Customer Service Resume Summary Guide (With Examples)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 6 May 2022

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A resume summary is an important element of a job application because it provides the hiring manager with an insight into your suitability to the role. There are many skills, qualifications and experiences you can write in your resume summary when applying for a customer service job. By reviewing example summaries, you can develop an effective summary statement to include in your resume. In this article, we define a customer service resume summary, detail the differences between an objective and a summary, provide tips for writing a resume summary and share several summary examples.

What is a customer service resume summary?

A customer service resume summary is the first section of your resume detailing your primary credentials, such as experience, qualifications and skills. The purpose of a resume summary is usually to gain the attention of the hiring manager and promote your suitability for the vacant position. If you're applying for a customer service representative role, hiring managers may prefer you to include interpersonal skills and work experience in your resume summary. A summary is typically three to five sentences long and located after your contact details.

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Resume objective vs. resume summary

A resume objective and resume summary share a similar purpose, though there are some key differences. An objective usually outlines why you're applying to the role and what you hope to achieve. It's typically shorter than a resume summary, usually two to three sentences long. A resume summary can also include your intentions, though it typically focuses on your primary credentials and what you can offer the business as a professional. Some recruiters might prefer a resume summary because it can provide them with a clear insight into your suitability for the vacant role.

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10 tips for writing a customer service summary statement

Below, you can find 10 helpful tips to consider when writing a customer service professional summary:

1. Identify your primary credentials

An important step you can consider when writing a resume summary is to identify your primary credentials. The purpose of a summary statement is usually to entice the hiring manager with your most notable achievements and capabilities. This can encourage them to prioritise you as a candidate. The credentials you include can depend on your expertise. For example, you might have advanced qualifications or extensive work experience that can impress the hiring manager.

2. Review your motives

If you don't have many credentials to discuss in your summary statement, you can focus on your motives for applying to the role. Some hiring managers may have more interest in your motives than your skills and experiences. Your motives can highlight your passion and dedication to the industry, which many hiring managers may appreciate. Your reasons for applying can be subjective, though it's usually a good idea to discuss your eagerness and willingness to develop your expertise. This can show your commitment to improving your professionalism with the business.

3. Determine your goals and intentions

Some hiring managers may want to determine your long-term goals and intentions in the business. Businesses typically prefer candidates who intend to remain employees for an extended duration. This is because the candidates can become highly proficient in the business' processes and procedures. It also reduces training costs and resource expenditure. Some goals you might consider can include advancing your career to a managerial position or developing your expertise in the role.

4. Highlight your qualifications

There's typically an abundance of training courses and workshops specific to customer service. These qualifications can provide you with intermediate to advanced customer service skills and knowledge. A qualification might not be the primary credential hiring companies are searching for in candidates. For customer service roles, hiring managers typically value interpersonal qualities over qualifications. It can still be a good idea to include your qualifications, as they can highlight your dedication to becoming a professional in the customer service industry. Qualifications can also highlight your capability to learn new processes, which can be an excellent quality to possess.

5. Focus on your interpersonal qualities

Interpersonal qualities typically refer to soft skills that help you interact with others. One responsibility of a customer service representative can be to communicate with customers and provide clear instructions. Soft skills such as communication, collaboration, integrity and conflict management can be excellent skills to include in your summary statement. These skills can highlight your suitability for the role of a customer service representative. If you've minimal qualifications and experience, it can be a good idea to focus your summary statement on your customer service skills.

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6. Detail work experiences

Work experience can be another excellent addition to your resume summary. Work experience can prove your practical skill set in a customer service environment. It can also prove you have the knowledge and expertise to conduct your responsibilities in a professional environment. Several other careers involve transferable skills, such as a sales representative or retail employee. If this is your first time applying for a customer service role, you can include other work experiences with related skills. It can be beneficial to only mention work experience related to a customer service position.

7. Write a relatively brief summary

It's often best to write a resume summary of around three or five sentences. A large summary statement is usually unnecessary because you have the rest of the resume to detail your credentials. If you have extensive credentials to write in your summary, you can include the ones you believe are most impressive. The purpose of the summary statement is usually to gain the attention of the hiring manager rather than detailing all of your employment attributes.

8. Review the job listing

A job listing can be a substantial source of information when determining employment requirements for a vacant position. The job listing usually details the skills, qualifications and experiences the hiring company might expect candidates to possess. If you identify these typical employment requirements, you can address them in your resume summary. For example, if the job listing states the company is searching for candidates with communication skills, you might detail communication as one of your primary attributes.

9. Research the hiring business

Some hiring businesses appreciate candidates who share similar values and beliefs. If you research the hiring business, you can identify their typical values, beliefs and employee expectations. You can write in your resume summary you share the same core values as the business. Hiring managers may consider you a suitable candidate for the job vacancy, but also the working environment and culture.

10. List what you can offer to the business

It's usually a good idea to detail the expertise and experience you can offer the business. Many candidates may discuss what they hope to gain from a business rather than what the business can gain from hiring them. Expressing your desire to contribute to the company can highlight your selflessness and display your team-oriented mindset, which hiring managers may value highly.

Resume summary examples for a customer service professional

Below, you can find some example resume summaries for a customer service representative:

Candidate with extensive work experience

Here, you can find an example summary for a candidate with work experience as a customer service representative:

Example: Experienced customer service representative with over five years of experience. Formerly employed by Richardson CS as a senior representative. Developed advanced techniques for resolving conflicts, communicating with customers and creating customer profiles. Can provide Blues Customer Services with professional expertise and an excellent work ethic. Hoping to advance to a managerial position and develop supervisory skills.

Candidate with formal qualifications

Below is an example summary statement for a candidate expressing their skills developed from a formal qualification:

Example: Qualified customer service representative with a Bachelor of Customer Service Management. Developed advanced skills and knowledge for overseeing customer service teams and resolving customer complaints. Can provide expertise in developing customer profiles and creating communication strategies. Hoping to gain employment with Corp Customer Service and advance to a managerial position.

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Candidate with excellent skills

Here, you can find a resume summary example for a candidate with extensive skills in customer service:

Example: Skilled individual seeking employment with Loyalty Co as a customer service representative. Developed advanced interpersonal skills from sales experience with Donaldson Sales. Can provide excellent communication, enthusiasm and collaboration to a customer service team environment. Hoping to gain employment with Loyalty Co and utilise interpersonal skills to benefit the company.

Candidate with varying credentials

Below, you can find an example summary statement for a candidate with varying credentials:

Example: Experienced customer service representative with a Certificate IV in Customer Service. Has three years of experience in a customer service representative position at CAS Services. Developed advanced customer service skills through work experience and formal education. Can provide Greens Customer Service with unique customer service strategies and skills.

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