the information listed in your resume and highlight why you have the skills and experience for the role. A strong application may be a crucial part of getting a job interview with the company. Here are a few benefits of writing a business analyst cover letter:

  • Show your interest in the role: By reading the job description carefully and including relevant details in your cover letter, you can show your dedication to the application process. This can include addressing the relevant employer or integrating the company's name in detailing your expertise.

  • Add extra details: Many resumes list your experience and skills briefly, using formats like bullet points. In your cover letter, you can use specific examples to show your skills and experiences, including unofficial roles you have performed, such as mentoring or covering for other employees.

  • Explain how your experience can help with the job: Explaining your business analyst skills can give you a space to link them with your suitability for the position. You can also show how you have helped your current or past employers with business analyst tasks.

  • Highlight your communication skills: As a cover letter is more detailed than a resume, it's a great place to show your writing abilities. Business analysts may communicate with a variety of stakeholders and creating a well-written cover letter can improve your application.

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Tips for writing a business analyst cover letter

Writing a cover letter is a valuable skill, which can differ from other kinds of professional writing. Here are some of the key tips for writing a strong business analyst cover letter:

  • Use correct grammar and spelling: Using proper grammar and correct spelling can make your cover letter easier to read and seem more professional. There are many free versions of editing and grammar software available online that can help you make your cover letter more readable.

  • Be professional: People usually write cover letters with first-person language, with 'I' and 'me' pronouns. Aim to maintain consistency and use full words rather than slang or humour to help you demonstrate your professionalism.

  • Include relevant terminology: Writing with relevant keywords and vocabulary can show the hiring manager you read the job listing and are a suitable candidate. It can help to integrate these terms throughout the cover letter in natural sentences.

  • Consider hiring software: Hiring managers may use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter applications and find the strongest resumes. Incorporating keywords, using a clear font and format and avoiding colloquialisms and abbreviations can help your application succeed with ATS.

  • Focus on relevant information: Business analysts often have highly specialised and valuable skills that you can highlight in your cover letters. Certain jobs in your past may not apply to the roles you're applying for, and focusing on the skills and expertise required for the job posting can improve your cover letter.

  • Give specific examples: Detailing instances when you've used your skills to succeed in your current or past roles can improve your application and employability. If you can show your talent as a business analyst, it may show how you would fit into the company and the advertised role.

  • Be honest about your skills: By providing accurate information about your current skill level, you can make sure that you can genuinely do the job if they hire you.

  • Stay concise: While you may have decades of experience, keeping your cover letter under 500 words can improve your readability and increase the chances of the hiring manager reading it.

  • Be future-focused: The professional world is constantly developing, and showing an interest in improving can enhance your application and make you a more desirable candidate. You can detail any self-improvement training you're currently doing and your passion for the industry in this section.

How to write cover letters for business analyst jobs

Most cover letters follow a neat structure that resembles a regular letter, beginning with an address and ending with a salutation. You can write an effective business analyst cover letter by following these steps:

1. Formally greet the addressee

Using a formal salutation, such as Dear or Greetings, can help you show your professionalism. Aim to use the hiring manager's full name. The job description may specify the recipient's name. Alternatively, you can email requesting their details. Using a specific greeting can make your cover letter more personal for the reader.

You can consider a generic greeting like Sir or Madam if you know their preferred pronouns and cannot retrieve the recipient's name. Otherwise you can use To whom it may concern.

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2. Explain your interest in the role

You can specify the job you're applying for and your interest in the role after the greeting. Stating this near the top of your letter clearly communicates what your letter contains. It's also beneficial for employers who are hiring multiple roles at one time. You may also like to specify where you saw the job advertisement and describe why you want to work for the company.

3. Discuss your relevant skills and experiences

The main body of your letter can describe your skills and experience. You may write one to two paragraphs, specifying your qualifications and expertise. It's often beneficial to focus on industry-related skills for business analysts and tailor this section to the open position. Including broader skills, such as collaboration and communication, can also help your application, as business analysts may work with many stakeholders.

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4. Close the letter

You may like to conclude the letter with a call to action, such as I look forward to hearing from you soon. To close your cover letter, you can also include a well-wish and polite salutation, such as Kind regards or Thank you for your consideration, followed by your name and electronic or handwritten signature.

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Business analyst cover letter template

Here is a template you can use to write a cover letter when applying for a business analyst position:

Dear [Name of employer],

I am applying for the [open job title] at [company name], as advertised on [enter where you saw the advertisement]. I believe that [skills mentioned in the description] would help me thrive in this position. I would love to join your team at [company name], as I have heard about [enter research about the company] and feel I would suit the company culture.

After operating in the field for [years of experience], I have become passionate about [enter interest]. During this time, I have developed my skills [name relevant skills]. I also gained my [relevant qualification] during this period at the [educational provider] and graduated at the top of my class.

[Previous company name] recognises me for my work on the [name of a significant project and any awards you received]. While I have enjoyed my time at [previous company name], I believe I would be well-suited to work at [company name]. I am excited to continue my career in business analysis.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,
[Full name]

Example of a business analyst cover letter

Here is an example business analyst cover letter you may refer to when writing your own:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am applying for the business analyst position at Webster Currency, as advertised on Indeed. I believe my skills in problem-solving, analysis and communication would help me thrive in this position. I would love to join your team at Webster Currency, as I have heard about your collaborative work model and positive atmosphere, and I feel I would suit the company culture.

I am passionate about analysing businesses and finding solutions to their problems and have been in this field for seven years. During this time, I have developed my data usage and programming skills across a variety of client projects. Qualified to operate at the graduate level, I hold a Master of Business degree from The University of Lemmington, accredited by Morsel's Corporation.

Working at Anderson & Andrew's, I have gained experience organising tasks, working with a dynamic team to find solutions and fulfilling client requests. During my time at Anderson & Andrew's, they have recognised me for my work on the Temple Lawyers business strategy task and received the Rising Talent Award. While I have enjoyed my time at Anderson & Andrew's, I believe I would be well-suited to work at Webster Currency. I am excited to continue my career in business analysis.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Jane Demming