Customer Success Manager Resume (Template and Example)

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Published 6 May 2022

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Customer success managers are individuals who ensure customers achieve success with a product or service. A customer's success refers to their ability to utilise the product or service as intended. Customer success management roles typically involve extensive interpersonal skills that you can identify by reviewing an example resume. In this article, we define a customer success manager resume, list tips for writing one, discuss how to write one, share a resume template and provide a resume example.

What is a customer success manager resume?

A customer success manager resume is a formal document that's part of a job application. It usually accompanies a cover letter and details your primary credentials and employment eligibilities. A resume includes several sections that list your skills, qualifications, experience, achievements and motives for applying for a role. Depending on the role you're applying for, you can focus your resume on different employment aspects. For a customer success manager, hiring organisations typically favour candidates with managerial experience and interpersonal qualities, such as communication, awareness and collaboration.

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Tips for writing a customer success manager's resume

Below, you can find several tips to consider when writing a resume for a customer success manager job:

Determine your motives for applying

Some hiring managers may want to determine your reasons for applying for the role. The motive you provide is subjective, so there's technically no right reason, though hiring managers might appreciate some motives more than others. For example, applying for a role because you require an income is completely fair, though it doesn't highlight any outstanding qualities, such as teamwork or ambition. You can instead consider discussing how you want to develop your professional expertise and contribute to a team environment. Most hiring managers might appreciate this as a motive for your application.

Research the hiring organisation

If you research the hiring organisation, you can identify their qualities, expectations, goals and morals. If you incorporate some of these elements into your resume, it can highlight your shared values with the organisation, which can show your suitability for the role. For example, if the organisation values integrity when communicating with customers, you can detail integrity as one of your primary skills. If hiring managers can identify your shared values with the organisation, they may deem you as a suitable candidate for the working environment and culture.

Read the job listing

The job listing can be an excellent resource for identifying employment requirements and typical job responsibilities. Ensuring your resume relates to the job listing can be an excellent idea. It can show that you're a suitable candidate and have the credentials to conduct the job's duties. The job listing may detail the skills, qualifications and experience level that they're seeking in candidates. It can be important to address these employment requirements on your resume. For example, if they require candidates with several years of work experience in a managerial role, you can detail your managerial experience.

Consider an ATS friendly format

Large organisations typically utilise an applicant tracking system (ATS) to ease the workload for human resource professionals during the recruitment phases. An ATS scans resumes for keyword usage. A keyword on a resume usually refers to employment requirements set by the hiring organisation. An ATS might have difficulties processing a resume with complex formatting. If you're applying for a large corporation, you might consider using a simple resume format. The template further below is usually compatible with ATS recruitment processes.

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How to write a customer success manager's resume

Below, you can find a helpful guide for writing a resume for a customer success management role:

1. Include contact details

Your contact details refer to your full name, phone number, email address, city, state and postcode. This is usually the first section of your resume. You can write each piece of contact information on a separate line. This section can be clear to ensure the hiring manager can easily identify your contact information if your application is successful.

2. Write a professional summary

A professional summary is usually an important aspect of your resume. Hiring managers may view it to gain first impressions of your suitability as a candidate. If your professional summary impresses the hiring manager, they may feel inclined to continue reading your resume. For this reason, it can be a good idea to include your most notable credentials, such as skills, experience, qualifications and achievements. For a customer success manager, skills and experience might be more important than qualifications. This is because a qualification isn't always a necessary employment requirement.

3. Include certificates

Online certificates can be an excellent method for proving your competencies and dedication in customer success management. Many online courses and skill workshops can help you develop specific skill sets and knowledge. For example, you might complete a certificate for communicating with difficult customers. These certificates are usually short compared to formal qualifications, such as a bachelor's degree. Online certificates are often unnecessary as an employment requirement, so if you complete any, it can highlight your dedication to developing yourself as a professional.

4. Detail your skills

Some hiring managers may favour candidates with skills more than candidates with qualifications. As a customer service manager, interpersonal qualities can be an excellent addition to a resume. Interpersonal skills you might include can be communication, integrity, customer service, teamwork and collaboration. There are many soft skills you can include as well, such as time-management, organisation and attention to detail.

5. Mention work experience

Work experience can be an excellent addition to a resume, as it can highlight your practical expertise in customer success management. The experience you include can be in roles similar to customer success. If your prior employment has transferable skills, you can include some of the relative work experiences. For example, if you were a customer service representative, you can detail how you regularly communicated with customers and solved their issues with products.

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6. Highlight qualifications

Qualifications can be a great employment attribute for you to include on your resume. It can prove your competencies in your field of study and highlight your commitment. As a customer success manager, you might qualify in different fields, such as technology, business or customer service. You can review the job listing to determine which qualification the hiring organisation might value the most.

Resume template for a customer success manager

A resume template can help you develop your own resume that applies to your employment circumstance. You might change some formatting in the template to suit your needs. For example, if you don't have any qualifications, you can exclude that section and instead focus on your skills and work experience. You can use a resume template as a guide rather than instructions, as different templates might benefit different candidates. Below, you can find a detailed resume template:

[Full name]
[Location address]
[Email address]
[Phone number]

Professional summary
[In this section, you can include your professional summary. The summary usually contains three to five sentences. The length of your summary can depend on the extent of your credentials and what you believe are your most impressive employment attributes.]

[If you have any certifications, you can include them in this section. These certifications may be online courses or skill workshops rather than formal qualifications, such as a bachelor's degree.]

[You can list your skills in this section using bullet point formatting. It's usually unnecessary to expand on your skills unless you lack qualifications and work experience.]

Work experience
[Job title]
[Organisation's name]
[Organisation's location]
[Employment duration]

  • [Job responsibilities in bullet point format]

[Job title]
[Organisation's name]
[Organisation's location]
[Employment duration]

  • [Job responsibilities in bullet point format]

[Name of the educational course, written in bold. For example, Bachelor of Business Management.]
[Institute name and date of course completion. For example, Everton University – 2021]

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Resume example for a customer success manager

Below, you can find an example resume for a customer success manager:

John Mac
346 Dune Circuit
Balcatta, WA 6023
+61 7 3908 3506

Professional summary
Motivated individual, recently graduated from Everton University with a Bachelor of Business Management (Major in Customer Success). Hoping to utilise advanced theoretical practices in a professional and practical setting. Developed interpersonal skills and managerial knowledge during employment with CS Green as a customer service manager. Can provide an enthusiastic and team-oriented mindset to the team at Success Solutions.


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  • Success Coaching

  • Elite Sales Online Course

  • Customer Success Manager Course

  • Practical Management

  • How to Understand Customers 101


  • awareness

  • teamwork

  • collaboration

  • communication

  • customer service

  • integrity

  • time-management

  • organisation

  • attention to detail

Work experience
Customer Service Manager
CS Green
Thornlie, WA
February 2017-present

  • provided professional services to customers verbally and in writing

  • planned customer service strategies

  • scheduled team activities

  • supervised a customer service team

  • ensured the quality of service provided to customers

Customer service representative
Perry Product Solutions
May 2015-2017

  • communicated with customers via email and phone

  • provided customers with clear instructions

  • handled complaints and tailored solutions to meet individual customer needs

Bachelor of Business Management
Everton University – 2015

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