Writing a Customer Service Resume Objective (With Examples)

Updated 16 July 2023

Hiring managers may receive many applications when advertising for customer service roles, which is why it's important to create an appealing resume. Including a compelling resume objective can help you gain a hiring manager's interest. Learning what to include in your customer service resume objective can help you develop one that increases your chances of receiving a job interview. In this article, we explain what a customer service resume objective is, why it is important to include on your resume, provide some steps to follow to help you write your objective and provide examples of resume objectives.

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What is a customer service resume objective?

A customer service resume objective is a detailed but concise statement that outlines who you are and what you can offer to the employer. Typically featured at the beginning of your resume, your resume objective identifies your career aspirations and highlights your past accomplishments. When writing your objective, try to focus on your most relevant skills, abilities and experience to summarise why you're suitable for the role.

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Why creating a resume objective is important

A resume objective is a valuable way to showcase who you are. It can help to distinguish your resume from other applicants and encourage a hiring manager to keep reading. When writing a resume objective, as with a cover letter and the rest of your resume, create a new objective for each job application. Tailoring your resume objective helps demonstrate to a hiring manager your interest in the specific role. When tailoring the objective, check the job description for language that you think would be beneficial to include.

Here are some examples of when it's a good idea to include a resume objective when applying for a role that involves customer service:

  • You're applying for your first customer service role: If you've recently completed secondary school or have little work experience, a resume objective can help show potential employers the reasons you want to work for their company.

  • You're switching careers: If you're looking for a role in a new industry, highlighting your transferable skills, experience and education can show how you can contribute to a new position.

  • You've moved: Explaining that you've recently relocated and highlighting that you have the necessary skills and experience for a role can encourage a hiring manager to keep reading.

  • You're registering with a recruitment agency: Using an agency can make it more challenging to write a tailored objective but creating a generic objective can still highlight your strengths and skills, which can demonstrate the value you bring to a company.


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How to write a customer service resume objective

These steps can help you to create an effective resume objective for a customer service position:

1. Positioning and length

Place your objective at the top of your resume, directly below your name and contact information, so that it's the first item that a hiring manager sees. Try to keep your objective to no more than two or three sentences. Focus on condensing your summary, including only content that's relevant for the specific job.

2. Match keywords from the job advertisement

Review the job advertisement and scan for keywords that you can feature in your resume objective. Aim for keywords that you can use to describe your experience. For example, suppose a job description mentions positivity. In this case, you might include it in your objective, like this: Five years of customer service experience with a positive and respectful attitude.

3. Consider your qualifications and experience

Review your experience, qualifications and expertise and include your most impressive accomplishments in your resume objective. Try to focus on capabilities that apply to the role. For example, it can be helpful to include how many years work experience you have in customer service, particularly if you're applying for more senior positions. Including this level of detail can allow hiring managers to see that you meet the minimum requirements for the role.

4. Highlight your skills and qualities with numbers

Consider referring to a specific skill by quantifying it as an accomplishment. For example, you could be a confident communicator who regularly receives a satisfaction rating above 90% after communicating with customers. Or, for example, if you helped to reduce customer wait time, you could include: Reduced customer call waiting time by 23% in four months.

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5. Demonstrate your abilities.

Include any quantifiable measures that highlight your successes and help to show your impact on a company. For example, if you helped to reduce customer wait time, you could include: Reduced customer call waiting time by 23% in four months.

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Customer service resume objective examples

Here are 15 customer service resume objective examples that may be helpful when writing your own:

Example 1: Obtain a role as a customer representative where I can use my exceptional communication skills to help resolve customer issues and create positive relationships with customers.

Example 2: Secure a position as a customer service representative with Exxio Company, enabling me to use my interpersonal and communications skills to assist customers. Excellent creative thinker and problem solver who consistently completes projects on time.

Example 3: Experienced customer service representative with five years' experience providing high-quality service to customers. Excellent communication skills, fast problem-solver and effective interpersonal skills.

Example 4: Experienced customer service professional with four years of experience in the technology industry. I am seeking a challenging and rewarding role where I can use my interpersonal skills to support IT Solutions Pty Ltd's customers.

Example 5: Confident and enthusiastic customer service officer who is passionate about building and enhancing customer relationships. Performs best in a fast-paced environment when interacting with customers to help resolve issues quickly. I am looking for a rewarding role to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Example 6: Highly capable and personable customer service representative looking for a role to use my communication skills combined with my problem-solving skills to serve customers. Capable of managing multiple tasks in a fast-paced work environment. Able to achieve positive customer outcomes in short time frames.

Example 7: Passionate about creating positive outcomes throughout all stages of customer interaction using exceptional communication and organisational skills. Increased return customer base by 25% in two years at Owen's Department store after introducing an e-newsletter initiative. I am looking to leverage my skills and work as part of a committed team in an e-commerce environment.

Example 8: Highly driven customer service professional with over 10 years' experience working in a dynamic call centre. Responsible for reducing call waiting times by 15% by introducing a new workflow system. Passionate about developing lasting relationships with customers.

Example 9: Experienced customer service manager with leadership experience. Designed and executed cost-effective work schedules for Bridgeton Ltd call centre comprising more than 300 customer representatives. Results-oriented professional with a strong track record of delivering outstanding customer experience.

Example 10: Detail-oriented customer service professional with over six years of experience in a fast-paced environment. Responsible for increasing customer retention rates by 35% in two years by responding to issues quickly and nurturing relationships. I am looking to leverage my skills as a reliable and effective customer service representative with Mayans Ltd.

Example 11: Customer service officer with three years' experience working on a busy IT help desk. Completed a bachelor's degree in IT with honours. I am looking to use my excellent customer service and troubleshooting skills to help customers resolve a range of computer and networking issues.

Example 12: Seeking a customer service officer role where I can use my experience and communication skills to respond to customer complaints and queries. Enthusiastic about creating positive relationships with customers that drive positive business outcomes for Arlington Enterprises.

Example 13: I am a customer service officer with a proven record of handling all products and transactions quickly and professionally. I am seeking a position to use my six years of customer service experience in a fast-paced retail organisation with Goldberg Logistics. Consistently achieved 90% customer satisfaction scores in monthly customer surveys over the past 12 months.

Example 14: Personable and articulate customer service professional with a strong track record of providing outstanding customer support. Able to maintain a positive and patient attitude when serving customers. Seeking a role within a financial institution that provides rewarding opportunities for motivated and committed employees.

Example 15: I'm a reliable customer service representative with over five years of experience. Completed conflict resolution training, am a certified first-aider and can type 85 words per minute. Looking for a role with Mornington Incorporated to continue providing outstanding service to customers.

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